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As White House election integrity panel begins work, civil rights watchdogs set up a hotline

  • In May, after months of setting off sirens about supposed voter fraud, President Donald Trump launched a commission to investigate the “integrity” of the U.S. election system.
  • In response, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law launched a hotline.
  • “This Election Integrity Commission was launched despite the fact that there is no evidence or data that supports the notion that voter fraud is rampant across our country,” Kristen Clarke, president and executive director of the Lawyers’ Committee, said in a phone call on Tuesday.
  • Clarke says her group views the commission as “a dog whistle for voter suppression.” To that end, the Lawyers’ Commission and Election Protection have opened a hotline for anyone who may feel intimidated by contact they have with the presidential panel. Read more (6/28/17)

These two maps show the exact same thing - results of the 2016 presidential election in the lower United States. The upper map seems dire to people like me, who believe Donald Trump is a bad person in general and a horrible person for this most important office in the world. It looks like almost the entire nation choose Trump over other candidates. 

However, if you look at the lower map, things change a bit. Blue color is more present and although some places seem clearly red, others are more mixed. This is because circles, which represent counties, were scaled to total number of votes casted in a given county rather than geographical area of such county (as in the upper map). 

Nevertheless, Donald Trump won, even though more people voted for Hillary Clinton. This is because of a very strange U.S. presidential election system, where there is an intermediate body between popular vote results and election results - the electoral college. In effect, even though difference in votes in key states such as Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin was very slim, Trump got all electoral votes from those states. This electoral college system is also why third-party candidates rarely get much attention - people fear if they vote for a third party candidate, they risk the candidate they strongly oppose could win. 

As a person living in Europe, I find it surprising that the Americans have not changed their system to be up with times. Even if they want the electoral college to stay, there is still a matter of second turn. In Poland and many other democracies, presidential elections are often unresolved in first turn because no candidate has gained more than 50% of all votes. A second turn is then called, in which two candidates who got most votes in first turn can compete. 

It’s best to explain it on an example. Suppose you have 100 voters and three candidates. Candidate A got 32 votes, candidate B got 33 votes and candidate C got 35 votes. In the U.S., candidate C wins even though 65% of voters did not for this candidate! In Poland or France, since no candidate got 50%+1 of all votes, candidates B and C are invited to second turn. It might happen that candidates A and B had similar views and candidate C is someone like Trump. So in second turn, all candidate A voters casted their vote to candidate B and that candidate won with 65% of the vote. Clearly more democratic than the American system in my opinion.  


These are the elections that will determine the future of mass incarceration in America

  • As the resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency continues to grow, many Democrats and progressives are looking forward to the 2018 midterm elections, and even the 2020 presidential election to try and regain political power in Washington, D.C.
  • But for a dedicated group of organizers and reformers within the left, there are much more pressing elections happening all across the country — elections where thousands of people’s lives and freedom hang in the balance.
  • One of those elections is Philadelphia’s district attorney race — just months away — where Democratic candidate Larry Krasner is running to put an end to the city’s record-breaking propensity to put its citizens behind bars. Read more (6/12/17)

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Illinois became Patient Zero in the government’s probe, eventually leading investigators to a hacking pandemic that touched four out of every five U.S. states. Using evidence from the Illinois computer banks, federal agents were able to develop digital “signatures” – among them, Internet Protocol addresses used by the attackers – to spot the hackers at work. The signatures were then sent through Homeland Security alerts and other means to every state. Thirty-seven states reported finding traces of the hackers in various systems, according to one of the people familiar with the probe. In two others – Florida and California – those traces were found in systems run by a private contractor managing critical election systems.

The Obama people went to condition red; the Department of Homeland Security tried to declare state election systems to be part of our critical national infrastructure, which they clearly are. The Republicans in Congress shot that down. Curiouser and curiouser, some states declined to cooperate fully with DHS. As the invaluable Marcy Wheeler pointed out on the electric Twitter machine Tuesday morning, one of the recalcitrant states was Georgia, where you can’t audit the voting machines, and where they are having a crucial—and extremely expensive—special congressional election next Tuesday.

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lmaoo bernie bros LOVE to smugly hurl that 'u support slavery' shit at black hillary voters but they go mute when u remind them that the city bernard was mayor of used prison labor as well and he did fuck all to stop it

no joke they’re like “well he couldn’t control that” even though…. he was…. literally…. the actual fucking mayor… yet did/said absolutely nothing.

to quote notorious hrc: “people in covfefe houses shouldn’t throw covfefe.”

