The Signs as Weapons

Aries:The first spear thrown in the most important hunt for the tribe. The arrowhead sharpened to a point that cuts through wind, and more importantly, flesh.
Taurus:A shield used in the Colosseum. Perfectly round, its edges bare chips as scars from many close calls. A blade is only as strong as one who weilds it, a shield will always hold if built correctly.
Gemini:Two daggers, both forged by a self proclaimed God. One blessed by sunlight, the other cursed by moonlight. Where one is weak, the other is strong. Never to be separated, as you can not live solely in the day or the night.
Cancer:A war axe, crafted from diamond and metals passed down from the heavens. Incredibly heavy, when in the hands of the pure it swings with the speed and force of the northern winds.
Leo:A whip eight feet long, with thorns protruding from the aged leather. Legend says when cracked by one with a lion’s spirit, the animal kingdom is theirs to rule.
Virgo:The poison itself may not warrant the label weapon, but the needles dipped lightly in the vile before being perfectly placed in the nape of the victim’s neck might. Starting from there the poison slowly eats away the muscles and fat from the body, leaving its host a shriveled pile of skin and bone.
Libra:A shaman’s fan, made of large leaves bound in twine and blessed with drops of patchouli oil. Seemingly a flimsy decorative piece, when fanned as the ancestors did, the winds themselves bend to the control of the shaman.
Scorpio:A woodsman’s axe, two small chunks of opal tied tight to the handle. It’s intention is to forge through the darkest part of the woods, to clear any obstacles that the forest may present, but the blade is very familiar with the feeling of blood.
Sagittarius:The bow was carved from glass, engraved with the prayer of a lost civilization. The arrows, nine of them, found in the chest of a queen buried deep in an eleborate tomb. When used together, they say a man can become a God.
Capricorn:The old crone’s staff, an owl carved into the darkened wood. Decorated in stones, feathers, and totems of her people. She raises the tip to the setting sun, and transforms into her true form. Her night is spent soaring above the trees, moonlight illuminating her hunting grounds.
Aquarius:A gun can instill fear in anyone, but a water gun on the other hand brings people together with the power of nostalgia. Until, that is, they realize that’s not water they’re laughing off. It’s acid.
Pisces:A sword passed down from mother to daughter for generations. Once known as the sharpest blade in the world, it has been kept from bloodshed for a hundred years. Sheathed in an ornate sleeve it sleeps, and waits for the day its steel must save humanity again.

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"buffalo bell"? can you eleborate?

a few years ago, maybe around 2010-ish, 4chan discovered buffalo bell. buffalo bell is a japanese baseball mascot and she looks like this:

i’ll let you figure out what happened next 

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Your voltron headcanons are literally the Best Thing™ I have read ever and you should def make more my friend 👌👌

*hamilton voice* what if this shit is my legacy

  • they have eleborate missions to keep coran out of the kitchen so that hunk can cook dinner
    • there are codenames and everything
    • “The Mustache has left the Barber Shop, Razor are you in position to run interference??” “lance can you speak like a normal human being please”
  • *lance opens his mouth* shiro: “no”
  • any time allura picks up a weapon she always points it the wrong way, every single time, without fail
  • give keith and pidge like five minutes and they’ll uncover some sort of conspiracy
    • hunk, looking out at golden, rolling fields: “wow what a lovely, peaceful planet-” pidge: “hey guys I just hacked the king’s computer and it turns out they’re running labor camps across the valley” keith: “oh that makes sense considering the fact that galrans have infiltrated this government”
    • hunk is just. can we have one day. one relaxed fucking day
  • sometimes shiro’ll walk into a room with a disappointed look on his face just to see the guilt that reflexively appears on lance’s face whenever he does
  • keith is basically that cat that’ll make eye contact with you as he pushes an object off of a table
    • “keith that is incredibly dangerous and you shouldn’t do it” keith, nodding: “yes but consider this-” *nosedives straight into the middle of an enemy base*
The Signs as Weapons

Aries:The first spear thrown in the most important hunt for the tribe. The arrowhead sharpened to a point that cuts through wind, and more importantly, flesh. 

