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Green Day posted this picture on their Facebook page:

Which, given their history of political opinions, makes sense.

But the comments are fucking wild, man.  Like, did these commentators even listen to any of Green Day’s work?

Buddy, you used Green Day as an escape from politics?  I don’t think you understand how that works.

Yes, yes, Green Day should stay out of politics.  They’ve really been known for the quietness on political events (*sarcasm*).

What are Green Day’s music or public statements makes you think they are willing to sit by and let an authoritarian demagogue rise without protesting that?  He hasn’t said “mean things,” he’s a fucking dictator-in-waiting.

But at least some commentators got it:

The Fake Americans Russia Created to Influence the Election
By Scott Shane

The Russian information attack on the election did not stop with the hacking and leaking of Democratic emails or the fire hose of stories, true, false and in between, that battered Mrs. Clinton on Russian outlets like RT and Sputnik. Far less splashy, and far more difficult to trace, was Russia’s experimentation on Facebook and Twitter, the American companies that essentially invented the tools of social media and, in this case, did not stop them from being turned into engines of deception and propaganda.

An investigation by The New York Times, and new research from the cybersecurity firm FireEye, reveals some of the mechanisms by which suspected Russian operators used Twitter and Facebook to spread anti-Clinton messages and promote the hacked material they had leaked. On Wednesday, Facebook officials disclosed that they had shut down several hundred accounts that they believe were created by a Russian company linked to the Kremlin and used to buy $100,000 in ads pushing divisive issues during and after the American election campaign.

On Twitter, as on Facebook, Russian fingerprints are on hundreds or thousands of fake accounts that regularly posted anti-Clinton messages. Many were automated Twitter accounts, called bots, that sometimes fired off identical messages seconds apart — and in the exact alphabetical order of their made-up names, according to the FireEye researchers. On Election Day, for instance, they found that one group of Twitter bots sent out the hashtag #WarAgainstDemocrats more than 1,700 times.

Alternative™ Fact #7

Do NOT believe the LEFTIST PROPAGANDA being spread around that Trump did not win the popular vote. He totally did if you don’t count minorities, who are not “actual Americans™”

Wake Up America Day. 1917. James Montgomery Flagg.

27 5/8 x 40 in./70.3 x 101.5 cm

In a design far more Modern than its time, Flagg shows us a stylized minuteman in flat planes of red, white, and blue rousing America to the call of Wake Up America Day. Held on the anniversary of the Battle of Lexington, President Wilson had declared war on Germany just two weeks prior – and this Day was supposed to be a giant calling to arms of American men to join the fight.

This is what media bias in Britain looks like. This is The Sun’s front page from tuesday, the day after the bombing in Manchester. They literally blame Jeremy Corbyn for the bombing. This kind of political propaganda that uses tragedy for political gain is fucking despicable. No matter your political persuasion you have to appreciate that this sort of exploitation of tragedy is not in the democratic spirit of this country. The Sun (and their ilk) are a blight on all that is good about journalism. 

There is now, rightly, a petition calling for boycotting of the Sun in Manchester

Rep. Devin Nunes says Democrats are using Russia investigation to justify Clinton's loss
By Sarah D. Wire

Nunes is a fucking liar. The FBI started investigating Russia’s meddling in our election on July 25th, 2016. Trump was informed of Russia’s attack on our election in August of 2016 by a joint report written by all 17 of America’s intelligence agencies. Russia’s interference was discussed at all three presidential debates (the two in September and the one in October) by Trump and Clinton.

To summarize: The US intelligence community knew in July of 2016 that Russia was interfering in our election – roughly four months before the actual election. Anyone saying otherwise now is a lying piece of shit.

And again I ask, “Why is a third-generation dairy farmer with no intelligence background chairing the House Select Committee on Intelligence?”


I hope Hillary includes these key points in her book “What Happened”:

Hillary Rodman Clinton already made it to the White House twice with her husband, President William Jefferson Clinton. The Clintons don’t have anything left to prove.

The Clintons left us a surplus and a booming economy (23 million new jobs, 7 million fewer living in poverty, minimum wage up 20%). President Bill Clinton balanced the budget 4-times because he was a great negotiator and a true pragmatist. These days, both the far-left and the far-right hate pragmatists.

