election pictures

I know things are terrible right now but take a look at my cat. She’s fine. She’s content. She doesn’t even know what a President is. All she’s worried about is when I’ll give her breakfast and whether the bed or the sofa is the better sleeping option. No matter what happens all is well in the world of my cat. Even if the world goes to hell, she is happy.


Do Not Take A Picture of Your Ballot

It is illegal. Your vote will be thrown out and not counted.

DO NOT post it on Facebook, or Twitter, or Snapchat or Instagram or Tumblr or ANYTHING. Don’t share it with your friends. The likes and notes are not worth it. Just keep your phones in your damn pockets the entire time you’re voting.Take a cute selfie with the “I Voted” sticker afterwards instead.

Please don’t let me read headlines going something like “Millennials fucked up the election by posting pictures of their ballots” because it will be fucking insufferable. And also Trump will probably win and we’ll all be fucked.

My mom - a middle school teacher - sent this to me this morning. She told me she’s going to post it on her door and all over her classroom. A lot of her coworkers are also joining in with her to post this letter in their classes.

What’s even better, is she sourced it at the bottom