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Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122  – 1 April 1204) was a Queen consort of France and England. As a member of the Ramnulfids (“House of Poitiers”) rulers in southwestern France, she was one of the most powerful and wealthiest women in western Europe during the High Middle Ages. She inherited the Duchy of Aquitaine from her father, William X, in 1137 and, by successive marriages, became Queen of France (1137–1152) and then of England (1154–1189). 

Eleanor sought an annulment to her marriage to Louis VII, but her request was rejected by Pope Eugene III. However, after the birth of her second daughter Alix, Louis agreed to an annulment, as fifteen years of marriage had not produced a son. The marriage was annulled on 11 March 1152 and their daughters were declared legitimate with custody awarded to Louis, while Eleanor’s lands were restored to her. As soon as the annulment was granted, Eleanor became engaged to the Duke of Normandy, who became King Henry II of England in 1154, and were married eight weeks later in 1152.

Over the next thirteen years, she bore Henry eight children: five sons, three of whom would become kings; and three daughters. However, Henry and Eleanor eventually became estranged. Henry imprisoned her in 1173 for supporting their son Henry’s revolt against him. She was not released until 6 July 1189, when Henry died and their second son, Richard the Lionheart, ascended the throne. Now Queen dowager, Eleanor acted as regent while Richard went on the Third Crusade; on his return Richard was captured and held prisoner. Eleanor lived well into the reign of her youngest son, John. She outlived all her children except for John and Eleanor.

louis, in print interviews: eleanor is the light of my life, my sun and stars, my crutch, my one and only, the biggest female presence in my life

louis, in person: eleanor? well, i mean, she has bones i guess

Don't ask me to trade a war for a  wife. Black Sails Eppy 8

I remember watching the above scene from 4x1. In the scene, Captain Flint has given the abandon ship command and Silver is assisting Kofi and Obi with getting Madi off of the ship. The emotion you see in the pictures above are Silver, at first, cajoling her to go ahead with him and Madi demanding that he “get on the ladder”. I loved this scene, but was a little taken aback by it at first. Mostly, due to the fact that Kofi and Obi had things handled. They were more than capable of getting Madi in the longboat. So why did Silver see to her safety personally? Also, why would Madi object to him staying to see to the safety of his men. Silver is the crew’s Quatermaster. He has a duty and if anyone understands the word “duty” it’s Madi. Well, we later find out why the scene played out as it did. In a flashback, it was revealed that Silver and Madi were lovers. However, after watching episode 8, Silver reveals that she is much more than that.

Episode Eight starts with a man riding on a dark road. When we see his face, we recognize that it is Woodes Rogers and he looks to be at Miranda’s burned out villa. He ends up in Flint’s library clearly looking for a specific book. After Rogers returns to Nassau, we see him with Billy. Rogers puts a gun to Billy’s head to remind him of their intertwined fates and I can’t help but wonder if Billy finally realizes that allying himself with this monster was a bad idea? Anyhoo, the book that Billy sent Rogers after is a Avery’s diary and it looks to have map drawings in it. Billy than goes on to tell Rogers the story of Flints and Gate’s friendship and alludes to Flint and Silver’s friendship having a similar outcome. 

~ That’s how close Mr. Gates was to Flint. Stored his most prized possessions in his cellar. Avery’s journals. Despite that measure of trust, all it took was a disagreement over a little money for Flint to kill him. There are no two people close enough that something cannot separate them. Some point at which they were never fully connected to begin with. It happened with Gates and Flint. It will happen with Flint and Silver. You wanted someplace you could exchange the money off the island. There it is. You will lead them there and they will follow you ~ Billy

In the next scene Silver is sitting alone on the Walrus in the dark. Flint enters and tells him that Kofi and his men are on their way to Nassau to attempt Madi’s rescue. Flint gives a confident rundown of the rescue plan. You can tell that he has absolute certainty that it will be successful or more likely that he is trying to convince Silver that it will be. Silver after listening to this finally responds…

~ What happens after all of it? Assume your plan succeeds and we retrieve her alive. Assume your war begins… spreads throughout the New World. I saw what came of Nassau when it was touched by it. The first instant it was deprived of Eleanor Guthrie’s commerce or Jack Rackham’s prosperity or Woodes Roger’s oppression. There’s nothing in Nasau, but horror. You said it  was just a transition. That something better lay beyond it, something meaningful But what if that isn’t so? What is the result of this war isn’t beyond the horror? What if it is the horror itself?  Have you given this any thought at all?~ Silver

~ If we are to truly reach a moment where we might be finished with England cleared away to make room for something else… there most certainly lies a dark moment between here and there. A moment of terror. Where everything appears to be without hope. I know this. But I cannot believe that that is all there is. I cannot believe we are so poorly made as that. Incapable of surviving in the state to which we were born. Grown so used to the yoke that there can be no progress without it. ~ Flint

