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New study projects a stunning drop in 2018 millennial voter turnout in battleground states

  • The 2016 presidential election — and its outcome — may have given plenty of Americans a new sense of urgency when it comes to civics.
  • But a new study projects that 40 million Americans who voted last year will likely not show up at the polls for the 2018 midterms.
  • And that two-thirds of those “drop-off” voters will be millennials, unmarried women and people of color.
  • The report, just out from the Voter Participation Center and Lake Research Partners, “Comparing the Voting Electorate in 2012-2016 and Predicting 2018 Drop-off,” notes that many of those expected not to cast a ballot next year live in key battleground states like Arizona, Nevada, Florida and Ohio. Read more (7/21/17)

[2016 Presidential Election Turnout Rate:
46.9% Didn’t Vote
25.6% Voted for Clinton
25.5% Voted for Trump
1.7% Voted for Johnson]

Hey guys

You see this shit right here?

“Oh I just wasn’t excited about Hillary”

“I just didn’t feel the candidates”

“My vote doesn’t matter anyway”

More than the people that voted for Stein or Johnson. More than the people who voted for Trump.

You know what swayed the election? The people who just decided not to vote.

So I want you to, right now, start saying this to yourself:

The person who wins the Democratic Primary will not align 100% with my views

They will believe things I’m not completely okay with

They won’t support everything I want them to support

They won’t be without flaws

They won’t be without past mistakes

And despite all of this

I will vote for them anyway

There are too many people whose vote are being actively blocked for you to just decide not to vote

There are too many people whose lives depend on you voting out Republicans for you not to vote

There are too many people who won’t even make it to 2020 because of what’s currently happening for you to decide voting just doesn’t matter

And I don’t want you to just repeat this mantra for 2020

I want you to make 2018 the biggest midterm election ever recorded.

I want you to make the Republicans shit their pants when they see the lines and lines of people voting on Tuesday November 6th, 2018

I want you to start right now making sure that everyone around you has everything in order to be able to vote in 2018 because the Republicans are actively working to make sure that people can’t vote

That’s how they work. They only win when the vote is suppressed. And they know that.

Fuck. Them. Up.


LA County voter turnout was 11.45% on Tuesday. That won’t cut it in Trump’s America.

  • Los Angeles County had an election Tuesday, less than two months after anti-Donald Trump protests galvanized the city. 
  • Only 11.45% of registered voters showed up.
  • According to the L.A. Times, the City of Angels set a record for the lowest voter turnout in a mayoral election in L.A. history. The previous record was 18%, set in 2009 when Antonio Villaraigosa ran for re-election.
  • These numbers should worry progressives. Donald Trump is president, and Republicans control the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives. 
  • Local elections have emerged as some of the few sites where left-leaning voters can advance their agenda. 
  • There’s little hope for success — pending an all-out political revolution — if progressives don’t vote. Read more (3/7/17 12:31 PM)

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if ossoff loses i'm becoming a witch and cursing the entire state of georgia

it’s not georgia’s fault though, that’s the thing. this race was NEVER supposed to be anywhere near close, never mind the literal tie it’s in right now. the district has been gerrymandered to hell in order to ensure a republican win EVERY TIME, and by a comfortable margin at that.

that’s another thing y'all NEED to understand about the south. a lot of us DON’T want these outcomes but we literally CAN’T prevent them ecauss one republicans got a hold of power down here, they used every crooked tool at their disposal to make sure they kept it. there’s major disenfranchisement and voter suppression going on down here. that has to be addressed and fought. y'all can’t just write off the south because we don’t vote the way you want us to. if we could change it in a day, we would. trust me.

this race isn’t a redux of the 2016 primary and it’s not an election that’s going to predict what happens in 2018. it’s a special election in a deep red district that TRUMP picked when he plucked tom price out of the house.

none of the specials that we’ve had were ever supposed to be anywhere near where they ended up. and this is special election turnout we’re talking about. if people are this fired up NOW, imagine what 2018 is going to be like when far more people are aware that there are elections going on and things really pick up off the ground.

we only need 24 seats to flip in order to take back the house and there are 90+ seats that look ripe for the picking. this race wasn’t the beginning or the end of anything. it was an outlier that should not be counted.

point. blank. and the period.

We have general elections every year in the US. VOTE THIS YEAR.

Among other things it’s doing, the federal government is looking to devolve more power back to the states.  VOTE THIS YEAR, and help to swing your state’s government.   Off-year elections have the smallest turnouts and so they are EASY TO SWAY by getting out there to vote.