During the ‘90s, Hillary helped create the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP – 8.9 million children insured) and was instrumental in all of Bill’s policy decisions. Many said Hillary was the one who ran the White House during the prosperous 1990s.

The Clintons will always be political icons and legends. Two-time winners that won the popular vote for a 3rd straight time. Thanks for leaving our country in such great shape! The 1990s were great. Wish we could have continued our progress with Vice President Al Gore.

Unfortunately, in America, we usually switch parties every 8 years no matter what. But just think where we would be on global warming if Vice President Al Gore had won after President Bill Clinton. Sadly, I guess progressives always love screwing us after two-terms of a Democrat – cue Ralph Nader and Bernie Sanders (spoilers).

Obama is lucky he didn’t face a far-left opponent, which would have diminished his support among millennials – a core part of the Democratic coalition missing in 2016. It’s as if we don’t understand the word “pragmatism” after we’ve had a Democrat in the White House for 8 years.

Remember: Hillary had the most progressive platform of all-time. She would have built on President Obama’s progress. Just like Gore would have done in 2000 after Clinton. When will progressives remember history?

“Those who don’t learn history are doomed to repeat it.”
~George Santayana

Y'all could have voted for the most progressive platform of all time – a platform Hillary worked on directly with Bernie Sanders. Yet many of you ultimately voted for Donald Trump. Sexism?

Oh and nothing Hillary did with her e-mail server was illegal. Republicans have been manufacturing fake Clinton scandals for decades, even creating a small cottage industry for “Clinton Hate” ($$$). That is why so many Americans chanted “Lock Her Up” at Trump rallies. They have bought into decades of Clinton smears. It’s a clever tactic. Yet Hillary was triumphant and destroyed the false Benghazi witch-hunt during her brilliant 11-hour testimony. No one puts on a show better than a Clinton. Sorry Trump. '90s Bill was awesome.

In addition – the Clinton Foundation provides HIV/AIDS medicine to 11.5 million people, none of the “pay-to-play” accusations has ever been proven (it’s all speculation), and the Uranium Deal is correlated with donations to the Clinton Foundation but not proven to be the causation of the donations. Correlation doesn’t equal causation. Again – pay-to-play has never been proven (unlike the Trump Foundation which is, in-fact, guilty of pay-to play in the state of Florida).

Meanwhile, the Clinton Foundation has a higher charity rating than the Red Cross.

So let us never forget: the Clinton Foundation provides 11.5 million people with HIV/AIDS medication. That amounts to supporting half of all adults and 75% of all children affected by the virus worldwide.

Also – none of Hillary’s e-mails were correctly marked as classified at the time they were sent and none were directly sent by Hillary herself (that’s why the FBI ultimately dropped the case). The few e-mails that were classified didn’t have the proper markings and were only found in long e-mail chains, never sent by Hillary herself.

Having a private server was a mistake, though not illegal. Remember – it was originally set up for President Clinton. It was never sinisterly set up after Hillary got the job as Secretary of State. It was a pre-existing server that has been proven to be safer than the already hacked government servers. Remember – Hillary’s server was set up for a former President.

Talk about a mountain being made out of a mole hill.

Ultimately, though, Hillary still beat Trump by 3 million votes and beat Bernie by 4 million votes. 7 million more total votes for Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The last two Republican Presidents lost the popular vote – Bush and Trump. Democrats are the majority. Have been since 1992, especially if you consider voter suppression of minorities in red states.

Trump was right, however – the electoral college *IS* a rigged system. Republicans can never win both the electoral college *AND* the popular vote. On the contrary, President Bill Clinton and President Obama won both the popular vote *AND* the electoral college.

Did I mention Bernie lost the popular vote by 4 million votes? The DNC “corruption” charges don’t change the fact that Bernie lost the popular vote by 4 million. 4 million! Maybe his support of the NRA hurt him at the polls?

Also – Bernie half-heartedly campaigned for Hillary and by that point, his most ardent supporters thought Hillary was vile scum. Nothing even Bernie said could change their minds. Some even called Bernie a “sell-out.”