~ It’s a lot to ask… to wager so much suffering on blind faith. ~ Silver

~ Well, it isn’t entirely faith. We’ll have the right people in place to lead us through it and hold the world together while it finds its balance. ~ Flint

~ You think so much of what you and I can accomplish together. ~ Silver

~ You and her. You and Madi. She’s as wise as her father. She’s as strong as her mother. There isn’t a man or woman in Nassau who’d argue that she isn’t the best of all of them. The cache is critical to our war, but so is she. Critical to holding our alliance together. We absolutely must get her back alive. ~ Flint

~ And you think I’m the one best suited to lead our people through this?~ Silver

~ I think you are the best of us. The two of you together are the world in balance.~ Flint

Yes, I know that was a lengthy dialogue, but I wanted to type out every word. It’s important to analyze all that’s at play here. In Sliver and Flint’s last conversation, Flint flat out expressed that “his war” was more important than Madi’s life. I didn’t imagine it. So why now is he expressing that Madi is critical to the success of the New World? Why is he saying that she and Silver will lead the people together? What happened to WE, meaning he and Silver? Well… Flint realizes the WE, really is Silver + Madi. Silver no longer exists outside of Madi. It has become clear to Flint that they are joined and later in the episode, we’ll find out just how much so. So… Flint played the only card he could…. I stand wholeheartedly behind the two of you… until he doesn’t.

Morning comes and we see Silver and Flint on the deck of the Walrus. They are surprised that Roger’s ship is anchored behind them and has clearly been there for awhile. The two watch in horror as Kofi and his men are brought above deck. So clearly, the rescue mission failed. Next, Madi is brought above deck and Silver looks on in relief that his love is truly alive. However in the next minute it goes all terribly wrong. Kofi is brought forward and shot in the head, so are his men. Flint commands his men to bring the ship around so they can raise the guns. A scare tactic of sorts but Silver says fuck that. He is over this shit and demand’s Hands to get the cache. Then he looks at Flint like yes motherfucka, I tried to tell you. My love will not be dying for this war. Then in a minute, that truly stopped mine and Silver’s heart, Madi is marched forward to be executed. However, just in time, Joji arrives with the treasure. Rogers sees and stops the execution. Then Silver tells the crew to follow Roger’s ship. So, again the Queen proves that she has nine lives.

Well, I’m sure that we all realize that shit hit the fan after that and the fiery exchange that happens between Silver and Flint next was mind blowing…

~ Of course, I love her. I let you try your way, but I am through wagering with her life now. If what it takes to secure her release is to turn over the cache, I’m very glad I brought it with us.~ Silver

~We had it. We had it in our hands. This war was breathing air, it was alive. Now Julius is back in that camp, pointing to a hole in the ground, telling anyone that will listen “This is what it looks like when you trust a pirate.” Yesterday he had nothing. He was shouting in the rain. Now you’ve given him all he needs to kill this war dead.~ Flint

~ My God. The number of times I have followed you blindly, backed you with the men blindly, put me in the fucking ground. Good men, friends because you said “I know the way. Don’t ask me how. Just do as I say.” I may not have understood it. I may not have supported it, but I did it. And God damn it, right now you’re going to return the favor! We will find a way to put it all back together with whatever we have left at our disposal. But do not ask me to choose between a war and a wife. I do not think you’re going to like the answer. Whatever must be done to secure Madi’s release, I am going to do. I do not expect your understanding, but I demand your support. As my partner. As my friend. Do I have it? Do I have it? ~ Silver

~ Yes~ Flint

Wait…. What…. Did Silver just say “ wife”? Did he just refer to Madi as his wife?  How? When? Where? Talk about a bombshell. Remember when we were all analyzing Madi’s ring and the fact that she was rubbing it after Silver was “presumed dead”? Well, now we have our answer. Guy’s you know how I love a good parallel, right? Well… think back to when Rogers told Berringer to have my wife brought to me. Most assumed that his wife was there from England. Then…. Eleanor appears. Well here is another parallel between Madi and Eleanor. Both married, both surprises.  Boy, do I need the details behind this declaration.

Later on we see, Silver and Hands talking. Hands is doing what he does best reminding Silver that Flint ain’t shit and that he will clap back at Silver for going against him. Forever loyal, Silver shuts him down,.

~ If you leave him alive long enough, he’s going to make you pay for it.~ Hands

~ He won’t move against me. This will pass. And that’s the end of this conversation.~ Silver

~ So many lies to deny a simple truth.~ Hands

~What?~ Silver

~ The crown does not divide. It cannot be shared. You know it. You want it done. You just don’t know how to ask yet. ~ Hands

~ Hear me very clearly. There is no hidden message and no equivocation. You will make no move against him. You will not speak of doing so to any man on this crew nor to me again. Do it and you’ll answer for it.~ Silver

I don’t care if Hands is a psychotic killer. Yeah he slit a 9 years olds throat. Slitting throats is like his favorite past time, actually. Yet, I don’t give a fuck. I love him. He is the friend, crazy ass uncle, mad dog, just pick an adjective person that you need in your life and I do not care. He is riding for John harder than anyone other than Madi and I am here for it.

