people who weren’t in the 1d fandom in like 2012/2013 when elounor was in it’s prime have no idea of the impact eleanor had on this fandom fashion wise………….the amount of girls i saw with wavy middle parted hair, a green button up tank, black leggings, and drinking starbucks……..the vast amount of eleanor fashion blogs…………..people would sell her exact clothing items on ebay for hundreds of dollars ……….like she was ICONIC

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Do people realize how long Eleanor abandoned that blog lmao, it doesn't matter if she's done with Louis now, Max is totally justified in parting ways with her. He can't get back those months of lost time and sponsors and money and followers and probably is pissed at her for dropping it



“Just because you cannot see something, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Dare to see the world as it could be, than what it is. Eleanor was an interesting and complex young lady, that did not enjoy seeing the world as many others did, and thus did not show her feelings like others would. Sadness can be expressed in many ways, not just through tears. And Eleanor just so happens to express hers differently, is all.”

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i'll say this frankly. There's a lot of us who're here because we love the guys whichever one. None of us really care about their personal lives and we don't send hate and we're simply not going to pretend t be endeared by things in order to pander. Just like you blog in a way that makes you satisfied so do we. I think that staying in our lanes is a much better idea than you coming at us. I'd like liam to have a blog dedicated to his music and his adorableness. Is that so hard to understand?

This message came three days ago but I’m only seeing it now, so I don’t know if it was before or after this post, but I feel like that does explain why it’s not simply a neutral act to ignore 1D girlfriends.

I do think there’s a big difference between simply not seeking out content about girlfriends, compared to actively removing them from images. And I think if you say you only want to post Liam but you post tweets from his family and not similar tweets from his girlfriend, then that’s pretty hypocritical. Not cropping Cheryl out of HER OWN PHOTO is not “pretending to be endeared.” It’s not pandering.

I don’t fucking get, at all, how people see us say “hey maybe acknowledge these women exist so you aren’t encouraging the conspiracy theorists who send them hate,” and pretend we’re somehow forcing people to run a Cheryl or Eleanor or Briana fan blog. Do you have no setting in between “hate/pretend does not exist” and “love and stan for”?? Because I kind of feel like leaving her in the photo that you got from her social media is the bare absolute fucking minimum of not hating someone. Do you really have NO gap between “acknowledge the existence of” and “act endeared by”?? Like please come back and explain this. Please come back and explain how us saying “please be civil about Cheryl and don’t actively try to remove Cheryl from Liam’s life” comes across in your brain like “talk about how much you love Cheryl”?

And honestly I don’t really care about what content people post, as long as they make it clear that they aren’t “neutral” about the harassment that 1D girlfriends get, especially when they’re a prominent blog. Remaining silent about bullying or misogyny or hate is not neutral. If anyone is being pandered to, it’s obviously the people who think Cheryl is a fake girlfriend? Because all antis are asking for is that people not try to erase her from Liam’s life. Because that sends a message to the conspiracy theorists that their views are not accepted by fandom in general.

“Staying in your lane” when the fandom is leaving so many nasty comments that Cheryl had to block ziam from her instagram, when people are hijacking Gigi’s twitter Q&As to send her nasty messages, when they’re trending shit about Eleanor, celebrating Louis breaking up with Danielle, and calling Briana the spawn of Satan and trying to spread rumors that her son was the result of incest with her stepfather…. I don’t think it’s acceptable to act like it’s the morally superior choice to just “stay in your lane” and let people blog about what they want. These conspiracy theories, the attitudes in these subfandoms towards the women in 1D’s lives, that has an impact. That has a serious, disturbing impact. And staying silent about it allows those fans to think their behavior is normal and acceptable and that they have the support of the fandom.

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Ok, I don't follow knightchanges or LT91updates, so just saw that you reblogged that post - but it's a lie?? she's saving face. one of the admins (oliviaclchloe) tweets include a RT of this: twitter*com/hypebeastlwt/status/889590225730719745; twitter*com/oliviaachloe/status/889566240531939329; twitter*com/oliviaachloe/status/889565952551026688; and if you scroll you can dig into her anti-larry tweets. just in case you might want to know that her post isn't true or accurate.

Ok, in general I do not respond to this type of post. But here’s my opinion on the topic (since you asked, sort of): I have seen nothing but excellent content from @louist91updates as I have spoken about before. I’ve also followed @knightchanges for quite some time. My opinion on a collective blog will be formed by the members that I personally follow and their content as a blog/twitter account. You’ll also find nothing I’d deem questionable on their Twitter account

If they start blogging about Eleanor or Freddie, I’ll unfollow as is my prerogative in my quest to curate my own internet experience. I don’t follow the other admins (I don’t think) and I don’t plan to. As always, you should follow or unfollow based on what you’ve chosen for yourself as well.

Philosophically, I don’t care what the beliefs of the update accounts are. I need them not to be nasty about any of the boys, but beyond that if they’re supplying good content and not blogging about things I don’t like, then I don’t care. Again, people should make their own choices but this is mine.

Hola peeperinos!

My names Eleanor, (my blog name is @creepyphantasia )
I turned 13 in June, so i’ll be one of the youngest,,!
I prefer the pronouns they/them
Ive been in the phandom for about 2 years but i know pretty much everything that happened before i joined haha
I cant art at all so you should just leave me to the scavenger hunt!
This is my first time being in the phandom games,,,, i cant wait!!
Im a part time internet homo (i mean hobo whaaaat), im obsessed with dan and phil, obviously and i love food. I generally get around 3 hours sleep per night so im always sleep deprived :/

I hope you got to know me better!

I truly cannot comprehend from a logistical POV how on earth they think this is a good idea? The fandom hates her, with the exception of a very small group of people, and the GP is indifferent at best. This isn’t 2013 when she actually had fans. The fandom shrunk in size and those who are left really can’t be bothered with her.
It’s basic and automatically requested to do a market research before you launch anything.
They know we don’t like her, that we want Louis to be free. Hets, solo harries, they ultimately don’t give a fuck about Louis out of spite. They will blog about Eleanor because it makes Louis straight, but they won’t buy his music. They won’t be the ones pushing the single.We will.
So I’m literally baffled that they’re stomping on us so early on. I’ve been trying for a while to understand why on earth would they invest money in Louis (cause shoots, music videos, pap pics and everything else are not free) if they don’t want them back. Louis has SO MUCH potential, him and Little Mix are the only actual cash bringers on their roster, but they’re just wasting him with shitty stunts and I just wanna know if their petty whatever this is, is more important than actual money.

She never looked nice. She looked like art, and art wasn’t supposed to look nice; it was supposed to make you feel something.
—  Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

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This reminds me of Eleanor making her fashion blog with Max right at the very end of Elounor

i think she did it after all was said and done, but yes, many of the women surrounding one direction tend to make themselves more accessible to the public right around the time they’re done with the band