Unfortunately, Bernie ran a horribly negative campaign towards the end and stayed in the primary for far too long. This delayed Hillary being able to morph into general election mode, and required Hillary to do a ton of repair work.

I guess I’ll never understand why Bernie supporters couldn’t just vote for the platform – for a chance to finally have two consecutive Democratic Administrations. Naive?

Oh and can you imagine the field day Fox News would have had with Socialist Sanders, his rape essay’s, and the fact he wanted to raise taxes on everyone to pay for moochers to go to college? Middle America never would have gone for that, either.

Interestingly, the Clintons pay a higher tax-rate than Bernie – 35.% vs. 13%. Who truly is the corrupt one?

Plus – Bernie couldn’t show us how he was going to pay for any of his plans (as Bill used to say – we need some “arithmetic!”). Oh and good luck getting a GOP Congress to pass his Socialist budget. A real revolution is 60 Democratic votes in Congress. But Bernie spends all his time demonizing us and our party. Who let him in…?

Yet despite Bernie-mania demonizing Hillary for playing the game and winning (Nader 2.0), suffering highly personal attacks from Trump (bringing Bill’s accusers to the 2nd debate – though Bill has never faced a conviction/affairs are different than rape), blatant sexism from everyone (even subconscious), fake Benghazi and e-mail “scandals,” the racist Obama backlash (“deplorables” – Hillary was right!), the trend of one party only staying in power for a max of two-terms (8 years), Brexit (making Trump a very strong candidate contrary to popular brief – exploiting racism/propaganda/nationalism), the media claiming a false equivalence between Hillary’s negatives and Trump’s negatives for ratings, and Russia targeting Middle America with “fake news,” Hillary was *STILL* riding high in the polling after her 3 debate dominations.

Then… Comey re-opened the Clinton e-mail case right at the very last minute.

I remember looking at the photo of Hillary receiving the news on her plane. I thought – is this the moment Hillary lost the election?

It was.

So I guess I don’t understand why people don’t just come out and say the 2016 election was stolen from Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton. Are people afraid to? Because I’m not.

Ironically, the official reason Trump gave for firing James Comey was his malpractice in regards to the Clinton e-mail case – the very thing that won Trump the election.

The re-opening of the e-mail case came after the Trump Access Hollywood tape, switching the headlines from negative Trump headlines to negative Clinton headlines. The re-opening of the e-mail case caused many voters that were inclined to vote for Hillary to just stay home on Election Day. It depressed Hillary’s turnout. So did the fact that everyone thought Hillary was going to win. Many assumed Hillary would win and therefore didn’t vote. Were they totally wrong in their assumption? No. Why? Because Hillary won the popular vote by 3 million (and no, it wasn’t because of illegals voting, you right-wing conspiracy theory nuts).

Despite literally *EVERYTHING* thrown at her, Hillary was still polling high at the very end due to her 3 debate dominations. But Comey screwed her at the very last minute – the ultimate “October Surprise.”

Oh and remember: Comey was already in the midst of the Trump-Russia investigation, but chose not to publicly comment on that investigation. Yet he publicly commented on the re-opening of the Clinton e-mail investigation? Double standard? Malpractice? Trump seems to think so based on the fact that he fired Comey over his handling of the Clinton e-mail case.

However, Hillary truly is forever the “People’s President” – 3 million more total votes.

Never forget: Trump deeply resents and hates that he lost the popular vote. It delegitimizes him. He’s a big numbers guy. So always bring up his popular vote loss. It infuriates him.

It also appears Hillary’s themes of “Love Trumps Hate” and “Stronger Together” actually made for a brilliant strategy that received more total votes. By the millions.

I don’t buy the argument that her political framing was off.

In fact – I think her slogans were right-on the money. Perfect in an election facing a propaganda artist and ultimate con-man like Donald J. Trump. A man who relied on hate, fear, division, scapegoating, nationalism, and propaganda to win the electoral college (ie: Middle America).

Furthermore, Hillary was the first person to correctly point out Trump’s reckless temperament, something we are currently suffering from right now in regards to North Korea.

“A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

Unfit. Unqualified.

I also loved the fact that Hillary called out his dog-whistling to racists. She was the first high-profile person to do so in no uncertain terms. Trump not only loves the support of white racists, he emboldens them. Maybe that’s why he was sued by the Justice Department in the 1970s for housing discrimination against African American. He’s a racist.

