election day


Chance the Rapper led a parade of thousands to vote in Chicago

Chance the Rapper has pulled off what might be the most brilliant celebrity voter initiative this year. Starting Monday night with a free performance in Grant Park, he led hundreds of young people in a Parade to the Polls in Chicago’s central downtown area. And it really, really worked.

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Black feminists deserve to be honored this Election Day, too

Women are leaving their “I Voted” stickers on suffragist Susan B. Anthony’s tombstone in Rochester, New York. But Evette Dionne, a senior editor at Revelist, is asking them to save some of these stickers for Ida B. Wells and other black women who paved the way for women’s rights.

Ida B. Wells was an African-American journalist and pioneering intersectional feminist, who fought for women’s right to vote and against the lynching of black men. Susan B. Anthony was an undeniable leader for white suffragettes, but also had a real history of racism.

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