How does online corporate training improve a business?

There are enough reasons that prove why corporate training must be offered in every company. Given that businesses depend on the people that make them run every day, they need to acquire new knowledge essential for handling ubiquitous obstacles and challenges efficiently. Training allows employees to expand their skillset and learn new abilities, which improves their performance and thus boosts overall organizational productivity.

Training also makes people feel appreciated and valued, as new development opportunities gives them the chance to be better and keep learning. Education has no expiration date and every human being needs to continue acquiring new knowledge indefinitely. This process ultimately strengthens their sense of belonging and reinforces their commitment to the company.

However, training programs are costly: company leaders have to think about hiring instructors, traveling and (at times) housing expenses, as well as logistics and facilities.

Moreover, if other employees are in charge of training their peers, it generates conflict with their working schedules, hurting their productivity.

The good news is there are new solutions that allow leaders of organizations to deliver training more favorably. A great example is Cisco, which reduced its costs by 40% to 60% when it adopted online training, as it allowed:

  • 24/7 access to instructional material on multiple devices, which produces no conflict with working schedules and gives employees flexibility when planning their learning.
  • The saving of expenses related to traveling, housing and facilities.

Among other benefits, online corporate training also enables managers to monitor and choose the instructional content before employees receive it, which guarantees high quality in all the material delivered.

Teachlr Organizations

At Teachlr, we are enthusiasts of eLearning in multiple contexts, and as such we have developed an easy-to-use online school designed to deliver continuous corporate training.

We enable:

  • Simplification: Teachlr Organizations is rapidly integrated to any existing website, updates run automatically and it doesn’t require complex installations, a technical team or local infrastructure.
  • Customization: Companies build their own brand, as they receive their own URL domain, define the primary colors of the platform and issue personalized certificates.
  • Management: Leaders of organizations retain the control of the training  implementation. They invite instructors, assign employees, create groups of users, upload the instructional content and are able to store it on the cloud indefinitely. In addition, once the training content is uploaded on the platform, it can be reused, modified, updated and re-shared.
  • Monitoring: tools like analytics and reports enable leaders to keep track of employees’ performance.  The delivery of knowledge does not suffice; mechanisms that reflect the effectiveness of the training are imperative for guaranteeing future positive results.
  • Connection: Online doesn’t mean no interaction. Instructors and employees maintain a constant communication through transactional emails, private messages, notifications, announcements and discussion boards.

Teachlr Organizations is a smart investment for any organization interested in maintaining and elevating its competitiveness:

We help companies deliver personalized training to multiple employees in one single intuitive platform.

eLearning Africa 2015 Photo Competition.

eLearning Africa is the leading pan-African conference for ICT enhanced education and training, and is running a Photo Competition until 1st May 2015, under the theme “Digital Africa: ICTs enriching communities”

Budding photographers are invited to show how communication tools and information technologies are revolutionising how we learn, work and share information, ideas and projects in Africa.

For more information about the competition, please visit the Photo Competition dedicated page here: http://elearning-africa.com/press_media_photo_competition_home_2015.php

To find out about last year’s winners, here it is: http://elearning-africa.com/press_media_photo_competition_home_2014.php

Photos can be submitted via the eLearning Africa “Through your Lens” Facebook application

Three winners will be picked by the public vote and one by an expert panel of judges. 

Prizes include a tablet PC, a smartphone and a digital camera.

8 Things you Need to Know About Blended Learning
These eight questions on blended learning will make the distinction between blended learning and online learning very clear and will bring in focus the importance of skilled teachers who use technology in their classrooms. Keeping these successful blended learning strategy in mind will help all teachers, instructors and educators in perfecting the art of BLENDING learning and gather the best of both traditional and online learning systems.

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