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In case you're wondering how Mexico is doing:

We’re in panic. Our coin went from 18 to 21.50 a dollar (and will probably reach 22.50), our products and services will be more expensive by the morning. No one will want to invest here. We’re humiliated, we were called rapists and apparently you agree. We’re threatened to be separated by a wall… Do you have idea how many millions of families will be separated? How many children will see their parents being deported? The violence migrants will receive? Old and young, we have our heads down, we don’t know what to expect. But thanks for making it clear, one more time, how hated we are for most of you.

Americans had one job. Trump, the racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting man; the world urged you to make the right decision. Because at the end of the day it won’t just affect you, but everyone around you.

It takes just 4 minutes to launch nuclear weaponry.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter; promoted rape as a joke, which is now spurring men on to treat women like objects - something we’ve worked hard to remove from society; laughed about not paying taxes; continuously insulted people of different races, religions etc.

We all laughed about it months ago but who’s laughing now? People are at home crying; fleeing their sexuality and religion in the hopes of survival; Families scared of deportation. The only people laughing now are the people who don’t know this struggle.

People wonder how trump won this election? White supremacy.

88% of black people voted for Hilary in Florida alone. White people vote for trump because of Hilary’s email scandal? You’re lucky you don’t have to endure the pure anxiety that a poc has to as they await their fate.

You want your children to grow up watching this man? Who could very well take back the legalisation of gay marriage? You want to show your kids that rape is okay and it’s perfectly acceptable to call a woman whatever you want, it’s not like women could ever be highly educated, right? You want your children to grow up watching a racist?

Hilary might not of been perfect but I know for sure that people around the world would not be crying in despair if she was elected. She promoted something so promising, equality for all. Statistics have shown that of the millennials that voted, almost all of the map was covered in blue. Trump voters were of an older generation with old fashioned ignorant views.

Women who voted for trump? I pity you. You accept a man who shames our bodies, calls us ugly, sees us as objects…and many more offensive comments. If you accept this, then I really, really pity you and your view on women in society.

And to those who wasted their vote? Shame on you. 18,000 votes were wasted on Harambe. It’s all fun and games, but when you have the privilege to vote, you use it. People give out that 16 year olds would be too immature to vote, yet adults are a lot worse.

I’m disappointed in you America, allowing an anti-Muslim fascist, whose views are similar to those of the past, in hitler. You should of learned from the past. I’m still with her. I’m with Hilary. I’m with basic human rights. I’m with freedom.

(Michelle Obama 2020🙌)

APH America (and Mexico cause why not) and the States
  • America: Ok calm down everyone! Everything is fine! EVERYTHING IS PERFECTLY FINE!
  • States: NO IT'S NOT!
  • Mexico: Why am I here again? I will kill you if that clown wins.
  • States: AAAAAH!
  • Mexico: Hey New Mexico got blue! That's good right?
  • New Mexico: I mean it's better than Trump I guess.
  • Mexico: Good job. I raised you right.
  • America: HOW ARE YOU CALM?!
  • Mexico: Well it's not my country sooo yeah. I mean I already have a bad president. Welcome to the bad president party my friend.
  • America: Ok everyone that's in the middle of the country! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!
  • Middle states: WE DON'T KNOW!
  • Mexico: Ok western states. I raised you first so I expect blue ok? Even though she's still bad but still.
  • Western States: *nods*
  • America: They are not yours so shush!
  • Mexico: They used to be mine until YOU decided to take them. And your starting to sound like Trump.
  • America: Don't compare me to that idiot!

Just because Trump is our president now does not mean you can disrespect Mexicans or Mexican - American kids.

Saying things like “Hahaha your family’s getting deported” is not funny.

Some kids have to go through that.

Some families now have to live in fear.

Some kids are afraid that their moms and dads are going to be taken away from them.

Just because your parents disagree with people wanting a better life in a different country does not mean you have to agree

Do not disrespect us.

Thank you.

States find new ways to troll Trump
Lawmakers are getting creative in their attempts to mock, challenge and repudiate the president. By NATASHA KORECKI

A California lawmaker is demanding Melania Trump’s immigration records. New Hampshire lawmakers have introduced a resolution demanding a federal probe into Trump University and “illegal financial or business dealings in which President TRUMP may have been involved.”

In Illinois, legislators are calling for an investigation into “Russian interference” in the 2016 election — they’ve also drafted a formal invitation to Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto, inviting him to their chambers to speak about the potential ill-effect that a border wall could have on Mexico-Illinois relations.

