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I have seen all the memes where Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama the Tiffany Box, and Mrs. Obama’s face. I decided to watch the video. The moment Melania gives Michelle the gift, her face glows and breaks into a huge smile, and she looks excited. Melania has been raised on her beauty. She started modeling when she was 5, and has been in many magazines, for different things (some not appropriate). And she was married only because she was pretty. So I bet she thinks other women are raised to be focused on their looks. And for a moment, you can see the pure joy when Melania hands Michelle the gift. I even bet that Mrs. Trump picked that gift out herself to hand to the former first lady. But then Trump steps in the way and moves his wife and her face kind of drops a bit, then she puts on a clearly fake smile. As much as I dislike the Trump family, and what they stand for, this is the first time I actually saw a level of humanity in Melania. Go watch the video again. You will see the excitement on Melania’s face. Good for you Melania.

Dear People of America,

We COULD have had months of amazing Obama/Clinton shenanigans.

1. The entire White House staff wouldn’t have had to look like their dog died after the Election. Obama could have made so many terrible jokes while welcoming the President-Elect because he actually likes Hillary.
2. I don’t know, a diverse Cabinet with competent human beings? (Michelle Obama for Secretary of Education?)
3. Michelle showing Bill Clinton the China would have been priceless.
4. Michelle and Hillary could have exchanged a fist bump. Or a hug. Or pretty much anything. “WE DID THIS THING, DAMN IT.”
5. We could have had Bo and Sunny welcoming the Clintons’ dogs. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REALLY CUTE.
6. Bill could have been the surprise guest on The White House Christmas Special with Michelle “for practice.” And when he showed up with a gift for Michelle just because HE’S THE FIRST GENTLEMAN NOW THERE IS NO PROTOCOL HE CAN DO WHATEVER HE WANTS she probably would have laughed and gone, “Oh, Bill,” and tossed it at Barack before giving Bill a hug hello. It would have been hysterical. Not hysterically painful.
7. The Million Woman March could have happened, you know, AT the inauguration site. Pretty sure Beyonce would have headlined.
8. I wanted Hillary, Michelle, Chelsea, Malia, and Sasha ALL wearing white. Or HRC rocking white while everyone else managed feminist badassery. Pretty sure Michelle wouldn’t have spent the entire inauguration looking like she wanted to die.
9. Joe Biden and Tim Kaine could have tossed a football around on the White House lawn and been America’s Vice Presidential First Dads.
10. We all would have been crying during the Inauguration for a different reason.

We could have had it all, America, but no. You just had to ruin it. THIS IS WHY WE CAN’T HAVE NICE THINGS.

Dear super conservative Republicans posting about the protests and how there “weren’t any” when Obama was elected,

Did y'all forget he was the first African American president? Cause I’m pretty sure the race card got brought out like 19458284 times. Including protesters with signs saying “hang in there Obama” with pictures of a noose, and PLENTY of people protesting his presidency strictly because of the color of his skin

Not so fun when it’s the other way around except 100x MORE powerful because there is way more to be worried about then then a man’s race, huh?

Someone with their eyes open.

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Republicans complaining about how everyone mad about Trump are just 'snowflakes' when they legit acted the same exact way when Obama was elected twice. THE SAME EXACT WAY. Not even kidding, I was going through an old Tumblr and they were saying shit like the nation is doomed, the world is ending, their rights are going to be destroyed, that America is FUCKING DEAD. In other words, exactly the same way we are reacting now. And wow, none of that bullshit actually happened to them (1/...)

Meanwhile Republicans are constantly working to actually erode the rights of people and these racist shitwhines are being fucking hypocrites. They can all go to hell, I’m going to bitch about every single thing that rotten piece of shit does until the moment his rotting bloviating ass is out of office and then some. They didn’t ‘hang their heads and bear’ 8 years of Obama they whined about it and were nasty racist little troglodytes. Fuck them and their master whingebag.


what can you expect from republicans


After a 3 hour political talk with my parents (although I still love them and we’re still friends) we will never see eye to eye on why Trump is the worst thing that could happen. They will never understand why, or how greatly it affects my siblings, my friends, and the personal impact on me. I can’t just, “give him a chance, and wait and see,” he is a direct threat to the liberty of my closest friends, and many of my immediate family. He is a risk I have now been forced to take. “Now you know how we felt when Obama was elected, we felt our freedoms and rights disappearing.” No, this is something completely different. I’m afraid. I’m scared for my friends, for minorities, for my siblings and cousins, and for our future as a whole. But sitting on the sidelines isn’t gonna get us anywhere. I’ll be damned if you think I’m not gonna do something about it. Put me in coach, I’m ready. 

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Can you do me a favor and post video of the massive riots, property destruction, and beating of people based on their color or who they voted for that the republicans did when Obama got elected? Cheers

Sure. Right after I’m done getting my healthcare revoked, my right to get married to my fiancée taken away, and my dignity as a woman stolen from me.


Bruuuhhh 😭😭😭


This is how it is: Trump gets sworn in January 20th. We’ve still got 2.5-ish months under the Obama Administration. Between now and then there’s the chance to make a media circus out of Donald Trump’s upcoming sexual assault trial, creating more friction between him and his party, giving us at least a little breathing room in congress. He’s appointing three new judges this term, so checks and balances (which weren’t really adjusted well for a two-party system) won’t be in good working condition for the Democrats (which counts third-party and non-voters and basically any minority because welcome to reality). 

So first thing: fight for that media circus. House reps will do ANYTHING for reelection. Friction within the party will force them to pick sides.

Second thing: VOTE IN 2018. Mid-term elections are a thing. ALL 435 SEATS OF THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES WILL BE CONTESTED. Go out and VOTE. We can win back the house. That’s one victory we sorely need. 33/100 SEATS OF SENATE WILL BE CONTESTED. We can win that back, too. 38 GOVERNORSHIPS WILL BE CONTESTED. If your county’s red, time to turn that around. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 6TH, 2018.

The clock is ticking guys.