election night part 1 & 2

Election Night 92′ - Part 2

Thank you for reading Part 1 I really hope you all enjoy the story and my spin on the events that happened to them after Bill won the election. 


He slowly moved his way over to their bed while his lips were gently pressed against hers, he could feel her breathing getting heavier and heavier, just before he very softly placed her on the bed he asked her a subtle question, “Honey are you too tired?”.  She looked deep into his eyes and she gave a romantic smirk before she answered, “No, never.”, she didn’t want to let go of his eyes from hers.  Bill set her down gently on the bed her arms still wrapped around his neck, while his left hand is resting at the center of her mid back and their lips are still tightly locked.  She finally releases her arms from around his neck and as she does Bill takes this chance to then begin to move his lips down her chin and then onto her incredible neck, he loved her neck line and sometimes she will tease him with wearing a necklace to emphasize it more because she knows he finds it irresistible.  The more Bill kisses Hillary’s neck the heavier her breath becomes and her instinct kicks in almost like she is not controlling what she is doing and she puts her hands through his salt and pepper hair.  To Bill this just affirms that he is hitting each spot on her soft and silky skin with the utmost care and before he knows it he is just above her naked exposed breasts.  Hillary’s body tension is palpable now, she is craving and needing him like she never has before, “Was this time different?” she thought… “Was she about to make love to the future 42nd President of the United States?”  Overcome with this rushing thought in her head, she ripped open Bill’s dress shirt, and it truly caught Bill off guard and he looked up at her with his now ripped open shirt exposing his chest.  "Hillary!“ he said almost stunned by her somewhat uncharacteristic action.  Her eyes seductively just staring deep into his and she answered, "Yes” -She paused a brief moment before she finished.  "Mr. President?“  Bill just smiled, I mean what could he say, how could he answer that?  Hillary has always believed in him so much and to hear her say that phrase so confidently made his heart fill with such warmth.  He decided to remove the rest of his shirt and as he did this Hillary slid herself onto the bed more and as she began to lean back to have her back rest on their soft sheets, Bill followed her.  

Laying on his left side he was kissing her neck again and her hand was running through his hair again, she realized her skirt was still wrapped around her small feminine waist and Bill’s trousers were still on.  She had to quickly spring to action before Bill realized it too, so she put her left index finger on his lips and pushed his head back slightly so she could slide off the bed.  Bill turned to sit up and just the sight of his wife’s naked back was enough to give him goosebumps, he would often catch himself lost in staring at her and thinking how amazingly beautiful she is and what the hell he did to deserve her.  It’s one thing to be smart, and successful in a career but to top it all off with a timeless vintage movie star style beauty would cause him to truly wonder at times why him?  Why did this amazing woman choose him?  While he is sitting there again contemplating this and lost in her outline, this soft voice breaks through, "Honey, could you help me unzip my skirt?” Without any hesitation his hands are now resting on her hips and he then slowly slides the zipper down and in perfect timing Hillary turns to face him as the skirt slides ever so perfectly off her tiny waist.  Now she is standing there totally exposed to him and before she utters a single word he already was running his soft fingertips up the outsides of her thighs into the top of her silk panties on both sides of her hips and slid them down, her heart is palpitating as if it is about to burst through her chest.  As Bill leans forward to help her step out of them she runs her hand down the back of his head and neck, it is without a doubt the touch of her doing that that will always send him into another dimension.  He leans back to sit up right again and she unbuckles his belt and then unbuttons his trousers and slides the zipper down, he quickly shuffles them off and he can’t even get them to his ankles before Hillary straddles his lap.  The feel of her bare skin gently shifting over his boxers, her naked breasts pressed against his exposed chest, feeling her heartbeat so rapidly thumping, her arms wrapped around his neck and her hands on the back of his head again… he isn’t sure how it happened but he was now being enveloped inside her.

Her tiny figure slightly moving was truly poetic, she was not in a hurry, she was not wasting this opportunity to have her husband all to herself, without people from the campaign always around.  This was their time to be one, for their souls to intertwine so deeply.  Her sounds were enough to make Bill savor her every move, her head tilted back enough for him to place his lips on her throat, her soft skin was now trembling and her breath was rapid.  His hands were gently resting on her hips, but he knew that her naked flesh on her back was beckoning for his soft fingertips to caress her.  Her hands on the back of his head, he slowly moved his fingertips up and down her spine, it was enough to have her grip his neck tightly and he thought… “There it is.”  Little did he know he said it out loud, up until that moment not a word was spoken from either of them, just the words of their souls guiding them.  She looked down into his eyes again and smiled, hearing his claim, “Yes, Mr. President, there… it.. is…” through her moans, he knew they were connected, mind, body and spirit that all he could respond with was kissing her on her parched lips that were begging for his.  The movements she was making were like gentle waves in the ocean, her rhythm was slow and seductive like a fine romantic jazz song.  His hands were resting on her shoulder blades and she leaned herself back on them, when she did this he kissed her chin and down her throat to her breast plate.  He was letting her dictate the pace, she was submitting herself to him and he didn’t want to interrupt that for anything in the world.  With every gentle rhythmic movement on him the more rapid her heartbeat got, the way this felt for them both was so indescribable.  Bill shifted just a slight bit but it was enough to push her forward and she whisper in his ear “William, I love you.”  It was the sound of that beautiful harp playing in is ear again just like it had been all those years ago in the law library.  

The front door of the Governor’s mansion opened and piling into the house were the dozens of campaign staffers, like they have down countless mornings before.  They all moved into the living room and then into the dinning room that now resembled a campaign headquarters instead of a dinning room.  It was almost 7am and after a few minutes they all began to realize that neither Bill nor Hillary were downstairs yet, Paul the chief political strategist looked up from his stack of early morning polling numbers and said, “Surely they can’t still be asleep?”.  Staffers taking their seats just shrugged, how were they supposed to know if the Governor and First Lady were still asleep.  "Well they didn’t arrive back here until around 5:30 in the morning.“ One of the house workers proclaimed.  Not wanting to waste a single minute of last minute campaigning with radio phone interviews, polls have Bill all but winning this election by 7 points but they simply cannot take any chances, and campaign chief strategist James looked at Paul and with his deep Louisiana accent said, "Go up there and get them, we have a limited window here before people on the East Coast start heading to their polling locations.”  Paul nodded and put his stack of papers on the table and began to make his way up the rounded stair case.
Bill and Hillary are still intertwined in the ocean and waves of one another, they hadn’t been able to be this intimate in what had seemed like an eternity, this was more than just making love.  But they were totally unaware what was about to happen, still so incredibly lost in each other.  Not an hour and a half ago when he came back into their bedroom and saw his wife struggling to get out of her clothes, he shut the door yes, but he never locked it.  Bill and Hillary knew the morning routines at the mansion when they were home in Little Rock, but from the exhausting campaign sprint from the 24 hours before and well where they got lost to now they never thought to check if the door to their bedroom was locked.


(This part at first was very hard for me to write because of the sexual nature but I did get a little more comfortable with it as the story progressed.  I really hoped to convey a desire they share without it being trashy.  Thank you so much for reading.  I will post Part 3 later tonight.)