Taurus:A shield used in the Colosseum. Perfectly round, its edges bare chips as scars from many close calls. A blade is only as strong as one who weilds it, a shield will always hold if built correctly. 

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My Tony Stark Master List:

Well, I finished Tony. It only took me 2 whole days, but here is every Tony Stark Imagine/FF I’ve ever posted. (Stories that are Multi-Avenger will be on a different list.)

  • Phony Stark and the Beautiful Barista - Tony X Pepper Potts - Words:674
    Tony has had enough of the troublesome barista at Stark Industries who can’t seem to get his name right.
  • Bookstore Mayhem - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 709
    Reader just wanted to go to the bookstore for her birthday, that’s all. But Tony manages to make even that into an adventure.
  • Untitled - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 451
    Tony Stark has been working late into the night and his family misses him. Reader tries to put her foot down when the kids ask to sleep in the bed, but they end up getting their way.
  • Future Mrs. Stark -  Arranged Marriage AU - Tony Stark x Reader
    Part 1 (Words: 868) Part 2 (Words: 583)
    For her birthday reader’s parents surprise her by explaining they have arranged a marriage between her and her best friend Tony Stark.
  • Untitled - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 757
    Reader is short and Tony is worried she is going to hurt herself one day, constantly climbing up on the counter or using books as stools to reach over her head.
  • Liquid Courage - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 901
    During a friendly drinking competition reader works up enough courage to confesses to Tony how she really feels about him.
  • I Wanna Hold Your Hand - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 674
    Reader thinks the’ll play a prank on Tony by holding his hand with their freezing cold one, but the prank backfires when Tony doesn’t let go.
  • Is That My Shirt? - Tony Stark Version - Words: 144
    Part of an “Is that my shirt” compilation where reader gets caught in various scenarios wearing an Avenger’s recognizable shirt.
  • Absolutely No Science - Tony Stark (No Pairing) Words: 338
    After Tony Stark blows up one too many microwaves, Steve puts the reader in charge of making sure Tony is using his Scientific knowledge in the best way, not just blowing stuff up.
  • His Number One Rule - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 1048
    Tony Stark has one rule: No one sleeps over after a party. What happens when he breaks his number one rule for Reader??
  • Who You Gonna Call? - Tony Stark X Steve Rogers - Words: 951
    Ghostbuster 2 AU where Tony goes to rescue their baby but in the end needs to be saved by Steve.
  • Starks Dont Fail - Dad!Tony X Reader - Words: 957
    Reader is Tony Stark’s Daughter who fails their first school assignment. She goes to his office at Stark Industries with the intention of getting the unavoidable lecture over with. In the end it turns out all the years of Howard’s taunting have turned Tony into an incredibly supportive father.
  • Birthday Surprise - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 2010
    Tony Enlists Bruce & Peter to help him prepare a birthday surprise for the Reader!
  • Tiny Sweaters - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 473
    It’s delivery day and Tony is trying to help coax the reader through the pain by reminding them about all the adorable little outfits they can soon dress their son in!
  • Ask Me Again - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 1137
    Tony proposes to the reader multiple times and it takes to Sokavian Accords to get her to finally come around to the idea.
  • And if I Say No? - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 911
    Reader gets kidnapped by HYDRA during a mission and Tony realizes he can’t imagine his life without her.
  • Flu Season - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 554
    Reader is sick, but knows her boss can’t afford to have her missing work. He needs her. So she goes in sick, but ends up being driven to the hospital by Mr. Stark.
  • From This Moment - Songfic! - Tony Stark X Reader - Words: 508
    Tony and Reader are fighting over the car radio. When things get out of hand, reader sings him their song to put him in a better mood.
  • Valentine’s Day with Tony Stark Would Include - Listicle - Tony X Reader
  • Am I in Charge? - Zootopia AU -  Tony Stark & Steve Rogers Words:554
    Basically a mix of Judy and Nick’s dialog from the press conference in Zootopia, mixed with a press conference I imagine was held in the MCU after Bruce Banner and Thor disappeared.
  • Spider Son - Dad!Tony x Reader & Son!Peter Parker - Words: 997
    Tony and his wife (Reader) find out their son in Spiderman.
  • Paintball Pregnancy - Tony Stark x Pregnant! Reader - Words: 1044
    Tony and the Reader wanted to have a unique gender reveal party and that is definitely what they get!
  • Castle Kisses and Princess Proposals - Tony Stark X Reader -
    Words: 879