Broken Systems

Watching Oxygen this week - which I liked, although I don’t know if enjoyed is a word I can apply to an episode with that little joy - I was struck by how much this season has featured systems as villains. And in most cases, it’s not even that the system was originally crafted to be evil, but rather that any system when taken to extremes has the potential to cause great harm. 

Thin Ice and Oxygen both feature the system of capitalism, taken in the former to levels of evil we are familiar with and in the latter to levels that have not come to pass, but are scarily easy to imagine. Smile gives us the system of an artificial intelligence designed to make us happy, but through no malicious evil decides the best way to do that is to kill anyone who is sad. And Knock Knock has the system of the wood lice, which to save Eliza’s life kill many generations of housemates. The Pilot is perhaps an exception to this, in that the puddle is not trying to kill Bill, but it is still a system that becomes terrifying as it tries to fulfil it’s goal of running away with a pretty girl. 

This could be chance, but five episodes in a row without a malicious or chaotic evil, without deliberate corruption or even malfunction outside the original parameters, looks very much like a narrative choice. And it’s a narrative choice that very much echoes current affairs. The capitalism episodes are a very direct parallel, but we are also seeing national pride turn into xenophobia and populism elect Trump. Our systems are breaking, and not even the most moderate or apolitical person could deny that now (although many people have been screaming about this for years). 

We’re also becoming more aware of systemic racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia and transphobia, and how even if you stop people from being explicitly bigoted that still doesn’t solve the problem, because the problem is with the system not the individuals. This adds another narrative element, because we have the first lesbian companion (the first explicitly queer full time companion), and she’s also black, meaning she and people like her suffer from at least three types of systemic oppression.

I don’t think this can go on forever in Doctor Who, because Doctor Who is not a nihilist show. That’s kind of how I’m feeling about the world right now, even as I’m slowly chipping away in my own way. But Doctor Who is a show that always falls back on hope, on joy, on the idea that we are perhaps not quite as fucked as we though. And now that systems have been established in the Doctor Who universe as susceptible to evil at their extremes (or even slightly outside of normal parameters), it’s time for a string of episodes which break those systems, or reject them entirely.

I think it’s fitting that the next episode, Extremis, features both the Catholic Church - the epitome of a system corrupted by it’s own rules - and Missy - chaotic evil incarnate. And though Missy is definitely the Queen of Evil, she also rejects order and systems, and so is yet again an ally. For now.

I’m interested to see how this reading stacks up at the end of the series, especially because I think it depends very much on how the latter half goes, and the way Doctor Who provides hope and rebellion in a systematically fucked world. We could do with some of that around here.

Americans, you’re gonna be hearing the words: “Snap General Election” on here a lot, and I’m guessing you’re a bit confused. In the UK the Prime Minister can call an election earlier than it is legally needed or expected. Ours was due in 2020 instead of in a few months, which is what Theresa May wants. Labour voters are really angry because there is a lot of party infighting going on right now and they feel like the Conservatives have called a snap general election unfairly to press their advantage in the polls and gain another five years in power, rather than out of an actual pressing need for a new election. The last time this happened was in 1974, showing how shocking this is.

And, for those of you who are unfamiliar with the UK election system: We vote for our MP’s - who represent areas called Constituencies. Each MP is a member of a party, and the party that has the most MP’s leads the country, making the leader of their party the Prime Minister. 

i’m pretty sure that every american teenager agrees that the american school system is corrupt and fucked up and needs to be changed but we can’t do anything about it and we feel so helpless and powerless so we get bummed out and angry

I went back home to the Midwest, and I Facebook messaged a guy I used to hang out with to meet up since I wanted to go get drinks. I told him that I had a welcoming back party until 11PM on a Thursday, and asked if he was available afterwards. He immediately replied yes.

I was late and it was actually 11:30PM. He still drove up to my house which was 30 minutes away from where he is. I wore a tank top, showing off the arms formed from 80 pull ups and chin ups every other day. I walked out, but he was outside my door instead of in his car. I asked if he was thinking of going inside or going out, and he said either is fine with him. I actually just wanted a platonic drink, but he was thinking something different.