In case it wasn’t clear, blue-state legislatures are not only in full frontal rebellion against President Donald Trump, they’re trolling him.

Since gaveling in this year, legislatures in states that went for Hillary Clinton have proposed a flood of laws or resolutions that mock, challenge or repudiate some of the most controversial aspects of Trump’s presidency. Some are designed for the sole purpose of needling Trump by reminding him that he lost the popular vote, or that his for-profit school “Trump University” has been under legal attack for years or that a state’s own relations with Mexico are strong.

Read more here

Why America needs to think about their neighbors once in a while

I’m turning this reply into it’s own post because I am truly baffled by how many of my followers are coming out of the woodwork as Trump voters.

So to all those lovely people who voted for Trump, here is how you screwed the majority of Latin America over:

So, you looked at the stance on issues both major candidates had and decided Trump was better for your country.

Without once taking a moment to think about the 33 countries you are screwing over with your astoundingly selfish vote.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Maybe you should research a bit on the role the US plays when it comes to aiding all the goddamn drug cartels (including Mexican drug cartels like Cartel del Golfo and Colombian drug cartels like el Cartel de Medellin).

Let me explain how your ignorance has fucked all of us over.

Thanks to the US’s dumbfuck lax gun control laws, they easily became the #1 weapons suppliers of all our drug cartels. It’s extremely common, household knowledge in Mexico that if you need a gun, you can sweettalk the corrupt officials watching the US border and you’ll easily get one or fifteen.

If you looked at the issues as thoroughly as you claim to have, then I guess you know full well by now what Trump’s policies on gun control are, huh? Even better, many republicans share these same wonderful views on gun control and thus this means the supplies of guns to Latin American countries will keep on being steady and endless.

“But why should I care,” you say, “Why should I care about any of that if I’m voting for my own country, not South American ones?”

Well here’s the thing, my dear sweet, extremely sheltered and selfish American:

You share the goddamn American continent with us, us latino people who suffer every goddamn year from drug wars fueled by the US and primarily FOR the US as they also are our biggest clients in terms of drugs.

If your goddamn country ONLY affected Mexico negatively, then maybe I could let your selfishness pass as it would only affect one country.

However, it affects all fucking 33 countries south of your goddamn border.

I wonder, will you have the balls to say that the fucking United States is more important than the well-being of 33 countries?

And that’s even without getting on the fact that your newly-elected, brilliant president doesn’t even think global warming is an issue.

So thank you for your ignorance, thank you for having your head so far up your own ass that you fail to to take into consideration all the countries you’re affecting with your votes.

Thank you for contributing to our drug wars, our femicides, a possible nuclear war, the possible collapse of global economy, the lack of funding for environmental issues and the loss of funds for Nasa.

No wonder the rest of the world thinks Americans are nothing but ignorant fucks when we have such prime examples as these voters.

I wonder when these types of Americans will finally stop licking their own asses and realize how much their fuckups affect millions of others the world over?

When will you finally realize you share the planet with the rest of the world and thus owe it to all of us to think about everyone else once in a while?

Even more embarrassing, too many of you don’t even know truly how much you are fucking us all over and you’re often much too sheltered and scared to actually face the facts and understand the thousands upon thousands of deaths the US is responsible for down here south of your border but you choose to remain willfully ignorant for your own peace of mind.

You’re all “Oh no this is too horrible, I can’t read/watch this!” When this is the reality so many Latin Americans have to live with on a daily basis, you selfish, ACTUALLY privileged twats.

I can provide links and sources for all my claims as well but fair warning that they are in spanish and contain very graphic images, because both the US media and most Latino media censor these issues and thus we have to rely on conflict-zone journalists to risk their lives for us.

Also if any of you want more info on all of these, you can always shoot me a message! I do have to warn you that everything I will provide you with will be depressing as all fuck though.

You are welcome in my house

If you are poc, you are welcome in my house

If you are lgbt+ you are welcome in my house

If you are muslim/islamic you are welcome in my house

If you are anyone that Trump is potentially against, you are MORE than welcome in my house. Because dear god if he’s America’s hitler and we have to potentially suffer through our own version of a holocaust? I will be the American Niep Gies dammit, even if it’s the last thing i do.

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Mexico and the Western States
  • Western States except four: WE'RE SORRY!
  • Mexico: Except California, Colorado, maybe Nevada, and New Mexico you guys are doing a great job.
  • Them: *smiles*
  • The rest: I'M TELLING AMERICA!
  • Mexico: NO HE'LL SEND ME BACK!