Haikyuu!! PokemonGo AU

It all started with Kenma, of course. Kenma had downloaded it right after its release and he’s suffered through all the crashes. Every. Single. One.
Kenma started sending screenshots to Hinata after he caught a ponyta and named it after Hina. From there, Hinata started playing and soon Kags was too. Kags could only catch ratata because he’s an idiot and has never played Pokemon before so he thinks they’re cool. Hinata catches all the Pokemon he can and ran out of pokeballs after two days which results in detours to any and all pokestops to and from practice.

Soon the whole team got the game (except Tsukki’s and Yams cause they had it the day it released too) and anytime there’s rest during practice the team is playing PokemonGo.

Daichi is somehow really good at it and is the proud trainer of a Gyarados with cp 2509. The nearest gym is the raven’s battle area and Daichi hasn’t lost a battle since he conquered it. Everyone on Karasuno is team instinct cause Noya insisted.

Nekoma is split between team valor and team mystic because valor is red and mystic has good ideas. The closest gym is changing teams every day because the Kenma and Yaku are battling for dominance there and Kenma won’t give in. Nobody knows how Yaku got so good but it’s suspected that Kuro has been secretly training him just to annoy Kenma.

Fukurodani is a mess. Akashi is team valor but he doesn’t even do gym battles. Bokuto gets way to excited when he finds a Pokemon and he can’t aim the pokeball so he only has three Pokemon and they’re all Pidgeys. Komi hates playing because he’s caught almost all the Pokemon but can’t decide what to level up and what not to so he’s stuck with 200 Pokemon at levels 10-100 with +15000 stardust.

Aoba Johsai is only playing to appease Oikawa. Iwazumi catches all of Oikawa’s Pokemon for him because “he’s a better shot with a pokeball”. Iwazumi is also the closest gym’s leader and is on team mystic because he’s likes the color blue (much to Oikawa’s dismay). Mattsun and Makki are little shits because they’ve joined team valor and keep stealing the gym from Iwazumi - but they never keep it for long. Iwa’s only high level Pokemon is a Ninetails because he thinks it’s pretty and it reminds him of Oikawa.

Johzenji is (obviously) team instinct because it’s yellow. The Banana Boys only catch electric and rock types and are in stiff competition for the local gym with the guys basketball team. Terushima has an Electabuz that he refuses to evolve because he likes it too much and he thinks the ladies like it more as its unevolved self.