“Let’s go for a drink.” I walked with him into his car and we went down to the most popular gay club in town where there’s often amateur night with boys showering in this glass display with their semi-hard cocks rubbing against customers’ faces with only a thin layer of molded sand between them.

Drinks were only a dollar that night, which I was surprised because they usually went for seven. Guess they wanted to attract all the hoes who were thirsty on a weekday.

He said he wasn’t dressed to go out, and was wearing a sweater with his college’s logo on it. I made fun of him for being so basic, and he laughed and agreed. His skin is nicely tanned with deep brown eyes, and he had a chiseled chin and strong jaw line. I could see his bolded chest and thick arms, and his ass filled out his pants nicely.

We had two drinks each, talking to random strangers looking for suggestions for bars to go to the next night and some white guys who were here for a Socialist Summer Camp. I got into a three-minute debate over election systems before my friend got bored and left to “get a drink.” I left with him, grabbing onto his 2 percent body fat waist.

The bar was closing, so he drove us back to my place. I asked if he wanted to come in to sober up, he eagerly said yes. We walked up into my room, and I gestured to my clothes on the floor and told him I wasn’t expecting anyone tonight. He didn’t mind.

I turned off the light, and he was already laying on my bed. I got on top of him and stuck my tongue inside his mouth. He opened wide and his mouth was still wet from the water he drank right before we left.

I grabbed right below his arms to pull him on top of me as I switch to lay on my back. I unzipped my pants and he started to lick the outside of my underwear before I could start pulling them down. I pull my underwear leg up just a little bit so he could taste the tip of my cock, which already had some precum ready for him to taste. I told him to pull the rest of my pants down, and he did it without question.

He got back up and pulled my underwear down. My cock bounced up and audibly hit my stomach. He moved his mouth to let it back inside, using the spit that was still in his mouth from us making out to lube it. I put my hands behind my head, letting him do all the work serving my cock.

“Itching to get that hole fucked?” He murmured, “Yes,” as my throbbing cock was still in his mouth. He kept swallowing a mix of my precum and his own spit as he takes off his pants, never taking it out.

“I’m going to force your hole open with my thick cock.” He is now deep throating the entirety of my tool. “I’m going to let you know that you are just a toy for men to fuck. The only thing you’re good for is opening up your hole for men to seed you.” He sucks me faster.

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He comes up to kiss me and I slide my hands down his waist. He’s wearing a jock strap. A sign of a guy just waiting to be fucked.

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I told him to get on the floor, on all fours. I sat on the edge of my bed.

“Wag your ass in the air like a little dog happy to see its owner.” He has his palms on the ground, lowers his chest, and starts wagging. “Pant like a little puppy for me.” He sticks out his tongue, and starts salivating. I ordered him to turn around.

I placed my cock right at the edge of his hole. It was already lubed up. “Fuck yourself with my cock. Make your master happy.”

He then pushes himself back. I can see his knees are on my haphazardly thrown clothes on the floor as cushion. He moans as I see my cock opening up his tight Latino hole and going deeper inside him. His waist was so thin that I could imagine exactly how my cock looked like as it was going inside him.

He pushes back on my dick, making sure the whole seven thick inches goes into it. “That’s a good dog. Make your master proud of you.”

“Yes, sir.”

I then grab his hips and start fucking him, making sure I pull it out until the tip and sliding it back in to make him feel the entire length. I could feel my cock pulsating as the outside of his hole is going up and down the shaft.

I let my cock leave. “Turn around. Clean off the cock that was just fucking you.”

He lets his cock back inside, and now I’m on my knees pushing it deep into the back of his throat.

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He sucks my cock faster.

I grab my cock to start jacking off, and he opens his mouth, panting like a good little puppy. “Yeah, you’re going to make your master proud.” I could feel my balls contracting, then I started to shoot my cum. He sealed his lips over the tip of my rock hard pleasure stick and laps it up. Swallowing it all.

He opens his mouth to show me that it’s all gone. I spit in it. I grab below his jaw, bring him up, and gave him a deep kiss. I laid down on my bed and had him lay in front of me as I laid my arm across his chest grabbing his shoulder. I found this position to make the guys feel the most covered and protected.

He started to drift off to sleep.

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He opens up, and I stuck my semi-hard cock inside. That night, he slept with his mouth sealed around a cock that just fucked and came inside his mouth.