election gif

trump could win…

Edit: Jokes aside; I’m scared. I’m extremely scared. I’m scared that I’m going to lose my health coverage. That with the wage I’m making I’m expected to afford the cost of living AND pay for medical bills OUT OF POCKET. That my loved ones will lose their coverage. I’m terrified of conversion camps treating my sexual orientation as a disease or as a mental illness that can be prayed away. I’m mortified that to PAY for those camps, HIV research will be defunded. I’m scared.

I owe you a YOOGE thanks.

You really did a number on that old loser.

Without you, I never could have gotten the nomination.


Aww, you’re feeling left out, aren’t you?

Well, that’s just perfect.

After all, I’ve only got 269 electoral college votes.

I still need one more…