The interesting part of this exchange with Hands is that at the exact moment that Silver is forbidding Hands to hurt Flint, Flint is selling Dooley a ghost tale. One in which Silver has been compromised and Flint needs a new partner. So, Flint convinces Dooley to help him remove the cache from the Walrus and bury it in an undisclosed location on Skeleton Island. Everything is going according to plan until Hands shows up. I repeat, I love him.

Remember, when Silver told Hands not to hurt a hair on Flint’s head. Well, Hands didn’t when he saw Flint and Dooley stealing the cache.

~ I knew it would come to this. I tried to tell him. We fight. Only two outcomes, I can see. I die or you die. Either way, he’s going to take me to blame for it. That’s how far you’ve burrowed into his head. He won’t put you out of it until he sees you for what you are. Go. ~ Hands

Hands was second in command to Blackbeard.  Flint’s true nature doesn’t surprise him. He is accustomed to madmen willing to watch the world burn for their own selfish desires. He identified that in Flint the moment that he encountered him. He’s tried to tell Silver repeatedly, but John’s loyalty wouldn’t let him believe. So Hands shows him, by taking him on deck and standing back as he watched Flint and Dooley pull the cache to shore. Silver finally has no choice but to acknowledge that the man that he has followed blindly for so long happily signed his wife’s death sentence.

As a result of Flint’s betrayal, Silver has no choice but to parlay with Woodes Rogers. Can I say that watching Silver hoist himself over Roger’s ship railing and walk defiantly to face Rogers left me in a puddle. Like Silver in that moment was just pure walking sex and I momentarily forgot that the Queen was in danger. It was hot!  So back to the point. Silver tells Rogers that Flint has absconded with the cache and he has sent six of his best men to run him down. So basically your bitch ass better not think of hurting the missus, before I can get you your damn cache.

Then… Billy happened. Lawd, I hate Billy. Honestly, I think I hate Billy more than Flint at the moment. Flint was always shit. I expected more from Billy though. And true to bitch ass form he challenged Silver to tell everything and the Pirate King did…

~ I instructed them to kill Captain Flint.  ~ Silver

Well there you have it folks. Long John Silver  warned Flint not to ask him to choose between a war and a wife. He warned him that he wouldn’t like the answer. And the answer is John telling Hands to slit his throat. Again, Hands is Silver’s psycho bestie so I’m okay with that. Handle your business, Israel.

Black Sails writers thank you for this episode. How could we have known that we'd  get confirmation of Mrs. Madi Silver and Flint’s betrayal all in one episode. Good times. Also, thank you again for Luke going over that railing. Shallow, I know, but thank you all the same. Can somebody gif that, cause (swallows).

R.I.P Kofi. You were fierce and fine and deserved so much more than dying because Billy is a bitch ass. Silver is going to take care of that for you though. Death by stroke is forthcoming.

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As a follow-up on the previous fill: now I'd really like to know more about the Goat Incident!

Previously on: The Goat Incident!


“Eleanor, Bucky?” Bruce looked up hopefully.

Bucky nodded.  “I can’t say too much.  Highly classified wartime efforts.”

“-That was like eighty years ago!”  Tony protested.  

Bucky slid into the spot on the couch between Falsworth and Dugan, who seemed to smile even wider, seeing Barnes again.  Apparently, this was not their first reunion.  Tony made a mental note to get to the bottom of that another time.

“All I can disclose is-“

“—The goat headbutted a HYDRA operative in the stomach so hard he passed out.  It raised the alarm on the perimeter and when reinforcements were called in, they had a laugh at the guard’s expense and it kept attention away so we could slip in.” Falsworth smiled.

Dugan laughed.  “Sarge is right, though.  Dernier did try to lure the goat away when we left.” He sighed.  “She had gumption.” 

“That’s it?”  Tony felt a little depressed.  “That’s the Eleanor story?” 

“Well,” Falsworth grinned.  “Dernier didn’t just try, he succeeded.  He got the goat to follow us.”

Barnes, Dugan, and Steve were stifling laughter, now.  

“And the Colonel,” Falsworth continued, “He didn’t take too kindly to her.”

“That was mostly because of his hat, though.” Steve managed, strained.

“There was more than one Goat Incident?”  Bruce looked far too curious for Tony’s comfort, which was saying something.  

“Pal,” Bucky grinned, “every day was a Goat Incident until she was Honorably Discharged.”

“What?” Tony sputtered.  “You can Honorably Discharge a goat.”

“Turns out you can,” Dugan corrected, “Though the Colonel wasn’t happy about that, either.  It found one of Peggy’s shoes.  It was the only agreement we could come to.”  

