electra speaking

This is Electra speaking. In the heart of darkness. Under the sun of torture. To the capitals of the world. In the name of the victims. I eject all the sperm I have received. I turn the milk of my breasts into lethal poison. I take back the world I gave birth to. I choke between my thighs the world I gave birth to. I bury it in my womb. Down with the happiness of submission. Long live hate and contempt, rebellion and death. When she walks through your bedrooms carrying butcher knives you’ll know the truth.
—  Heiner Müller, Hamletmachine

This is the Villa Jovis (House of Jupiter) on the island of Capri in Italy.  Though only accessible by hiking, this palace is well worth the climb!  It was built for emperor Tiberius, who lived there for 10 years of his reign.  Legend has it that he would invite his political “frenemies” up for a vacation and, while they were admiring the view, push them off the cliff.  Because he lived up there, people would just assume that the “frenemy” had taken up residence there as well.

The view is spectacular when you’re not worried about your Latin teacher pulling a Tiberius.

Sources: wikipedia, my Latin teacher

Pictures: most are mine, EXCEPT the one overlooking the entire palace and the drawing of how the palace looked during ancient times.  Those two are from google images.


This is Colonia Ulpia Traiana, a wonderful reconstructed Ancient Roman colony in Xanten, Germany.  The Xanten Archeological Park is a hidden jewel in terms of Classical vacation experiences, because it’s further away from the heart of the Empire in Rome, but it is an amazing piece of history.  It was originally a Roman camp, Campa Vestra, but it became a colony under emperor Marcus Ulpius Traianus, whom it is named after.  The site is a beautiful blend of ancient ruins and reconstructions of Roman buildings.  If you are ever in the area, you should definitely visit!

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