I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: Vote! Check the registration deadlines in your state, get registered, and vote! If you have to get an ID, do it. If you have to jump through some hoops to prove eligibility, jump! They aren’t going to make it any easier to vote, so start now!

SIX Transgender Americans Were Elected in 2017! 🇺🇸

🗳️ Danica Roem ( Virginia - House of Delegates )

🗳️ Gerri Cannon ( New Hampshire - School Board of Somersworth )

🗳️ Andrea Jenkins ( Minnesota - City Council of Minneapolis )

🗳️ Stephe Koontz ( Georgia - City Council of Doraville )

🗳️ Lisa Middleton ( California - City Council of Palm Springs )

🗳️ Tyler Titus ( Pennsylvania - School Board of Erie )

Way to go voters! Congratulations to everyone elected! You have rekindled hope!

this fucking monster is running for Senator of California. he’s listed as nonpartisan and a doctor (of chiropractic) - but don’t be fooled into thinking he’s progressive by any means. make sure you and everyone you know from California are aware of this horrible man.

he submitted this statement openly on voting websites. dont just reblog, post his own quote that he’s so proud everywhere you can.

BREAKING: Danica Roem is Virginia’s first out transgender elected official
Marshall, in office since 1991, called himself Virginia’s “chief homophobe.”

Danica Roem has won more votes than an extremely conservative incumbent representative in Virginia tonight, becoming the first transgender woman in the state to be elected to office – and the first out transgender person elected to a state legislature. Woohoo! 

The contest was one of dozens of state legislative races where Democrats were pushing to gain ground in the Republican-majority General Assembly, buoyed by a surge of anti-Trump sentiment among Democrats and independents and hoping to provide an example for the nation of how to run in opposition to the unpopular Republican president.

Roem outraised Marshall 3-to-1, with nearly $500,000 in donations, much of it coming from LGBT advocates and other supporters across the country. She and her supporters executed an aggressive ground game, knocking on doors more than 75,000 times in a district with 52,471 registered voters, sitting for endless public appearances and interviews, and maintaining a steady social media presence. […]

While Roem campaigned mostly on local frustrations with traffic congestion along Route 28, she also talked about her gender identity when asked. The race took an ugly turn when Marshall and his supporters released ads highlighting Roem ’s transgender identity and referring to the Democrat with male pronouns.

In the end, that tactic failed, with Roem leading by nearly 10 percentage points with 90 percent of the vote counted, according to preliminary, unofficial results.

This is amazing news for all of us. Congratulations, Danica! 

Stacey Abrams wins Georgia primary in bid to become first black female governor in U.S.

Stacey Abrams easily defeated Stacey Evans in the Georgia Democratic gubernatorial primary Tuesday.

Now, Abrams will attempt to make history by becoming the nation’s first black female governor — and Georgia’s first woman governor — by winning the general election in November in a state that Republicans still dominate.

“We are writing the next chapter of Georgia history, where no one is unseen, no one is unheard and no one is uninspired,” Abrams told supporters in Atlanta Tuesday night at her victory party. 

“Now let’s go get it done.”

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Election night brings historic wins for people of color, LGBTQ candidates
In a night of many firsts, several minority and LGBT candidates won local elections that in many ways echoed the blue wave in which Democrats won races large and small.
By Madison Park, CNN

Last night brought sweeping wins for candidates of color and LGBTQ candidates in local elections across the country. A few of note:

  • Danica Roem, an out transgender woman, defeated an extremely anti-LGBTQ conservative incumbent for a seat in the Virginia state legislature
  • Andrea Jenkins became the first trans woman of color elected to public office with her seat on the Minneapolis City Council 
  • Jenny Durkan was elected mayor of Seattle, making her the first lesbian to hold the position 
  • Zachary DeWolf became the first out gay man elected to Seattle’s school board
  • Tyler Titus won a seat on the school board in Erie, Pennsylvania, making him the first transgender man to win elective office in that state 
  • Ravinder Bhalla became the first Sikh mayor elected in New Jersey, as the new mayor of Hoboken 
  • Vi Lyles is the first black woman to be mayor of Charlotte
  • Kathy Tran is the first Asian-American woman elected to the Virginia House of Delegates
  • Melvin Carter III is the first mayor of color in St. Paul, Minnesota

Did I miss any? Please reblog and add more! And remember, while this is an amazing start, the work is far from over. We’ve got our eyes on you, 2018. 

Alabama Election Results: Doug Jones Defeats Roy Moore in U.S. Senate Race
Results for the U.S. Senate special election between Roy S. Moore, a Republican, and Doug Jones, a Democrat.

I can’t believe it. What a fucking miracle. Doug Jones wins the Senate race against Roy Moore. Absolutely unbelievable. Just. Wow.