eleanors style

DID YOU WATCH THE VIDEO? Watch it and tell me Louis was supposed to stay put and not do anything. FUCKING HELL THEY WERE PHYSICALLY ATTACKING EL !!! I don’t give a shit what you think or who you ship!!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT OKAY and Louis was not wrong

there were girls literally pushing El into a corner and going at her. I ain’t gonna make presumptions what they ship but … you know. HOW FUCKED UP DO YOU HAVE TO BE RIGHT NOW to blame El or Modest or anyone other that fucked up people on that airport /?!?!!?!!?


I know I’m a little late, but a Massive congrats to Sally Deakin (Dan’s sister) for completing the London Marathon and raising £6,663 for Bloodwise UK. 💜

please, please, please don’t send these horrible girls any messages on any social media or get into contact with them in any way. what they did was disgusting, yes, but it doesn’t concern us fans in any way - it’s between Louis, Eleanor, these girls and the law. it’s hard to see happen and not do anything but we shouldn’t involve ourselves because it won’t help or quicken the pace of anything happening.

i cannot stress this enough when i say it; please, please, PLEASE do not contact these girls because it could lead to much more worse things in the future.

The interview where harry was jealous and clearly unimpressed by louis’ changed seating arrangements !!!!