VOTE THIS YEAR. Off-year elections can affect Congress and they affect local and regional offices whose policies can hold people accountable in their bases of operations if the federal government refuses to. For 2017 we have:

  • 1 US Senate seat (Alabama)
  • 6 US House of Representatives (California 34th District, Georgia 6th District, Kansas 4th District, Montana At-Large District, South Carolina 5th District, Utah 3rd District)
  • 2 State Governors (New Jersey, Virginia)
  • New Jersey General Assembly and Senate, Virginia House, North Carolina General Assembly (a special re-vote with the de-gerrymandered district lines!)
  • Lots of mayoral and local elections that will MATTER IN COMING YEARS because city mayors can carry a lot of influence in elections and also act as leaders and innovators to model policies and programs (see: sanctuary cities)

18 - 25 year olds had a 75% turnout this election. We managed to fuck the Tories over, hang parliament, and now even with a possible Tory coalition on the cards, it will likely be a softer Brexit, and less austerity. May is going to resign, the other Tories will push her. We’ve bought valuable time for people in our country. We’ve bought time for my son. We’ve shown the Tories the young voters are to be feared. We made a HUGE change in an election predicted as a landslide Tory win, and even got Labour a Tory seat that they’ve held for 100 years.

Thank you. I have never been prouder.

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Are people seriously not voting because of a little rain? I'm an American, and on election day it was freezing outside, in addition to drizzling, and somehow people still found motivation to stand outside for hours.

I do suspect it will keep some people indoors. But hey, not to start a democracy battle, but in the last US election the turnout was 54.7%, in the last UK election it was 66.4% and is expected to be in the 70s this year.

Scumbag Africa

Didn’t do anything big for April fools this year and couldn’t finish this list but here’s the list:


Produces great football players.

- They all play for France.


Known as “The Heart of Africa”…

-  …“The dead heart of Africa”.

Democratic Republic of the Congo

Was called “Zaire”

- Now gets confused with its neighbour. 


Largest nation in Arab world.

- Exploits previous non-Arab culture and civilization for monetary gains.


98.52% Average turnout for elections

- only ever had one election (which was for independence). 


Named after Ghana empire.

- Never had any ties to the aforementioned Empire.

Côte d'Ivoire

Name translates to “Ivory Coast” in English.

- Official English name is still “Côte d'Ivoire”.


Wasn’t colonized by Europeans

- colonized by Americans.


Has successful movie series as namesake

- Didn’t save us by trademarking name. 


Once had a successful civilization.

- Doesn’t know how to exploit previous successful civilization for monetary gains.(See Egypt)


Only nation to leave African Union.

- Wants to rejoin African Union.


Speaks Portuguese.

- Doesn’t do much else.


Largest oil producing country in Africa.

- Still has frequent blackouts and wants neighbours’ oil fields.


loves sheep; the most popular tv show is a most beautiful ram contest

- biggest holiday involves sacrificing sheep

South Africa

Always appears in geography quizzes.

- As a capital cities trick question.

South Sudan

Became a thing a few years ago.

- Atlases everywhere became outdated.


Split up from South Sudan.

- Doesn’t change name to “North Sudan”.


Builds reputation as one of the most stable countries in Africa and the Arab world

- Starts Arab spring.


Feel free to add to this post

Democrats start out with advantage in Virginia’s general election
We witnessed a highly competitive race in last night’s gubernatorial primaries — but it wasn’t on the closely watched Democratic side, where Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam beat former Rep. Tom Perriello by 12 points, 56%-44%. Instead, it was the Republican contest that turned out to be the nail-biter, with GOP frontrunner Ed Gillespie edging Prince William County Chair Corey Stewart by just 4,000 votes, 44%-43%. What was especially stunning is that Gillespie had the money, the establishment support, the higher name ID, and was facing a highly flawed challenger in Stewart (who had made protecting Confederate monuments a pillar of his campaign) — and he barely won.

Democrats start out with the advantage in this fall’s Northam-vs.-Gillespie general election. One, turnout suggests Democrats have enthusiasm on their side: There were more than 540,000 votes in the two-person Dem race, while the three-person GOP contest had 366,000 votes. (That turnout disparity looks like New Jersey, not Virginia.) Two, Democrats today hold a unity event with Northam and Perriello, while Republicans aren’t unified. “There is one word you will never hear from me, and that’s ‘unity,’” Stewart told supporters, per the Washington Post. And three, President Trump’s job approval rating in Virginia is in the 30s. Add them all up, and you’d rather be Ralph Northam than Ed Gillespie, although we still have five months to go.

