To the Trumpgretters:

I went to Best Buy to purchase a new TV. I could have chosen one of several fantastic new models. On my way to the store, some guy named Bob handed me a beat up box and told me that the TV inside was the best TV ever. “Really?” I asked. “Bigly certain!” he responded. I gave all of my money to Bob, and now I’m stuck with this broken piece of crap. Who feels sorry for me?


Ghanaians are for voting for their presidential and parliamentary candidates today. It’s been peaceful so far. This is the Pentecost Church Polling Station at Lashibi in the Tema West Constituency.

#Accra #Ghana #Africa #election #election2016 #presidentialelection #ec #pollingstation #everydayafrica #dynamicafrica (at Lashibi)

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i know this is an irrelevant side show but it still boggles my mind that some democratic electors are planning to dump clinton, the candidate who won the popular vote by 2.6 MILLION VOTES, in order to promote kasich, who won ONE SINGLE STATE in the republican primaries.

just by way of comparison, kasich’s total vote count in the republican primaries was 4.2 million, while clinton’s total vote count in the democratic primaries was 16.8 million votes, after which she went on to win over 65 million votes (and rising) in the general.

but sure. the guy who couldn’t win more than his own home state in his party primaries is the “consensus pick.” not the woman who won the popular vote in the general election by 2.6 million. and it’s totally worth backstabbing your own candidate to support a republican sadsack loser just in case there are 37 republican electors who feel like dumping their winning guy.

even if Trump backs down on his more batshit policies he still:

  • has a violently homophobic vp
  • has an entire cabinet full of fascist, authoritarian actual politicians 
  • best case scenario will be used as a puppet for a Republican House and Senate
  • ran a campaign on white nationalism and popularized these ideas in modern-day American culture, resulting in many hatecrimes already and more to come
  • fucked us all over
  • will not be forgiven for it