  • CDM: Always listen to LGBTQ Women of Colour!
  • Eleanor Shoshany-Anderson: Well, I was carrying a Star of David pride flag and—
  • CDM: LOL no, not her.
  • Gretchen Rachel Hammond: As I reported in the Windy City Times, three Jewish women were ejected for—
  • CDM: LMAO we don't mean you, either, you fucking Zio Kike

atratum replied to your post “flint: *tells silver about thomas* silver: before today, I knew of…”

i will be super interested to read your silver/flint thoughts! i really dislike it and it’s hard to put my finger on why.

I don’t dislike it, exactly–I can see the pull of it–but it’s one of the rare pieces of friction that I’m feeling between fandom and canon impulses in the show so far? 

Like, the relationships in Black Sails are fandom-style relationships, almost universally. Like, they’re the kind of relationships you see all the time in fic, but almost never in canon–or at least almost never textually in canon. I’m a multishipper with a weak spot for dysfunctional romantic threesomes, and most of my favorite dysfunctional threesome ships are born out of canon relationships clearly textually intended to be read as boring heterosexual love triangles. Black Sails has two textual dysfunctional romantic threesomes–and the way both relationships develop is something I’m more familiar with from fandom than from published media. Because fandom is often taking up a presumed-heterosexual world and peeling back a layer to reveal the underlying queerness, a lot of fanfic ot3 plots start out with a heterosexual couple and then adds in a third. (A lot of the threesomes I’ve seen in published media, by comparison, either signal their queerness early on, or homophobically treat the threesome as primarily sexual and not romantic.) 

Fandom is also used to reading in bisexual subtext to characters who are clearly romantically and sexually involved with opposite-sex partners but who have deep emotional relationships with same-sex characters (see: Steve Rogers), but Black Sails made that canon, too: there are two canon bisexual protagonists in Flint and Eleanor, both romantically as well as sexually involved with same-sex partners.

Even in a lot of the “straight” relationships, though, there’s something fandom-y about the development, I am pretty sure? I’ve read the Vane/Eleanor fic before (albeit with a different ending.) Jack and Anne’s mututal pining for each other, even absent a third person in their relationship, feels fanficcy to me. 

Basically this is all to say that I think Black Sails is unusual in that most of its canon relationships operate via rules and dynamics I’m most familiar with from fandom (Anne isn’t jealous of Max, she wants Max. Jack has only ever wanted Anne to be happy, and is jealous of her emotional closeness with Max, not their sexual relationship. Miranda isn’t just seducing James for herself, and their terrible sex isn’t just about guilt, the way we’re led to think it is, but about loss. Eleanor isn’t just using Charles, she really does love him, and vice versa, etc.) 

Pretty much the only outlier, as far as I can see, is John Silver. 

John Silver screams fandom favorite. He comes dressed in like fifty prepackaged fandom tropes, and unlike literally everybody else, these are the old tropes, the subtext-dependent tropes. He’s the amoral rogue with a secret heart of gold (but can you really trust him??? who can tell!), he’s pretty heavily weighted with the mythos/characterization of Stevenson’s Long John Silver, probably the most famous pirate in the show, despite being one of the only ones to be entirely fictional. So he’s laden with our associations with that John Silver, as well as our associations with Jack Sparrow, because Jack Sparrow is probably Long John Silver’s most famous direct descendent, and that’s a LOT of associations to lace around a character’s neck. His relationship with Flint is pretty damn shippy–using the same dynamics that made me say “oh, yeah, Will Turner/Jack Sparrow is pretty shippy” back in 2003, when I was thirteen years old. Stevenson’s Long John Silver’s main narrative thing is convincing us that he really does have feelings, and he really is emotionally attached to Jim Hawkins, despite also being ruthless and willing to do whatever it takes to win. His whole deal is being beloved while also fucking everybody over, or maybe at the last minute NOT fucking everybody over because of the aforementioned Heart Of Gold, and fandom has historically eaten that deal up with a spoon. 

Flint and Silver: 
-start out as enemies, but Silver says almost immediately that maybe in the future they’ll be friends
-become friends, but Silver says almost immediately after they’ve acknowledged their friendship that maybe in the future they’ll be enemies
-have a lot of that ‘unlikely allies bantering’ thing 
-silver spends a LOT of time interrogating flint’s emotions, flint’s emotions about him, and his own emotions about flint, all for plausibly Scheme-y Reasons
-silver directly compares himself to flint’s past lovers, again for plausibly schemey reasons 
-flint tells silver things like “I need you” for plot reasons
-grudging trust and mutual respect grows between them, etc 

these are the pieces of subtext I’m used to reading in straight texts–most usually attached to a Long John Silver archetype character, who draws this kind of subtext to himself because again, his whole thing is wondering how much of his feelings are genuine, and suspecting some of his feelings of Transgressing, and emotional language and Scheming language being the same thing. Flint/Silver is a classic slash ship born out of a straight text. 


