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hunger - chapter 13

Hunger master post.

The wolf is blind without the moon. He has no way of knowing how much time has passed. He is in a place that is made of concrete and metal and cold, cracked tiles that his blood has turned the color of rust. There are rivets in the walls that stare at him like eyes in the darkness. There are metal rings and loops of chains that hang like open mouths.

The wolf knows pain.

Death cards her cold fingers through his hair and he whimpers at her. She looks at him with Laura’s eyes and echoes back the sounds he makes.

The heels of Kate’s boots make clicking sounds across the floor.

“Derek,” she says to the wolf. “Derek.”

He whines when she presses the probes of the taser into his soft unprotected belly.

The electricity arcs through him. It is a sharper pain than the wolf can understand. His body cannot take this pain and process it. It is too fast, too much. It doesn’t escalate. It hits at a level that is already so far past the wolf’s threshold for pain that he can barely even whine. The pain is too much for the wolf’s body to contain. It snaps his bones into different shapes, retracts his claws into blunt, grasping fingers, and forces a human scream from his reformed larynx.

“Derek,” Kate sing-songs. “I see you.”

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i prefer the original version of “gator golf”


“Objectified!” The story of Lamp who falls in love with Bucket. And her poor best friend Clock who has loved her forever. “Lamp, you are too good for that riff raff Bucket!”

Electricity and Water dont match!

This plot is brought to you by lbardugo and myself and some ridiculous tweets that got way out of hand.