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fun facts about the DEH cast album
  • an electric guitar is layered and looped with an electric piano in “waving through a window” in order to give the song a digital/computerized feel.
  • in its earlier stages, DEH used to have a complete ensemble with high school teenagers. The idea was stripped in order to make the show more intimate with only 8 main characters. 
  • alex lacamoire calls the guitar that first appears in “for forever” evan’s “lying sound”; it appears throughout the show whenever evan is making something up.
  • pasek & paul wrote “requiem” in a style of music that they thought zoe might listen to, like indie-pop.
  • “disappear” originally only featured conner and evan.
  • “you will be found” replaced a different act one closing song called “a part of me” because the writers wanted to end act one on a more positive note.
  • the voices and visuals in “you will be found” were contributed by real DEH fans shared through a “virtual community” on social media.
  • the note ben holds at the end of the bridge in “good for you” was originally written shorter, but ben decided to hold the note longer one day in rehearsal and pasek & paul decided to keep it in the show.
  • “words fail” was cut down a lot shorter than originally written in order to save time and get to the underlying message of the song.
  • “so big/so small” was one of the later additions to the show. It only features heidi’s voice and an acoustic guitar because the writers wanted to include something simple after the overwhelming high-energy of “good for you” and “words fail”.
  • “finale” was almost not going to be included on the cast album because of it’s shortness but the creative team decided to include it anyway in order for listeners to experience closure similar to what happens onstage.
Brief introduction to the big 4 of thrash metal

This post is aimed towards those who are completely new to thrash metal

formed in 1979. The creators of thrash metal. Also the first metal band ever. To this day they have released 234 studio albums.
Members (from R to L) 

Nick Mustaine ( 4 string guitar, backing vocals) 

Lars king (lead guitar,stunts and cries)  

 Frank hammett (vocals, kazoo and electric triangle on tracks 2 and 9)

David Ian (irrelevant guitar, backing vocals, flute)

Tom Hetfield (drums, backing vocals and keyboard)

recommended albums: roots, darkness descends

Formed in 1990, the most comercially succesful of them all. Also the Creators of the teenage mutant ninja turtles metal genre.
Members (from R to L):

Scott Newsted: guitar we all care about, occasional screams

Joey Ellefson: irrelevant guitar, lead mouth farting, magic tricks.

Jeff Ulrich: longer guitar, backing mouth farts

James Spitz: drums, piano, 1 string guitar on track “untitled”

recommended albums: game over, powerslave

formed in 1985 in texas, they have the most varied style and albums. Famous for being slayer’s enemies and for kicking dogs on-stage

 Marty burton: lead drums, vocals 

 Jason menza: lead dog kicker, more important guitar, backing screams for mercy   

Dave hanneman: less important guitar, irrelevancy  

Charlie belladonna: lead vocals, weird guitar, xilophone, nun chucks

recommended albums: world circus, think this

formed in 1986 theyre the most mysterious of them all. Few things are known about the band members. We do not even know their real names


“kirk”:GUITAR, ukulele 

“ putrid pervert”: lead vocals, not so important guitar, violin

“skullcrusher”: bongs, drums, skulls

“morbid corpse love maker”: long 4 string electric harp

recommended albums: killing is my business, de mysteriis dom sathanas

I predict that Janelle Monáe will release the sequel (since The Electric Lady was a prequel) to The ArchAndroid this year and it will come with a DVD of emotion pictures for each track or a full-length film featuring the album’s music and showcasing her acting prowess. This album will be her official magnum opus, the way Thriller was for Michael Jackson. I’m putting my prediction out into the universe in hopes that I will be proven right. The time has arrived to resume Cindi Mayweather’s narrative and fate.


On this day in music history: July 2, 1971 - “Get It On” by T.Rex is released. Written by Marc Bolan, it is the ninth UK and fourth US single release for the glam rock band from London, UK fronted by musician Marc Bolan. One of the pivotal figures and icons of the glam rock movement of the 70’s, like his friend and some time rival David Bowie, Marc Bolan finds himself going through numerous musical transformations before achieving stardom. Born Mark Feld in Stoke Newington in the North East London borough of Hackney in 1947, Marc becomes infatuated by the first wave of rock & roll while still a school boy. By the 60’s, he is making moves toward making his dreams of becoming a rock star come true. However, there are numerous set backs and stumbling blocks along the way, making folk rock recordings inspired by his musical hero Bob Dylan, none of which make the charts. Changing his name to Marc Bolan, he forms the band Tyrannosaurus Rex in 1967, at first creating a hybrid of psychedelic folk rock, before evolving into their trademark glam rock sound. In 1970, after shortening their name to T.Rex, Bolan finally makes his major breakthrough with the single “Ride A White Swan” which hits #1 on the UK singles chart in January of 1971. While writing songs for T.Rex’s second album, Bolan takes inspiration from another one of his early rock & roll heroes, Chuck Berry. The initial idea for what becomes “Get It On”, comes when Bolan initially intends to record of cover of Berry’s song “Little Queenie”. Eventually, he changes his mind and writes a new song with that same feel, finishing off “Get It On” quickly. Paying further tribute to Berry, Bolan quotes the lyric “meanwhile, I’m still thinking” (from “Little Queenie”) at the end of “Get It On”. The track is recorded at Wally Heider Studios in Hollywood, CA and Trident Studios in London with producer Tony Visconti (David Bowie), and features T.Rex members Steve Currie (bass) and Bill Legend (drums) and Mickey Finn (congas). Also on the song are Blue Weaver (Bee Gees) (piano), King Crimson saxophonist Ian McDonald and former Turtles members Howard Kaylan and Mark Volman (aka “Flo & Eddie”) on backing vocals. The single is an immediate smash in the UK and rockets to the top on July 24, 1971, spending four weeks at the top. In the US, the record does not have such a fast trajectory. Re-titled “Bang A Gong (Get It On)”, it languishes for five long months before finally charting. Entering the Hot 100 at #87 on January 1, 1972, it peaks at #10 on March 4, 1972. Along with its accompanying album “Electric Warrior”, “Get It On” turns Marc Bolan into a glam rock icon, and becomes one of the definitive songs of the movement. The song has a long life after its run on the charts. In 1985, The Power Station cover “Get It On”, with their version peaking at #9 on the Hot 100 in August of 1985, one position higher than T.Rex’s original.

Today is Valentine’s Day and I re-ripping my own dvd in best quality. I did not really post much things recently and decide to share one part of Kakki 5th Anniversary Live to my followers. XD

Happy Valentine’s Day and kakkoii kawaii KAKKI for you guys. XP



05 Electric Monster Kakihara Tetsuya

((Don’t ask why I share this song instead of others, I just randomly pick one number hahaha XDD