Black Sails is queer as fuck. Where are the straight relationships in this show? The ones where nobody is a confirmed bi???? I’m coming up with three, and that’s Silver/Madi, Mr. Scott/The Queen, and That One Red Bearded Pirate Turned Cravat Wearing Guy/Adele. Every major romantic relationship in the show is queer. 

the fact that Silver is a classic Subtext Queer is scraping up against the unavoidable truth that Flint is a Post-Subtext Queer, and he’s involved in a totally different queer romance. Flint/Silver is a slash ship straight out of 2007. Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) is a queer tragic slowburn romance that could only exist in canon in 2017. 

Now, I’m a multishipper, and I have a lot of real love for the John Silver archetype and a lot of nostalgic love for this particular kind of subtextual reading against the grain slash ship. I see the appeal of Flint/Silver, and I can dig it and Flint/Thomas/(Miranda) at the same time. But it also feels WEIRD to feel that while immersed in the show, because going against the grain of Black Sails isn’t like going against the grain of Pirates of the Caribbean–with this show it feels like the friction is scraping away stuff I value about the show, juicy stuff, intriguing character stuff, stuff I love. That, I think, is where the weirdness lies for me. 

*goes to start season four, where all of this will undoubtedly be jossed* 

Title: Fire Saftey Part 1

Character: Patrick Sullivan

Movie: The Accidental Husband

Warnings: None, fluff!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Special shout out to @ladylorelitany and @magikat409!

Holding her stuffed bunny rabbit by the ear, little Eleanor “Ellie” Lail shuffled her way down the hall.

She looked around, making sure that no one was out and watching her.

Eleanor had a plan brewing, one that would help her Aunt Y/N Knowles in the best of ways.

Eleanor had been at school, the whole Kindergarten class outside for fire safety week.

There, she had seen a tall, handsome fireman by the name of Patrick. He had dimples and Eleanor knew for a fact that her Auntie loved dimples.

Shoving her bunny into her overalls, Eleanor looked around one more time.

Reaching up until she was on her tiptoes, she hooked her fingers onto the white latch and dropped down to the flat of her feet, using her weight to pull down hard.

Immediately the bell sounded. Eleanor took off in a run towards her Aunties apartment, her little legs moving quickly and her pigtails bouncing.
I shot up off of the couch, hearing the fire alarm once again and the front door slamming.

“Christ, another one!?” I grumbled, rubbing my eyes.

“Ellie baby?” I hollered, searching the hall for her.

“I’m wight here, Aunt Y/N!”

I looked towards the end of the hall to find Eleanor breathing heavily, Mr. Floppy tucked into her overalls.

“Where were you?” I asked her, picking her up.

“Over at Chawies. We was playin’.” she said, wrapping her arms around my neck.

I carried her out the door and down a flight of stairs to go outside and wait for the fire department to show.

As we waited, I found a place on the brick wall to take a seat. My body ached from working so many hours, but I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Ellie was my responsibility now… My sister had passed away about a year before hand and she had left me as the sole caregiver of Ellie.

I made sure that she never hurt for anything; her happiness and well being was my number one focus.

I had nearly fallen asleep sitting up when Eleanor tugged on my shirt, “What Hun?”

She pointed at a fireman, a smile on her face,”Lookit, Aunt Y/N! That’s the fireman that came to my school!”

I couldn’t get a good look at him and that’s when I realized that I didn’t even have my glasses on.

Gah, I hoped that the building wasn’t on fire.

The visit from the men didn’t last long, but some seemed quite pissed.

“Mistur Patwick! Mistur Patwick!” Eleanor called out, flailing her arms.

The man looked over and smiled as he came closer to where we were sitting.

“Well, well. If it isn’t little Miss Ellie, right?”

Eleanor gasped, her eyes wide, “He remembured my name!”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he chuckled.

“Dis is my Aunt Y/N!”

I squinted at the man; he was still slightly blurry.

He held out his hand, “Nice to meet you, Y/N,”

I shook his hand, blushing when I saw his dimples, “Likewise,”

“Hey Patrick! We gotta go, man!” one of the men by the fire truck yelled.

“It’s safe to go back in, but we’ve been asking that everyone keep an eye out; see who’s pulling the alarms.”

“Sure, thank you for coming out.”

“Not a problem. Ladies,” Patrick nodded his head and walked off, his boots thudding on the cement.

When I turned around to pick Ellie up, I found her with her arms crossed and a pout on her face.

“What’s wrong?”


“Ummm, okay… Let’s go inside and get you some dinner made,”

For the rest of the night and well into the week, Ellie was in a sour mood.

It was a Thursday night when I had come home early and had all the household work done, that I had decided to follow Ellie to see what she was up to.

That was when I found out it had been her that had been pulling the alarm.

Just as she reached up, I hollered at her, “Eleanor Rose Lail!”

