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#76 Electra Luxx

A flight attendant (Marley Shelton) gives a pregnant ex porn star (Carla Gugino) her late rockstar boyfriend’s final selection of songs in exchange for seducing the flight attendant’s boyfriend (this sort of sounds like the start of a bad joke when you actually write it down). Things don’t go to plan however and soon we are shown snippets into the lives of the porn star Electra Luxx, the flight attendant, a pair of party girls on holiday in Mexico (one of which is actually in love with the other) (Adrianne Palicki and Emmanulle Chriqui), a private detective (Timothy Olyphant) and a porn blogger (Joseph Gordon-Levitt). (It’s as confusing as it sounds).

This film is enjoyably silly. It almost feels like a selection of skits rather than a complete movie. It also has a slight pulp fiction feel to the whole proceedings as well.

It’s also the 2nd in what is to be an eventual trilogy. I did not know this before I started the film and as such I think I missed out on a lot of things as I haven’t seen the first. Despite this however, it’s still an enjoyable indie film to watch. It made me laugh a couple of times and that’s what I was looking for from it.

Also the hot mom from Spy Kids is the porn star in this. That’s got to be worth a look. 2.5/5

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Elektra Luxx -Trailer 2011 (via bokine2000)

Hehe JGL.

Electra Luxx • director Sebastian Gutierrez

Most people haven’t seen Women in Trouble and wouldn’t realize that this film is it's sequel.  However, having seen and enjoyed the first film I was very excited to finally get a chance to see Electra Luxx and the wait was worth it.  I think this film is better than the original.

In  this film Gurierrez (who again writes, directs and produces) focuses more clearly on a cental character - Electra Luxx - and the film is better for it.  The jokes are funnier, the characters clearer and the world sharper.

Most people would be shocked that I enjoyed a film about the porn industry, but more than anything this is a film about the absurdity of human interaction and the consequences of our actions just told using an incredibly quirky muse - a pregnant ex-porn star.

#370/#87 Women in Trouble

A selection of insights into the interconnected lives of two porn actresses, Electra Luxx (Carla Gugino) and Holly Rocket (Adrianne Palicki), and a branching list of other woman they know, or meet, over the course of one hectic day.

I watched the sequel to this film Electra Luxx (review here) about a year ago not knowing it was a sequel. It was trashy, silly and overall just a fun watch so I thought I’d give this one a go as well. Give me a chance to see where the characters originated and fill in some of the back story.

I’d say both films are about on par with one another. Luxx was maybe a bit better overall, with a more interesting roster of characters, but they both have a slightly disjointed charm to them. Holly Rocket and the flight attendant Cora (Marley Shelton) make a bit more sense overall now.

I’ll be interested to see the final part of this trilogy whenever it does come out. 2.5/5.

P.S. The funniest section of the entire movie happens during the credit sequence between Luxx, Rocket and a porn blogger played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Great character moments all round in the last few minutes.

Elektra Luxx

-Carla Gugino is a beautiful goddess.
-I like Sebastian Guiterrez’s writing.
-I like dialogue pieces… and there are a lot of great actors in his films.
-2 Nymphomaniac Twin Sisters II: Wetter than Seattle
-JGL is a fine, fine human being.
-Timothy Olyphant does have a sexy sinister smile. And he is a charmer.
-Awe, the two girls are cute. Can they finally become a couple in this movie?
-Oh no! Stuck in an elevator again! This time with a naked guy. Good going, Elektra.
-“As soon as I saw her she knocked the architecture right from underneath my legs.”
-Way to make words from the Bible into a sexy come on.
-You are one of the least jerk types around, Uncle dude from Weeds.
-JULIANNE MOORE!? You are my image of the Virgin Mary, too. That is sacrilegious.
-JGL is not stuck in the friend zone for once.
-“Maybe I should get tested too see if I am acoustic.” “Autistic?” Oh Holly, I love your ditzy dialogue.
-I still adore the imaginary cigarette bit.
-Can JGL carry my pregnant body out of a book signing? (if and when I ever get pregnant)