    Tony and Reader are on a vacation at Disney World and she has been forcing him to pose for annoying couply photos the whole trip, but there’s one photo op he doesn’t mind posing for!
  • Jealous Eyes - Tony Stark X Reader OR Steve Rogers x Reader
    Part One: Steve gets jealous of Tony & Reader’s friendship on the night she plans to tell him that she is pregnant.
    Tony’s Ending (Words: 1203 )  Steve’s Ending (Words: 1121)
  • After Easter Egg Hunt - Tony Stark x Reader - Words: 1222
    Only Tony Stark would propose to his girlfriend in such an eleborate way. And it’s well past Easter!

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Please eleborate more on the conversation as to why your art teacher said "Boys wont like that" and what did said art teacher do when you told them "I like vagina"

i was doing a social commentary piece and i did same sex relationships and it was of me and my girlfriend and he said “why two girls” and i said “are you serious.,,” and he said something like “boys wont like that they’ll get the wrong idea” and i straight up said i like vagina and he shut right the fuck up.

Broken goalie // Miniminter Imagine

Summary: Y/N is the goalie in Simons new video and something goes wrong.

 A/n: Big s/o to @whateverbabeslove for the help! Everyone go check out her blog because it’s amazing!



Originally posted by captain-grump

 “Hey Y/N. We need your help”, my boyfriend Simon said. “Yeah what do you need?” “Uhm I kind of need to film a new football video”. “Yeah okay. Why do you need me”, I asked confused. He smiled at me. “Well since Tobi isn’t here, we kind of need a new goalie sooo are you up for it?” “But why me? Why can’t of you be goalie?”, I asked. 

 “Well we could do that but I thought it would be more fun if you did it. And you are better than most of the guys anyway”, Simon smiled sheepishly. “In that case I feel flattered”, I laughed. “So you’re going to do it?”, he asked excited. I nodded my head and Simon hugged me, sweeping me off my feet. 

 “So when do I need to be ready?”, I asked. “I’ll call the guys but I was thinkng in like half an hour or something?” “Okay I’ll get ready”, I said kissing him quickly. 

*Half an hour later* 

 “Hey guys as you can see, I’m here with Ethan, JJ, Josh, Harry, Vik and my girlfriend Y/N”. “But Simon, why is your girlfriend here?”, Ethan said exagerated. “Well Ethan, let me explain. As you can see Tobi is not here, he is in LA for the moment. That means we didn’t have a goalie and that’s where Y/N comes in. Today she will be our black goalie whom isn’t really black but you get the point”. 

“Well I’m kind of black”, I said motioning to my black leggings and black jumper. Everyone laughed at my statement. “Well let’s just start with penalties okay?”, Simon said. And so it began. 

 What the guys didn’t know, was that I was actually a great goalie since I used to play football as a child. Hence why I made a few incredible saves. I caught every ball in the first round and the boys were actually impressed by me. 

 “Well that didn’t go as I had planned”, my boyfriend laughed. “Okay I have an idea to make it a bit more fair”, Harry yelled. Everyone looked confused, so he eleborated a bit more;” If we tie Y/N’s legs together, she has less chances of catching the ball”. “I don’t know Harry. I don’t think that’s very safe”, I mumbeled. “Oh c’mon! What’s the worst that could happen?”, Simon laughed and the other guys agreed. Except Josh, who looked a bit uneasy. “Odds on Y/N hurting herself?” “Don’t be a pussy Josh. This will be funny”, Ethan cackled. 

 Eventually everyone agreed and my legs get tied together. After Simon had explained what just happened for his video, the guys got ready to shoot. First up was Josh. His shot went to the lower right corner. I immediately noticed how difficult it was going to be since I barely caught the ball. “Oooh that was so close! This might actually be a good idea!” Simon yelled. 