She screamed when she spun around. Her bottom lip began to quiver and her eyes filled with chunky tears.

“Young lady, just what do you think you’re doing!?” I demanded.

She started to hiccup cry, “I- I- I just wanted you to be happy!”

My brows furrowed. I didn’t even know whether to be mad at her or not.

“Ellie,” I sighed, kneeling down.

“I’m sowwie!” she cried, cuddling Mr. Floppy to her face.

I gently took her hand and led her back to the apartment.

“Awre you mad?” she hiccuped.

“I’m not exactly happy, Ellie, but we’re going down to the fire station and you’re apologizing to those men whose time you wasted.”

She sniffled, taking the sleeve of her shirt and wiping her nose, “Yes Ma’am.”
The wind was sharp and cold as we walked to the fire station. Ellie had been quiet the whole time.

As soon as we neared the station, we saw a few of the men were outside washing one of the trucks.

I cleared my throat to gain their attention, “I’m looking for Patrick?”

“Yo, Patrick! Broad out here to see ya’s!”

I pushed my glasses up my nose, finally able to see the dimples clearly as Patrick smiled.

“Hey Ellie, Y/N.”

Ellie immediately teared up as I nodded, “Can I speak to you, privately?”

The smile slipped from his face, concern taking place, “Yeah, sure. Come on in Sweetheart.”

Patrick led us inside where it was warm. The kitchen and living room were practically one room.

“You alright, Y/N?” he asked, folding his arms over his broad chest.

Eleanor looked up at me. I gently nudged her, “Go on,”

She played with her bunny’s ears, her lip quivering, “It was me Mr. Patwick,”

Patrick knelt down to her level, “What are you talking about Ellie?”

“I pulled da fire alarm,” fat tears rolled down her rosy cheeks.

Patrick sighed, scratching his brow with his thumb, “Ellie, Honey, you can’t be doing that. Why would you do it?”

“Because I wanted Aunt Y/N to be happy…”

He looked up at me slightly confused, “I’m not following,”

“You can make Aunt Y/N happy. She takes vewy good care of me! She needs someone take of her too and she’s vewy bootiful!”

“Okay, okay… One thing at a time, Ellie. I’m gonna have some of the guys show you around and teach you a few things okay?”

Ellie nodded and wiped her nose, “You’re not mad?”

Patrick smiled and tucked away a loose curl, “No Honey, but you can’t pull the fire alarm anymore.”

“Yes sir,”

Patrick called one of his coworkers over and had him show Ellie the ropes.

I stood by the couch, staring at my sneakers. When Patrick came back over, he touched my arm.

“I’ll pay what ever fines, just send me a bill.”

“Don’t worry about that. Come sit down.” Taking me by the elbow, he led me to the couch where we sat at the same time.

“It seems we have a little Cupid in our midst,” he chuckled.

I blushed, playing with my fingers, “Yeah… I’m really sorry about the trouble that Ellie has caused,”

“She’s just a kid and she means well, Y/N,”

“Thank you… for being so understanding,” I said, my voice breaking at the end.

Patrick’s brows furrowed as he leaned closer and placed a hand on my knee, “It’s no problem, Sweetheart, really.”

I cleared my throat, not knowing what possessed me to spill my guts, “My sister passed away in a car wreck about a year ago,”

Patrick’s other hand rubbed my back, “Ellie’s mom?”

I nodded.

“Shit, I’m sorry, Y/N,”

“Eleanor means well… I guess, maybe I should let go of a few hours at work so that I can be home with her more… I just don’t want to drown in bills,”

“That’s understandable,”

We fell in a comfortable silence as Patrick continued to gently rub my back.

“Listen, Ellie did get something right,”

“What’s that?”

“You are very beautiful,”

I snorted, slapping a hand over my mouth after the noise escaped me.

Patrick laughed.

He did have some amazing dimples when he smiled.

He licked his lips and smiled, “Let me take you out, on a real date.”

“Oh I don’t-”

“C'mon, just one and if you don’t wanna go out again, I’ll take it as it is. Please?”

I stared into his eyes, seeing the genuineness there. Nodding, I decided to live a little, “Okay,”

“Yesss!” Ellie screeched, making us both jump at the high pitched sound.

“Eleanor Rose Lail!” I smiled, but scolded.

She giggled and covered her mouth, “Sowwie,”


harryxlovesxlouis  asked:

can you please recommend any texting/media fics

Hello! I absolutely love social media AUs! Hope you enjoy them as much as I did:

After Hours by Velvetoscar:

Summary: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are the bane of each other’s existences. Unfortunately, they’re already in love–even if they aren’t completely aware of this minor detail.

kiss me on the mouth and set me free by suspendrs:

Summary: He moves on to Twitter next, where things get marginally weirder. His newsfeed is full of tweets about someone called Larry, and that apparently everyone is trying to ship him somewhere. There are a good amount of people though, mostly his hardcore gamer fans and ones with little crushes on him, that are screaming about how this Larry guy is gross.