Virginia is no longer a purple state

One way to look at the closer-than-expected Gillespie-vs.-Stewart race is that Trump’s wing of the party is one the rise; this is no longer your Bush 43 party in which Gillespie served. The other way is that GOP moderates fled the party, with Northern Virginia Republicans voting in the Democratic contest (Virginia voters can pick which primary they want to participate in). “There’s a new name for the voters most people thought of as VA’s moderate Republicans a few years ago: Democrats,” observed the Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman. “VA is not a swing state,” he added. Indeed, Republicans have now gone 1-9 in major Virginia statewide races (for president, governor, U.S. Senate) since 2004.

Sometimes bad things happen, and the world keeps turning.

Look out for each other.  Help your friends when you can.  That’s especially important at times like this.

Your regularly-scheduled fanart and dragons and fluff will resume shortly.   Because if I can do nothing else, I can try to make people smile.  In the face of hatred, living and smiling and being kind is a victory.

There is still hope in the world.

MLK’s legacy matters even more in Trump’s America

Family Planning

On Jan. 5, Speaker Paul Ryan said he would defund Planned Parenthood as part of a bill to repeal Obamacare, The Hill reported. Eliminating federal money for Planned Parenthood has been a goal for anti-abortion groups, despite the fact that federal law prohibits Planned Parenthood from using taxpayer money to fund abortions, according to Politico.

King highlighted the importance of organizations like Planned Parenthood in family planning when he received the Planned Parenthood Federation of America Margaret Sanger Award in 1966:

“In our struggle for equality we were confronted with the reality that many millions of people were essentially ignorant of our conditions or refused to face unpleasant truths. The hard-core bigot was merely one of our adversaries. The millions who were blind to our plight had to be compelled to face the social evil their indifference permitted to flourish.”

Police brutality

Trump claimed to be the “law and order” candidate throughout his campaign. Speaking about police brutality on Meet the Press, Trump acknowledged “some horrible mistakes are made” — but then highlighted the need to “give power back to the police.” A New York Times article published Nov. 11 called Trump’s election victory a “counterprotest against Black Lives Matter.”

In his famous “I Have a Dream” speech, King spoke against the use of excessive force against African-Americans:

There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, “When will you be satisfied?” We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality. We can never be satisfied, as long as our bodies, heavy with the fatigue of travel, cannot gain lodging in the motels of the highways and the hotels of the cities.  

Voter suppression  

In December 2016, during his “Thank You” rally in Hershey, Pennsylvania, Trump thanked “smart” African-American voters for not coming out to vote on Election Day. The lower turnout among African-American voters can be somewhat attributed to the Supreme Court’s 2013 decision to gut a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, resulting in 14 states to adopt restrictive voting laws.  

King, in his “I Have a Dream” speech, encouraged Americans to fight against voter suppression:

We cannot be satisfied as long as a Negro in Mississippi cannot vote and a Negro in New York believes he has nothing for which to vote. No, no, we are not satisfied, and we will not be satisfied until justice rolls down like waters and righteousness like a mighty stream.

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So I know a lot of people on here won’t really care, but you might know that the UK just had a snap general election.

Though voter turnout (particularly amongst the country’s youth) was at an all time high, and there were a lot of Labour gains though the country, the Conservative party still won the most seats. Though they don’t have enough to form a majority government, they do get first pick of other party MP’s to form a government with.

Without going into the nitty gritty of hung parliaments, I will say that the Torys are most likely to try and form a government with the hard-right Democratic Unionist Party.

Amongst other things, the DUP is notoriously Anti-Abortion and its members are openly racist and homophobic. The party has long fought against legalizing same sex marriage in NI.

It’s not really a secret that the Tory Leader (and a lot of the backbenchers let’s be honest) are also pretty homophobic, racist, and mysoginistic, and if this coalition forms it could mean a lot of trouble for a lot of minority groups in the UK.

We may get lucky: Teresa May could mutate a conscience, resign from politics and spend her twilight years running through wheat fields, thus leaving Jeremy Corbyn to run the country instead.

But it’s unlikely.

So please just keep us in your thoughts, we’ve been having a bit of a shit time of it.

The real winner of the Polish elections: No One of the I Don’t Care party. 

Recent presidential elections in Poland concluded in a surprise win of the Law and Justice party young candidate, Andrzej Duda, who narrowly defeated the incumbent president Bronisław Komorowski of the ruling Civic Platform. 

However, the real winner of this election is… No One, as the plurality of voters (44%) decided to stay at home or cast an invalid vote. This election was anyway special, as usually in Poland the majority of voters do not care to vote. 

What’s interesting on this map is that, as usual when it comes to the maps of Poland, former borders are highly visible. Almost always it’s the 1914 borders but this time it’s 1939 borders. Areas that were Polish before the war presented better voter turnout, while those that were German back then, are apparently inhabited by people who don’t care.