October 16, 1971: Sea vessels both huge and minuscule passed each other in New York harbor in the lead-up to the Mayor’s Cup schooner race. The enormous ship at the left and the tiny one in the middle did not compete (schooners have two or more masts) in the competition, which is held in October for its brisk winds and clear air. “Today did not oblige,” reported The Times. “For those in the spectator fleet, the full length of the starting line was barely visible through the fog.“ Photo: Librado Romero/The New York Times

Women have never been allowed to live full and creative lives. More and more women realize it in our days. But though Hillary Clinton regards herself as a feminist she cannot do anything for women. She is sponsored by Arabic countries where women have been traditionally oppressed. Clinton is interested just in money. She depends on men and men’s riches.  

Rieder: It's undebatable, Democrats need more debates
With so much attention focused on Donald Trump and his domination of the Republican conversation, you may not have heard that the Democrats are also having a presidential primary.

With so much attention focused on Donald Trumpand his domination of the Republican conversation, you may not have heard that the Democrats are also having a presidential primary.

But they are, and a debate is developing over whether the Democratic National Committee is rigging the game for longtime Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

More specifically, it’s a debate over debates.

This is the problem with a coronation, it actually takes the power of the people to elect who they please away from them. 

Name recognition has a huge impact on elections, for the simple reason that you need to know the name of the person you are going to vote for in order to vote for them. 

But even beyond that, people make assumptions about candidates when they have more name recognition than the the candidates. These generally refer to electability, ability to win and the like. A study by two Vanderbilt political scientists concluded, “We find clear evidence of a causal link, which demonstrates that – in at least some conditions – name recognition can increase candidate support(pdf).” 

So if you want a specific person to win an election and they have a vast amount name recognition, especially relative to their competitors, you do all that you can to insure that they maintain that advantage. 

By limiting debate to 6, which seems like many but there were 26 Democratic debates eight years ago between Obama and Clinton, you stack the deck in Clinton’s favor. 

This is as much an affront to our Democratic system as Gerrymandering. 

We should be angry that a party is trying to chose who leads this country rather than allowing the people to. 

Why would anyone vote for Donald Trump?

His companies have gone bankrupt four times.

He wants to deport immigrants but his parents were German and Swedish illegal immigrants.

He disrespects women in the most humane way.

He disrespected our troops.

He accuses Mexicans of being rapists when he raped his ex-wife Ivana back in 1992.

More than nineteen companies have cut ties with him.

He wants to deport 11 million people which would be separating families and be a massive violation of human rights.

why people in the united states should care about the upcoming canadian election

 america’s election isn’t until november 2016, but tumblr is already blowing up about it. i agree that it’s absolutely important, but no one seems to care that canada’s federal election is this october. tumblr is extremely united states-centric, but canadian politics affect americans too. 

issues not directly related to the united states, but still extremely important:

please feel free to add relevant sourced topics.  

Who the Signs Should Vote for in the Primaries

ARIES: Bernie Sanders

TAURUS: Bernie Sanders

GEMINI: Bernie Sanders

CANCER: Bernie Sanders

LEO: Bernie Sanders

VIRGO: Bernie Sanders

LIBRA: Bernie Sanders

SCORPIO: Bernie Sanders

SAGITTARIUS: Bernie Sanders

CAPRICORN: Bernie Sanders

AQUARIUS: Bernie Sanders

PISCES: Bernie Sanders

To people who support Trump because he's successful

- Trump has filed for bankruptcy four times since 1990. For perspective, 95% of America’s biggest companies have never filed for bankruptcy in the past two decades. - His millionaire father gave Trump’s company to him. - Trump was once $900 million in debt. - He currently owes about $265 million. - His current wealth is nowhere near $10 billion, and is closer to $1.4-3.2 billion. - His net worth has only grown about 300% since 1998, compared to Bill Gates’s 7027% increase or Ralph Lauren’s 1300% increase. 

 He’s wealthy and successful, but not as wealthy and successful as he’s made himself seem. And he nearly ruined himself and his company to get there.

(citations: http://katiehaswings.tumblr.com/post/127862261040/to-people-who-support-trump-because-hes)