Fifteen minutes of scrolling tells Louis that Larry Stylinson isn’t a person, but instead a combination of his and Harry’s names. The people that are claiming to ‘ship it’ are apparently rooting for them to get together, which. Okay.

Or, Louis is a gamer and Harry is a beauty guru, and VidCon is a good place to fall in love.

Then We Talk Slow by letsjustsee:

Summary: The picture showed Harry smiling widely (with a fucking dimple) at the camera, his glossy brown curls situated artfully around his shoulders. Louis couldn’t see his whole outfit, but it seemed to consist of a pink, floral button-up with most of the buttons undone. Louis could also detect the dark outlines of tattoos on his chest, although he couldn’t quite make out what they were underneath the shirt.

What he could make out was that his own heartrate seemed to have picked up significantly.


This was so not good. Not only had Louis drunkenly sent messages in a deliberate attempt to interact with this man, he was now insanely attracted to him without ever having met him in person.

Maybe Liam was right – drunk tweeting really was a horrible, rotten idea.A famous/non-famous AU in which Louis banters back and forth with his new record company on Twitter, only to find out that Harry is the man behind the tweets.

When We Were Younger by waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee (dinosaursmate):

Summary: About a week after Harry started visiting this particular chat room, he was watching some kid argue with the whole room about football, personally disinterested as he tipped a bag of crisps into his mouth. He happily chomped on the crumbs, taking a swig from a glass of Ribena to wash them down, glancing at the screen and very nearly spat the squash back out again.

His heart was pounding wildly. The display icon of the argumentative newcomer had caught his eye, and not in a good way. He gulped as he clicked the picture, and when it popped up in full resolution, his heart nearly fell right out of his arse.

Sixteen year old Harry Styles’ world turns upside down when he logs on to gay teen chat to discover somebody has stolen his photos and used them as their own.

why don’t we go there? by starsaligned:

Summary: Louis sends a text message to a wrong number by accident. They keep texting each other from there.

You’ve Been Lonely Too Long by amory:

Summary: Harry has everything someone would need to make them happy: money, fame, a stunningly attractive albeit fake girlfriend, a supportive family, good friends, and a cat. But maybe he isn’t very happy.

Louis sleeps around and no, he definitely does not have a problem admitting to that thank you very much, but maybe he’s just a little tired of waking up alone in the morning with only a bowl of instant macaroni and cheese to comfort him.

Maybe letting Zayn play matchmaker wouldn’t be such a bad thing

What’s Stopping You? by kikikryslee:

Summary: That shirt was what held his attention again. How many other guys had the same shirt that H and Harry had, and – wait. H… Harry. Harry did yoga. So did H. They both had the same shirt, and had both gotten home ten minutes ago and were cooking dinner.

No way.

Louis looked at the picture again, and stared more closely at H’s lips. They were pink and pouty, with the lower lip a bit plumper than the top, just like Harry. And H had brown, curly hair that reached his shoulders, just like Harry.

Louis looked over at Harry, who was putting his hair back up into a bun as the kitchen was most likely getting warmer.

“Holy shit,” Louis whispered. Have I been flirting with my own roommate all this time?

Or, the one where Harry wants to get over his crush on Louis, so he makes a Grindr account to find someone new. Of course, Louis messages him, not realizing H’s real identity. It only takes a few days for them to figure it out.

Breathing in the Same Light by amberdowny:

Summary: Louis Tomlinson has made a great start on his first year of uni. He gets on really well with his three flat mates, who’ve just become his mates. The lessons themselves aren’t bad. And even though he’s not sure when they started dating (no one told him about it) he likes his girlfriend Eleanor well enough.

Then he gets an accidental @reply from this @Harry_Styles kid. Which would be no big deal, except it keeps happening. Soon Louis has struck up a friendship with Harry, but can a relationship online ever really be real?

forelsket by kosmicgirl:

Summary: Gemma Styles is one of the most famous fashion designers in the world. 

Harry Styles, her brother, an incredible handsome model, is the face of Gemma’s new firm.

Louis Tomlinson, is just a normal, typical twenty year-old lad, living in Wales.

Everything changes one night, when Harry misspells an e-mail address and Louis gets it.

Or the one where Harry and Louis are kind of pen pals and start falling for each other, then Harry decides to meet Louis in person.

never shut us down by togetherwecouldbealright:

Summary: Louis is an insecure mess and he hides behind his blog. Harry’s a boy with a personality too bright and he’s everything Louis thought he would hate. They end up falling in love.


AU where hornigold and dufrense take james as well as eleanor to hand over to Captain Hume 

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Paradox (Part 1/?)

Pairings: Peperony, eventual Tony Stark X Reader


Author’s Note:So here it is! The first part of the fic I have been planning since the last two years.

