I need book friends. Friends that I can talk about books with. Friends that I can fangirl over fictional characters with. Friends that understand what I go through once I finish a good book.

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Well, at least he can stay at the NYC apartment he owns with Harry.

Ha well I assume there will be some hotel walks but who knows where he’s really staying. Remember that time he dropped Eleanor and her friend at the hotel he was supposedly staying at and then left like 45 minutes later?

My friend Eleanor (@whatthe.ell) pretended to do an Australian accent and interview me with really random questions on my Instagram story. No quality control on that one 😂 (at La Corbière)

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louis’ public house is LITERALLY a massive expensive storage place wtf

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This might just be me trying to be more positive, but maybe they're just trying to make Eleanor look like a friend- like when all this ends they want it to seem like she was just doing a job as a beard and they're all friends and there's no bad blood? But idk

that could be possible


After school, Arden headed out to the Park, looking for his first date. The place was all guys except his niece Ruby and BFF Eleanor. Arden and Eleanor are both Romance sims who are into sports, and they double bolt. I have a feeling Eleanor might have better chemistry matches than Arden - she bolts pretty much every guy she’s ever met - but Arden doesn’t have better than her.

But he’s reluctant to ask her out in case it ruins their friendship. So he doesn’t. And then he heads home to call Rhett and ask for advice…

i got tagged in a thing

so i got tagged by @jalistajailbreakr to do one of these posts - thanx for noticing me, jalista! ok, let’s answer some questions.

Nicknames: i don’t really have any? pretty much everyone calls me eleanor. i have one friend who calls me el, but we’ve known each other since we were 1 and she’s the only one who’s allowed to call me that

If I had a cat, I would name it: i do have a cat that i share with my family. his name is jamal - my sister named him. if i got one of my own…i don’t know. another human name that you wouldn’t expect a cat to have, bc i am easily amused.

Height: a little under 5′7

Hogwarts house: ravenclaw

Favourite colour: blue

Time: 9:56pm

Average hours of sleep: like 10 hours per night rn to be honest. when i’m on break from school (like now) i sleep a lot. i have a theory that my body requires more sleep than the average person bc if i get less than 9 hours i feel zombie-like. it’s a problem.

Favorite number: 9

Last thing I googled: “tofu recipes.” i then made an awesome tofu curry for dinner :)

Fictional character I want as younger sibling: oh man, most of my favorite fictional characters are older than me? but i’ve been watching stranger things lately and eleven is gr8 so i would totally adopt her as a little sister

How many blankets I sleep with: just 1 unless it’s really cold 

Bands/ artists I like: zayn (duh), halsey, fall out boy, p!atd (im having my middle school emo phase a decade late shhhh), 5th harmony, one direction, sara bareilles, nicki minaj, …do musicals count? like 1/3 of my music library is musicals tbh. im really into waitress lately.

Dream trip: oh man i wanna go everywhere. but i spent some time in seoul and it was amazing so i’d like to see other parts of east asia, like china or japan.

What I’m wearing right now: jean shorts and a veronica mars tshirt. it’s hot as fuck here.

When I made my tumblr account: oh man i made this thing when i was a junior in high school. it’s been over 5 years. why

How many blogs I’m following: 346

What I post: so much crap. lots marvel, lin-manuel miranda, and zayn rn, along with an increasing amount of ace stuff.

Pick a word that starts with the first letter of your real name and ends with the first letter of your url: electabuzz (pokemon aren’t technically words but it’s all i could come up with)

Do I get asks on a daily basis: haha nah im a loser

Why I chose my url: 1d fandom was bein a bunch of racist bitches toward zayn who is amazing so i made a statement

I’m tagging:  @myladyofrohan @agreatperhaps12 @acommonrose @whatagrump @attilarrific @figuredrawn @hajikelist and bc jalista said to tag people you want to know better, @zainsalien @billclintonsbeefarm @booyouzayn @confusedgerman

hey waverly friends, family, countrymen, et al!

i’ve made a couple of updates to some things on the page including our connection request graphics. please check out brandon and primrose who are very much wanted for their important plots. 

also, do check out our other wanted characters for next weekend’s big event: the waverly music festival!

  • ESTELLE POWELL - an associate at the mayor’s office who is personally planningthe music festival and working for the LGBT center
  • SUNSHINE PEREZ - the keyboardist in colour joy, one of waverly’s own bands, JO MATTHEWS - the bassist of colour joy, and ISLA WYLDE - drummer of colour joy
  • ERIK CHALTHOUM - owner of bes, working to start a group of food trucks and starting his own food festival.
  • ARON KIELTY - founder of defunct band new stripes, RORY MISTRY - member of new stripes and devastated about the break up, RONAN FALLON - unwillingly joined new stripes in the first place but misses preforming, and NIALL QUIGLEY - the only member of new stripes who made it big but after it all fell apart, moved back home.

after our first event, i’ll be releasing several more skeletons in preparation for our september and october events!