 Next up was my boyfriend. And that was the shot I was dreading. “Time to smash it”, he said with a wink. He shot and the ball went top left. I jumped and actually made the most incredible save pushing the ball to the side. And then it happened. I landed. 

 I didn’t know what happened but as I jumped and got back down, I wasn’t able to land on my feet. I put my arms out to break my fall, otherwise I would’ve face-planted. And that wasn’t my best plan because as soon as I touched the ground, an excruciating pain went through my right arm. 

 All the boys started screaming and running towards me as I saved the ball. I yelled too. But my scream was from the pain I felt. The boys must’ve thought that I was really happy with my save, because they jumped on me. I again screamed out in pain as someone landed on my arm. In that moment Simon noticed that something was off. 

 “Guys get off!”, he yelled concerned. Suddenly everyone looked at me worried. “Hey, are you alright?”, my boyfriend asked softly, seeing the tears roll down my cheecks. I just nodded my head no. “My arm”. He carefully looked at my arm. “That does not look good. I think we should take you to the hospital”. All of a sudden the guys started grabbing all their stuff. Josh asked me if I was okay to walk, but my legs were fine so that was no problem. “I knew this was a bad idea! I should’ve out a bet on it”, Josh laughed a bit. “Yeah yeah Josh. You were right”, my boyfriend said a bit annoyed. 

 Vik, Ethan, JJ, Josh and Harry decided it was best to leave so that Simon and I could go to the emergency room. As we were walking to the car, I noticed Simon mumbling to himself. Something he always does when he’s upset. 

I stopped in my tracks. Simon looked at me confused. “Don’t you dare blame yourself for this”, I lectured. “This wasn’t your idea and you did nothing wrong. So stop being grumpy, you hear me Simon”. “Well I agreed with it, didn’t I? I didn’t stop them. Hell, I even encouraged them!”, he sighed. 

“It’s not that I’m badly injured anyway”, I shrugged. “Love, you probably broke your arm. That’s pretty bad in my opinion”. “Well it was either my arm or my face and let’s be honest, this is too pretty to ruin”, I laughed motioning to my face. Simon took my face between his hands and looked in my eyes. “Sometimes I seem to forget why I put up with you”, he joked. “Because you love me”, I retorded. “Hell yes I do”. And he kissed me softly. “Now let’s get that arm checked out”. 

“Hey, did you get my fall on camera?”, I questioned. “Yeah I thinks so. Why?” “Well first of all no one will believe that I broke my arm playing football and second of all, that was the best save of all saves in the world”. 

“Oh shut up, my broken goalie”.

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Your oc is really cool. Could you eleborate on his quirk though? His spine turns into a weapon?

his spine can extend out from his back to form a protective barrier, become spears, or be manipulated to carry out little tasks like pulling civilians from rubble! so it’s an all rounded quirk! the distance it covers is still quite limited tho!

if he consumed too little calcium, his bones can become brittle, break, and cause him to be out of commission for quite awhile to recover. (ouch)

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Hello! I just saw your post and i need HC how V would propose MC pretty please? :'3 if you dont mind? :'3

I don’t mind at all lovely! Here you go:

V/Jihyun Kim

  • Jihyun wouldn’t want it to be some eleborate, huge proposal, where everyone sees
  • Basically he doesn’t wanna do something like Jumin would probably do-
  • He sees this moment as a moment to cherish, between the two of you, not others, or strangers, just the two of you.
  • When he asks your parent/guardians if he can marry you, they’re so happy cause they love Jihyun
  • He decides to take you out one day for a nature walk
  • It’s beautiful, he brings his camera - albeit he is starting to get back into with painting again, he still enjoys to take some photos every once in a while. 
  • He has the ring/box in his pocket the whole time and as hard as he tries to keep himself calm and relaxed while you talk to him about the pretty scenery, he’s slowly dying with anxiety on the inside
  • What if you say no? What if? What if he messes up? Oh god, no. 
  • At least, he thinks to himself, if she says no then the only thing to witness is the nature around us.
  • You two will come up upon a giant willow tree, and it’s just like
  • “Jihyun! Jihyun, take a picture of us and the willow tree!” 
  • He would laugh softly and he decides to set his camera up and on a timer
  • This is how he would propose to you - in front of the beautiful tree as the sun is setting- the light breaking through the gaps in the branches upon you both
  • You would both be standing beside each other getting ready for the countdown on the camera, 
  • But he would surprise you and turn just before the camera snapped and he would get down on his knee and take out the ring
  • He would get a good photo of you freaking out and him smiling as he holds the ring to you 
  • It becomes his most favourite, treasured picture, of you two.
  • Of course you say yes?
  • He feels a weight is lifted off his shoulders as he places the ring on your finger, and stands up. 
  • He’s immediately tackled by you, he picks you up and spins you around
  • God, he is so happy - he has you, and you’re just so damn perfect to him
  • You are everything to him

