Anti-Choice Group Bringing the Abortion Doctor "Wanted Posters" program nationwide via internet

Wanted posters similar to these publishing private information is what got doctors Gunn and Patterson killed in the 90s, and Doctor Tiller shot that same decade and finally killed in 2009. ElectFick not only opposes these domestic terrorist actions but also opposes nasty personhood amendments and our campaign is entirely pro-choice.

Elect Fick is:
  • Pro-LGBTQ* Rights (And marriage!)
  • Pro-Marriage Equality
  • Pro-Religious Tolerance
  • Pro-Government Secularity
  • Pro-Choice
  • Pro-Health
  • Pro-Public Education
  • Pro-Cheap Higher Education
  • Pro-Scholarship
  • Pro-Union
  • Pro-Government Sincerity, Honesty, and Openness
  • Pro-Peace
  • Pro-Human Rights
  • Pro-International Cooperation
  • Pro-Jobs
  • Pro-People!
  • Pro-FREEDOM!

    Write in Dylan Fick instead of Mark Clayton (the Anti-Gay Conspiracy Theorist) on your November ballot for Tennessee Senator

    The Democratic National Committee has disavowed Mark Clayton for his heinous and contrary to the party platform beliefs. 

    They have urged everyone in Tennessee to write in literally ANYONE except him.

    So why not me?

    Elect Fick 2028 would like to in light of the New Hampshire 2012 Republican Primary point out a few things:
    • Romney needs at least a 10% lead on 2nd place to have a solid hold on the candidacy as he continues his downward slide, quite possibly moving into a bigger dip in South Carolina where Santorum and Perry will surge due to Conservatives, and into Florida where Ron Paul has a huge campaign planned and if Huntsman gets a solid 3rd or especially if he gets 2nd he’ll get more than enough SuperPAC money to be a contender in Florida
    • About those SuperPACs: Gingrich got $5 Million dollars from ONE DONATOR for South Carolina and Huntsman is hoping for up to $10 Million from his dad if he does well in New Hampshire. Elect Fick 2028 would like to just say: SuperPACs are horrendous. Citizen’s United is ridiculous. And Elect Fick 2028 supports Get Money Out of Politics