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Okay, super curious about Senator Ha’han-ash. At first I thought that was the Senator that called for the vote. But I made a quick reread and that was Sen. Mandai. So how did Ha’han-ash get the role? And asking for clarity, I presumed from TPM that the no-confidence vote had to be called by an outside power, i.e. Qn Amidala, or else that might happen all the time. I can easily accept otherwise, but thoughts?

Basically, Senators interested in the job (basically, Senators who would have entered the “election race” so to speak, had it been a regular election) got put on a list and then they drew a random name from that list. So that’s how Ha’han-ash got the job.

As for who can call a Vote of No-Confidence, it’s pretty unclear in canon, but I’ve decided to go with Senators as well as the leaders of the member worlds. However, a Vote of No-Confidence isn’t something you do all willy-nilly. It’s a serious thing to do, and it will invite scrutiny to whoever calls it.

Also, I’ve decided to have it so that if a Senator calls for the vote, they’re not eligible to run should a new Chancellor need to be instated (which is why Palpatine counselled Padmé to do it. If he did it himself, he couldn’t run for Chancellor and that would kinda ruin his whole plan). 

Usually, for a Senator to call for a Vote of No-Confidence, they want to have some back-up. Like how Senator Mandai had 134 other systems who stood behind her in calling the vote.

I would just like everyone to know that Mike Pence supports gay conversion therapy and says that he will stop funding HIV medication and put the money into gay conversion therapy. I’m not the biggest fan of Hillary, but if you don’t vote or if you vote third party, people will die. POC will die when they are deported and segregated. Gay people will die when conversion therapy is funded. Women will die when Roe v. Wade is overturned. The only group protected is rich, white men.

Please, please vote Hillary. For my sake and everyone else’s. I’m terrified.

To this day I marvel at how many well-meaning white Americans will parachute into remote villages and slums in Africa, Asia and South America to do charity work, but won’t set up anti-racism projects in places like Logan County, West Virginia, where at least 96% of residents are white and most believe Trump is all that stands between them and racial oblivion. It’s hard to fathom how many white-run think tanks, foundations and charity organizations exist in the U.S., but how few focus specifically on deeply studying white racism and eradicating it.

This is not work that people of color can shoulder alone. White spaces are isolated by design. According to the Washington Post in 2014, 75% of white Americans have no friends of color. We’re not going to get past a nation where between 40 and 50% of Trump’s supporters think black people are lazier and more violent than whites and nearly 70% dislike Muslims if anti-racist white people don’t penetrate the communities from where this thinking originates.

— Zak Cheney Rice, Only white people could have prevented a Donald Trump presidency

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