Spending time.

I’ve learned that spending time with your deities is important along with deity offerings. Most people say that they dont have time to spend with their deity, because they’re too busy or too tired.

I’ve found a few ways to spend time with my deities that are simple, effective and they seem to enjoy the time is spend with them.

Here’s a few ways in which i spend time with my deities. I hope you find these useful and can take some inspiration. 💚💚

  • One way i spend time with Odinn is by asking him to join me while i read and study. The thing i ask him is “you gave your eye for knowledge, please help me in my persuit of knowledge so that i can better myself and be the best i can be.”
  • For Freya i usually share a cup of my favorite tea with her and tell her my struggles and the things i want to accomplish in life. Most of the time im 110% open with her and I’m brutally honest, I’ve learned over the years that she wants the absolute truth from me.
  • With Odinn i ask him to join me on long car rides and I’ll tell him about my day, whats on my mind and eveything in between.

I’ve learned that the gods dont care what i do for them, as long as it comes from the heart and is sincere. Just like offerings, they dont have to be super elaborate or expensive. Hel i give an offering to Odinn of my favorite tea and a PB&J sandwich when im tight on money. He seems to appreciate it, i know for a fact that he wouldn’t want me to go hungry just so i could get him an eleborate gift. Personally i think it all comes down to the sincerity of what you’re doing.


Otp Questions

1. Who loves to buy the other clothes?
2. Who posted their first selfie together?
3. Who doesn’t let the other person go when they are both sleeping?
4. Who wasn’t looking for love when they found the other person?
5. Who are the bridesmaids and/or best men at their wedding?
6. What is an inside joke they share?
7. Who wants a dog more?
8. Who creates an eleborate plan to get back at the asshole neighbors?
9. Who would surpirse the other with a pet?
10. When do they decide they want to move in together?

– Starting April 17 –

**Use the tag #WrapUpChallenge to follow this challenge

More details:

  • Day 1 & 3: You can use pics/gifs/quotes from the entire season to represent the qualities you liked the most of them as skaters and as a team this season.
  • Day 2: Not limited to only things TS posted but also maybe comments they made on social media or things they were tagged in.
  • Day 4 & 6: feel free to use pics/gifs/screenshots even quotes from anything. On ice: competitions/medalceremonies/ training etc. Off ice: Interviews/pressconferences/Fluffsegments etc.
  • Day 5, 7 & 9: Posts that talk about your favorite things about these programs. From choreo to the story behind them…any sort of way you want to represent your personal take on these programs. :)
  • Day 8: You can eleborate to “why” it was your favorite in the caption.
  • Day 10: This is your official goodbye to this season. Feel free to make it emotional/funny, as original as you wish, there are no limits. Use anything you want, pics/gifs//video anything. The caption is mostly to get to hear on what you look forward to the most for next season.

The most important thing is that you have fun. This is meant for all of us to sort of have our last say on the whole season. If you need help with finding anything, making something or have any other questions, please let me know. I would love to help you all as much as I can.

Lets wrap up this incredible season! :) JOIN IN!!

Okay but imagine, a Ranger’s apprentice camp.

It would have to go on for a longer amount of time (preferably a few months).

It would be set in a huge woodland area next to a medieval castle and village.

