electric blue skies

Electric blue skies and creaky swing sets
Holding hands and running like we used to as kids
Smiling for no good reason and laughing into your chest
Showing each other our favorite songs
Climbing up fences and leaping back off
Kissing in empty baseball fields
The grass is still dead and the air has a chill
But I’m not cold at all
With my head in the crook of your neck
Your arm wrapped around me like a blanket
Your heartbeat through your jacket
The wind whistling melodies through winter trees
Somehow a day turns into a million perfect moments
That I want to live in and call home
—  Sundays

Mike OlbinskiPhoenix

please, call me newtan abstract timeline of everyone’s favourite rock star/scientist/kaiju groupie from his days of being a plucky teenaged scientist, to the day he helped cancel the apocalypse [listen here]

01. the middle-jimmy eat world 02. some kind of monster-metallica 03. goodbye blue sky-pink floyd 04. scientist studies-death cab for cutie 05. carried away-passion pit 06. thunderstruck-ac/dc 07. it’s the end of the world as we know it (and i feel fine)-r.e.m. 08. seven nation army (glitch mob remix)-the white stripes 09. the saints are coming-the skids 10. feeling good-sheepdogs 11. mr. blue skies-electric light orchestra