electric boy

Walking down a long corridor, Mikey shivers as he looks at the piece of paper given to him. Its an address, telling him to come here, along with a password. As he approaches the end of the hallway and knocks on the door, a jolt is sent through him as a farmilar voice asks “password?” “I-uh…” Mikey stutters and looks at the paper. “Pizza?” as he says these words, the doors fly open, and Pete Wentz wraps him in a bear hug. “Hey, you made it!!” he laughed, putting him down. Mikey looked into the sea of farmilar faces in the warm room. His brother is here. All of his former bandmates actually, along with most of fall out boy, and a few others. “Hey! I’m not the new guy anymore!” Patrick laughs. Mikey chuckles softly and looks at Pete. “What is this place?” he asked. Pete smiled warmly. “Welcome brother,” he grins, “to the hot dad club.”

my friends are successful, one of my friends is an amazing artist, others are athletes, one of them is a youtuber, they all make money and then there’s me lying in my bed reading frerard smut and selling my soul to the emo gods thinking “bitch i got priorities.”

how fucked you are based on what your favorite post-MCR project is

Ray: least fucked. he may not tour (yet), but Remember the Laughter is such a strong album that you dont even mind. it’s like it radiates such a good feeling that you’re actually the opposite of fucked, his music actively blesses you.

Gerard: slightly more fucked, but still not very fucked. he hasnt toured or released new music in a while, but he’s released a lot of comics and is pretty active on instagram. he also occasionally goes to conventions, so you can still meet him at that sort of thing.

Electric Century: about as fucked as Gerard. they might only have one album and havent toured, but we all love Mikey too much to mind. he isnt very active on social media either, but considering he’s a new dad we also will let that slide. plus, For the Night to Control is a fantastic album, and Dave’s voice fills you with a sense of peace that you don’t mind if they arent touring.

Frank: most fucked. while Frank is very active on both twitter and instagram, everything he says is cursed. all his music is cursed. his shows? cursed. he might have never ending music and tours, but this is just more cursed content. how is he able to do so much? is he okay? does he need a nap? did he use blood magic to be able to do all these things? i dont know the answer to these questions, but what i do know is that, no matter if your favorite project is The Patience or Death Spells or anything else, you are fucked

“Orson Welles, Portrait with Symbols” by Irving Penn, taken around 1945. The stuff on the table is an assortment of symbols that comment about Welles. For example, on his first visit to RKO he was reported to have called the film studio “the biggest electric train set any boy ever had.” (From The Art and Technique of Color Photography, 1951.)