Sadly, everything Hillary predicted and warned us about Trump is coming to fruition. Is it still “too negative” for you if everything Hillary said about Trump comes true within his first 6 months?

Though I still fundamentally believe that “Love Trumps Hate” and that we are, in-fact, “Stronger Together.” I think those slogans are why people felt so awful on Election Day – *HATE* won based on an outdated election system. Oh and the fact that lots of people that should have voted stayed home. Guilt is a very powerful emotion (Bernie-Bro’s, I’m looking at you!)

Get rid of the electoral college. It has cost us 2 elections in 20 years. Gore received 500,000 more votes than Bush. Hillary received 3 million more votes than Trump.

(Oh, and it would have come down to more than just Michigan and Wisconsin – another state would still be needed)

Hillary also doesn’t get the credit she rightfully deserves:

Youngest lawyer ever appointed to an impeachment trial – 27-year-old Yale Law graduate Hillary Rodham. Watergate.

Children’s Defense Fund:

Investigated African American juveniles being placed in South Carolina adult prisons, and posed as a racist housewife to expose segregation throughout schools in the South.

First Lady of Arkansas:

Hillary successfully reformed the entire K-12 Arkansas educational system, expanded healthcare for those in rural Arkansas, worked at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital Legal Services, and co-founded the Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families. First female partner of the Rose Law Firm.

The joke in Arkansas was that they “hired the wrong Clinton.”

First Lady of the United States:

Hillary spearheaded the Adoption and Safe Families Act, the Foster Care Independence Act, Office on Violence Against Women, the Campaign Against Teenage Pregnancy (lowering abortion and teenage pregnancy rates), and the Children’s Health Insurance Program – providing 8.9 million low-income children with healthcare access. In 1994, Hillary proclaimed on the world stage in Beijing, China:

“If there is one message that echoes forth from this conference, let it be that human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights once and for all.”

Two-time New York Senator:

Hillary secured 20 billion in federal funds to rebuild downtown New York City after 9/11. She also secured healthcare for 9/11 First Responders and expanded access to care for the National Guard, Reservists, and their families.

U.S. Secretary of State:

Passed the first-ever U.N Resolution on gay rights (proclaiming “human rights are gay rights and gay rights are human rights” on the world stage) and made it so trans Americans could legally change their gender on their passport. Hillary also rebuilt relations with every nation after the disastrous Bush Administration, traveling to 112 countries – more than any other Secretary of State. Our worldwide favorability rose 20% during Hillary’s tenure. Her primary focus was on women’s rights, bringing up issues such as forced abortion and maternal mortality rates. Hillary re-opened relations with Burma, enacted a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, and killed Osama Bin Laden. She also was instrumental in putting together the Paris Climate Agreement, something Trump has since removed us from.

Inspirational Hillary quotes:

“I’m not going to mislead anybody. Politics is really hard. And it is harder for women. There’s a double standard, and you can’t complain about it. You just have to accept it, and be smart enough to navigate it. And you have to have a pretty tough skin. To paraphrase a favorite quote from Eleanor Roosevelt: If a woman wants to be in politics, she has to have the skin of a rhinoceros. So occasionally I’ll be sitting somewhere and I’ll be listening to someone perhaps not saying the kindest things about me. And I’ll look down at my hand and I’ll sort of pinch my skin to make sure it still has the requisite thickness I know Eleanor Roosevelt expects me to have.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

“When you stumble, keep faith. And when you’re knocked down, get right back up, and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

“I really don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what people think about me…I would be totally paralyzed. How could you get up in the morning if you worried about some poll or what somebody said about you? That’s giving up power over your life to somebody else, and I don’t intend to do that.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

“Every moment wasted looking back keeps us from moving forward. Life is too short, time is too precious, and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.”
~Hillary Rodham Clinton

Never Forget:
The Clintons are 2-time winners and 3-time popular vote victors. Thanks for the surplus! 3 million more votes!

Love Trumps Hate! Stronger Together!

Currently ordering 50 copies of Hillary’s book, “What Happened.”