It could have fields with grain and vegetables and pens with livestock.

People wouldn’t have to pay all that much because it would be pretty much self sustaining and everyone works hard.

You can get different jobs where you make money from, like baker, seemster, hunter and the like. (Of course there would be rangers too).

You can live alone or with others in the village or alone (or if you’ve been there before, with an apprentice) in a cabin in the woods.

The houses in the villages would be slightly more luxurious, but the cabins would have their own stable (capacity 2/3 horses), while the village would have large communal stables.
There could also be a large area where people lived together as knights. And a place in the castle for scribes and assistants. There would also be a baron/barones, that would make important decisions and has to help out people where they can.

There would be people that made their money by teaching others (things like sewing, horseriding, weapon handling, so on) and this would help the whole community.

Every one will get assigned their own horse (That fits their profession, the Knights get big horses, the diplomats skinny and tall ones and the rangers small but fast ones) and has to take care of this horse during their stay.

There will be no electricity and you have to hand in all electric devices upon entry. You can keep in contact with the outside world through letters.

Your horse is the only means of transport you’ll have, apart from walking or maybe a carriage service that someone might set up.

It is up to you how much you interact with everyone, but you’ll have to make your own money or trade with people.

So this was a little more eleborate than I had planned it to be, but this would be really cool.

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I really, really, really like your blog. I was wondering if you could do a Gai post. Just anything Gai. Please.

Hi! Thank you for enjoying my blog, it really means a lot to me :3 You left this pretty general, so I did, too! I hope you enjoy this? :3

Originally posted by itachiuchiiha

Headcanons: Dating Gai

  • Gai falls very, very deeply in love! If his heart has decided to love someone, its intense, and it doesn’t go away. He is so loyal and faithful, trusts you completely. And he is so supportive!
  • Makes you so many gifts! He always brings something back from a mission to show you. Sometimes it’s something sweet like pretty flowers, sometimes it’s that one stick Lee beat someone up with. Really, it could be anything.
  • Would probably love to have kids of his own. But he’d also be ready to accept his s/o’s children if they had kids from a previous relationship. Even if he had adopted and biological kids, he would definitely love them all equally!!
  • He is so good at cheering you up! Because he gets to know you and he knows your dreams. And he makes it his mission to fullfil your dreams.
  • Sleeps like a stone tbh. There are certain things that will always wake him up - such as a call to goto the hokage, or someone crying - but other than that,you might think he’s dead. Well, you would, ifhe sometimes didn’t train in his sleep.
  • The type of guy to want to watch a scary movie with you so you two have an excuse to snuggle close but he get’s so into it he’s often the one who clings to you instead of the other way around. But that’s fun, too!
  • Never afraid to show you off! Not too much into physical public displaysof affection but he loves showing everyone that this amazing person is his s/o!! Wow!!! Feels so blessed and honored!!
  • Looks after your diet whether you want him to or not. “That’s not very healthy, s/o.” Gosh, leave them alone, Gai. A snack won’t kill them!
  • If you’re a civilian he‘ll be extremely careful with you. He will scold you for overworking yourself, but it’ll soon turn into him trying to work out with you a liitle bit. But he enjoys you being so “normal”. Because even though you can’t do what he can, you can do so much that he could never even imagine! He will always be impressed and proud of you!
  • As much as he loves those exciting, eleborate dates where you two do the craziest things - sometimes he loves it when you tug his sleeve and ask him to just stay home with you. He’ll complain about wanting to be out there!!!! But eventually he’ll cuddle up to you, aka cling to you, and do whatever you wanna do. Dates are usually about you anyway! So whether you want to read or watch something or talk, he’s down. He just loves seeing a smile on your face. He would endure and do everything for this smile!
All Bottled Up AU

Magical universe au where negative emotions – doubt, sadness, rage, jealousy, etc. – are manifested as small, angry spirits which can be physically trapped and sealed inside of glass bottles. Character A works in their family’s shop, which sells/creates eleborately designed glass bottles. Character B is a royal, who comes to Character A looking for a bottle that’s large enough to trap Character B’s manifested heartbreak, which is causing all sorts of problems for them.