electric bath

Electric bath tubs should be a thing. I love baths, but they use so much water, so I usually don’t take more than 1 a week, and even then I feel kinda bad about it.

So we need a tub that will boil yesterday’s water, killing any bad germs, so you can just reuse it.

Is this an awesome idea or am I gross and/or crazy?

Ritual Bath

I gotten this spell from Witch School: First Degree by Lewis-Highcorrell. I do this practice once a year. (I think it’s best to do this on the Samhain since it is a pagan new year, you might as well start the new year fresh). 

 What you need: 

  •  Bath tub or shower 
  • Handful of salt (sea salt is best)
  • Handful of dried rosemary 
  • Handful of dried sage
  • White candles (as many as you want) 
  • Oil (one of your choice, personally lavender helps me) 
  •  Your bathroom mirror 

 To begin this spell, pick a time when you know you wont be disturbed. Have all your materials together. 

Run bath with warm water (adjust it to your own preference if needed). While water runs, add your salt, rosemary, and sage in water. 

Light candles, and turn off all electrical lights. 

When bath is ready, take a moment to ground and release before stepping in. And say: 

“O Mother Goddess, help me to cleanse myself now of all that holds me back or blocks me from my growth and progress. Help me as I embrace my fullest potential and I open my heart to growth.” 

 ~Now get in, ask rinse yourself thoroughly. Including you face and hair. 

 ~Lie back. Soak up. Get comfortable. And appreciate this moment. 

 ~Now reflect on your life, think of everything that might be holding you back in any way; pain, sorrow, anxiety, every fear, hesitation and self-imposed limitation. Review every painful memory. And as you think of each thing, make an affirmation: 

 "I release this. It leaves me now" 

~You may say this out loud or silently. 

 ~Release each and every issue, until you can’t think of any others. Say this:

“O Mother Goddess, look within my soul and help me to release whatever remains that I have not seen" 

 ~Now clear your mind. When thoughts come, do not respond to them. Let them drift out of you mind. Meditate in this way for a few minutes. Let the Goddess look inside you. 

 ~Now rinse off. Stand up. Think of all that you have released. Say:

 "All that I have released, I leave behind me. May their energy return to the Mother to be reused” 

 ~Step out, and air dry. Look in the mirror, examine the face that stares back at you. Remind yourself: 

 "This is a good person" 

 ~Mean it! Tell yourself: 

 “ I love this person. This is the child of the Goddess, whom she loves" 

 ~Take your oil, dab a little on your fingertips. Reach down and touch the top of your feet:

 "Blessed be my feet, that I may walk in sacred paths” 

 ~Dab more oil on your knees:

 “Blessed be my knees, that I may kneel at the altar of the Ancient Ones” 

 ~Dab more oil over your pelvic region:

 "Blessed be my second chakra, that I may bring forth life, art, and joy" 

 ~Dab more oil on your chest:

 "Blessed be my heart, which is formed in beauty, that I may love and receive love" 

 ~Dab more oil on lips: 

 "Blessed be my lips, that I may speak the Words of Power in time to come" 

~Dab oil on forehead: 

 “Blessed be my mind’s eye, that I may see the unseen and receive the messages of Spirit”

 ~Now look in the mirror and speak these words: 

 "In the name of the Goddess, I am blessed. Like the flower, I shall open and grow. May all that I have released be replaced with the love and blessings of the Mother. So mote it be.“  

~Now that you are done, clear and release all excess energy in the manner you have learned. You may feel an immediate difference after this practice, or you may not.


LaF what are you doing…

(norepinephrine is adrenaline)

The Don Ellis Orchestra - Turkish Bath
Album: Electric Bath (1967)