Wahlplakat / Election poster by HEN-Magonza

Als Weimarer Republik bezeichnet man den Zeitabschnitt der deutschen Geschichte zwischen 1919 und 1933. In diesen Jahren konnte die erste demokratische Grundordnung auf deutschem Boden installiert werden. Die Wahlen und Wahlkämpfe, die während dieser Zeit stattfanden, brachten ein enormes Ausmaß an Emotionalität an den Tag und die Wahlplakate demonstrieren dies sehr eindrucksvoll. Prägnante Symbole, martialisch eingesetzt von allen Parteien, charakterisieren eine Gesellschaft am Abgrund.

“The Weimar Republic is the period of German history between 1919 and 1933. During these years, the first democratic constitution was installed on German soil. The elections and election campaigns that took place during this period brought a tremendous amount of emotionalism and the election posters demonstrate this very impressively. Concise symbols, used martially by all parties, characterize a society on the edge.”

Propaganda 2


“Insight into the First Order remains difficult, as its formation was kept hidden from the eyes of the New Republic by distance and inattention.  Although some in the New Republic had, at its start, wished to curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor, the new government’s dedication to freedom of speech and expression resisted any such attempts at censorship.  Public opinion frowned on displays that romanticized the Imperial past, driving it underground.  It is in this underground where resentment of the New Republic grew.  The emergent First Order claimed the New Republic to be illegitimate, and propagated the belief that the Empire was put into power by the people of the galaxy.  Much of their imagery reinforces this.”

Ok, well, I do have more to say.

The Empire was put into place by the people of the galaxy.

Palpatine was elected.  The leaders who voted to increase his executive powers were also elected.  In a large part, the officials he ordered a coup against were aristocrats whose power came from a divine and hereditary mandate and WHO WERE NOT ELECTED.  And with certain populations and at certain times, the Imperial regime DID have popular support.

I’m not big on the the idea of “legitimate rule.”  It irks me.  But IF you believe that the legitimacy of government derives from the consent of the governed, and IF you believe that people are capable of expressing ongoing consent in the face of something that much more powerful than they are, THEN you accept that the Empire was, to some degree and for some people, a legitimate state.

This book argues otherwise.  The textual message of this poster is presented as a falsehood by both the in-world narrator AND the poster itself.  I mean, look at the poster.  Does this imagery do anything to convince you that the rule of the First Order is legitimate?  That it is based on anything other than brute force?  Is this an image of the senate, or a statehouse?  Is this an image of an edifice, or an edict?  Is it an image of engaged citizenry?  Is it even an image of an army - poised in gleeful unison, stretching across the surface of the world and into the sky?  NO, because all of those things would be symbols of cooperation and unity and institution and “legitimacy.”  Instead, we have an image that says “legitimate rule” but shows a handful of individual soldiers against a ham-handed shade of red.  Even the one, singular stormtrooper is highlighted.  This is an image that says “this isn’t legitimate rule!  this is rule by THIS GUY!”

Which is honest.  I mean, it’s true to my experience that “legitimate rule” generally comes down to the exertion of force.  But the poster isn’t supposed to be telling you that!  It’s supposed to be pro-First-Order “propaganda” - not “bald-faced truth.”  This just doesn’t make sense as in-universe propoganda, unless you read it as New Republic propaganda.

Moreover, anyone who has any experience looking at a government and seeing how the sausage is made is going to find this poster direct and downright refreshing when contrasted with the images of “government” or “military” that the NR tries to present as their narrative:

I’ll point out something else about the little fable in the “legitimate rule” caption.  The authors of the text chose to present a little morality-story about free speech.  There is an implication that if the officials who wanted to “curtail any spread of Imperial imagery after the Battle of Endor” got their way, then we wouldn’t be in this predicament, now would we?

Ah, yes.  If only the New Republic had been more aggressive about crushing any whisper of dissent, then no one would ever have felt oppressed by them.  (I hope you can hear my sarcasm.)  IF ONLY the New Republic had someone to look at all the art in their kingdom and say which ones romanticize the Empire…to just look at all that art and SAY which ones were supporting the Empire…just SAY it out, or, what’s another word for someone who SAYS things for the good of everyone??…dictate…like some kind of…dictator…