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Paradox Masterlist

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Things the reader needs to know before reading it:

  • This is an alternative universe where Iron Man 3 takes place before Iron Man 2 and before the Avengers.
  • Consequently, Tony does not get the reactor taken out before the Battle Of NewYork.
  • In addition, Pepper’s EXTREMIS was not fully cured.
  • Tony Stark is younger in this story, approximately 36-38.
  • The age difference between the male and female protagonists is slightly more than usual.
  • Eleanor is 27.

Eleanor stood at the reception of Stark Tower, drumming her fingers against the granite top. It was February, almost March and NewYork was so god damn cold. Even as she stood in the fully, centrally heated reception area, gusts of cold air could be seen coming out of her mouth as she breathed. The glass walls of the tower were all fogged up, and almost everyone had a cup of coffee on their hands, and scarves wrapped around the necks, cocooned in thick warm coats. Eleanor too was no exception, while she did not have the cup of coffee with her, her clothing choices were quite similar. Though she regretted dressing to impress today with only sheer tights cover her legs, she was still shivering. Eleanor had been out all day applying for and giving job interviews. But no she wasn’t here to apply for a job in Stark Industries. She was actually here at the request of her long time and only friend Pepper Stark wife of Tony Stark, better known to the world as Stark’s PA,with a different last name. It came as a shock to her when the couple decided to not reveal the information to the world and settle on a small wedding, with only close family and friends in a private island. Even more so when they decided to hide their new born son Exton, now six months old from the world.

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Drats. I was about to fall asleep and then I thought of Danielle liking one of El’s pictures on Instagram.

Like… she hadn’t really meant to. It’s just… she’s been doing better, yeah? She’s feeling good these days. She’s over Louis, as much as you can get over someone that might have been the love of your life. She’s at least over him enough that she can see pictures of Eleanor and him together and instead of that bitter taste at the back of her throat, now she only thinks that they look impossibly beautiful together.

And, well, really, Eleanor IS beautiful. To a point where Danielle finds herself on her Instagram one summer evening, feeling nice and loose from the wine she’s opened for herself, and bold enough that she likes one of the pictures, stuck on El’s pouty lips and the way her fingers gracefully curl inwards as she reaches her to brush her hair back.

It’s nothing, really.

Or it would be nothing, if not for the way she wakes up to five notifications telling her El has done a little Instagram browsing of her own.

And for a while nothing really happens, they just like each other’s pictures from time to time and Danielle tries not to think about what any of it means because it doesn’t have to mean anything, right?

Until one fine summer night she goes to one of those L.A. parties where you’re never quite sure who’s throwing the party or what the occasion is, and she bumps into Louis and Eleanor. And El looks so stunning that Danielle barely notices Louis at first, her eyes stuck on El’s never-ending legs and the pale curve of her breasts peeking from her loose top, and when Danielle finally looks at Louis his eyes are dark dark dark in a way that used to be so familiar that it makes Danielle instantly wet under her flimsy yellow dress, or maybe that was from watching El.

And Danielle’s not sure how but hours later, with the edges of the sky slowly turning pale blue with the promise of morning, she finds herself at Louis’s house, in Louis’s bedroom, sitting on Louis’s bed with a hand on her thigh and lips pressed at the corner of her mouth.

Louis’s sitting in an armchair in a corner of the room, his knuckles white with how fiercely he’s gripping the armrests, his erection starkly visible in his sweatpants, but Danielle doesn’t spare him more than one look - it’s hard to really think about him when El’s fingers keep creeping up Danielle’s thigh, when her lips and tongue taste like the cherry shots she had at the party.

Danielle’s only kissed another girl once, years ago, and this is nothing like the giggly clumsiness she remembers. This is something she could lose herself into, and she does, because if she starts thinking now she will never stop thinking again.

It’s only when Danielle’s soft and pliant next to Eleanor, her stomach and thighs still quivering from the orgasm El so softly and patiently teased out of her, that El motions for Louis to come join them, telling him to take his clothes off with just one cocking of her eyebrow.

“Dani, do you want him?” she whispers against Danielle’s lips, and Danielle knows it’s probably a bad idea, but her body still clenches with raw desire, and she nods, because this is the worst idea she’s ever had but it’s also the best, and she thinks maybe she can have Louis again this way, that she can give herself to him and not lose herself just as long as El is there to ground her with a hand on her hip and soft lips at her throat.

She feels Louis carefully lie down behind her and she goes pliant as he gently hooks her leg back over his own legs, lets her eyes slip shut at the first touch of his stubble against the back of her neck, so devastatingly familiar and soothing all at once. She kisses El back hungrily as Louis pushes in, kisses El through it all, through Louis’s quickening thrusts and the clench of his hand on her hip, through him nipping at her neck and whimpering into her skin, she kisses El and buries her hand in El’s hair and lets herself believe that this is all going to turn out okay.