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Chapter 12: They Don't Know About Us

Louis’s POV

When I heard Logan say practically directly to me that he and Eleanor would be going on a date tonight my fists clenched at my sides so tight my knuckles turned white as paper.

A date? Why would Eleanor agree to going on a date with her ex boyfriend? Were they planning on getting back together? I hadn’t heard anything about Logan from Eleanor except when she mentioned that Charlie was his best friend. If Logan was anything like Charlie, I didn’t want him anywhere near Eleanor.

I had to stop myself from walking over, taking Eleanor’s hand and leading her away from Logan. She could go on a date with whoever she wanted. I wasn’t her boyfriend and didn’t really have any right to be jealous. But that’s exactly what I was. I was jealous. So jealous that she would be spending quality alone time with a guy that wasn’t me.

I hated this particular guy though. I hated him for using the nickname El that I had called her ever since we’d met. But I couldn’t really be mad about that; it’s not like I owned the name or anything. And that’s all that I really knew about Logan. I knew my hatred was irrational but I couldn’t help it. I watched them talk for another few minutes before I couldn’t take it anymore. I couldn’t just watch Eleanor and this other guy discuss their date right in front of me.

I turned to walk back to my apartment when I felt someone grab my hand and pull me to a stop.

“Louis, you’re leaving?”

“Yeah, umm I just remembered I had to run a few errands before I meet the boys out later. Have fun with Logan tonight.”

I tried to sound as polite as I could when I said his name but I know she could sense how annoyed I was.

I kept walking down the road and only looked back once to see Logan bend down to help El with her bags and then start walking back to her place.

Eleanor’s POV

Well this day had taken a turn for the weird.

One minute I was having the most fun I’ve had in awhile with Louis and the next he was leaving me with my ex boyfriend who declared we were going on a date that night.

I know I should have probably corrected him when he’d said it was a date but I just didn’t really think anything of it at the time. I was mainly thinking how random it was that we ran into him and then how awkward this dinner was gonna be when I told him what happened with Charlie. I was dreading that dinner the second I agreed to it.

After Logan walked me home he said he’d be buy in a few hours to get me our ‘date’. I took little time getting ready for this one since I didn’t want him thinking I was trying to impress him at all. When he honked at 8 pm sharp I rolled me eyes. He never used to come to the door to get me, why would he start now? I thought back to yesterday and this morning when Louis had showed up at my doorstep and smiled to myself, wondering how his night out with the rest of the boys was going.

Louis’s POV

This night sucked. I honestly felt bad that the boys had to put up with my bad mood tonight. Even though we’d gone to dinner at our favorite pub and were now sitting at a bar cheering with shots for the good news we’d just gotten from Uncle Simon, all I could think about was that Eleanor and Logan were on their date right now.

The news we’d gotten was the most exciting thing we’ve done so far as a group too. One Direction had been invited to perform for the Queen of England and her family, including Prince Harry, William and Duchess Kate, who any English male had a crush on. They were throwing a Halloween party at the end of this month and we were part of the entertainment for the evening. It was a real honor to be hired by the Queen of England and I was really excited to meet her. But even that wasn’t able to turn my mood around completely.

“Lou, you’ve got to let this go..she’s just out to dinner with an ex. We all have exes. It’s probably just for ‘closure’ or whatever girls always say.” Zayn tried to comfort me. He always was the best with girls and had great advice to offer. Tonight though, it wasn’t working.

The more I thought about where they were going to eat or if they were going out after dinner or if he would try to kiss her..

“Louis what the hell man? Didn’t know you were as pissed as me!” Niall shouted across the bar when I spilled the beer I was holding on to.

“Nah I’m just a little out of it is all.”

“Sure, that’s it. It’s not like all of us can’t tell you’re just extremely jealous Eleanor’s out with some other lad right now.”

“Yeah, I’d probably call tomorrow morning before you show up at her place, you could be interrupting something.” Harry teased me.

I knew he was only joking, but what he’d said created a image in my mind I immediately wanted to erase.

“Another round of shots, boys? On me.” I said slamming down a 50.

Eleanor’s POV

Two hours later Logan dropped me off at my flat and pulled away back into town. He was probably heading straight to Charlie’s to have it out with him. I felt bad telling him everything that he tried with me last weekend but he had a right to know. I could tell as Logan heard my story he was shocked as I was that Charlie could do such a thing, let alone to a friend of us. I barely had time to finish my salad before he asked for the check. I hoped he wouldn’t do anything too rash; didn’t want him ending up in jail or something on my behalf.

I slipped into sweats and joined Chloe in the living room to watch a movie. About halfway through it we heard quiet knocks on the front door. I made her come with me to check who it was; scared that maybe Charlie had gotten pissed at me for telling Logan or something. But when we peaked through the keyhole I recognized shaggy light brown hair that was effortlessly styled to perfection.

I swung open the door open to see Louis fall into the doorway.

“Louis??? What are you doing here?” The smell of alcohol overtook the popcorn smell that was coming from the living room. “Are you drunk?”

“Err..no. I mean yes. Kind of?” He looked up at me with sad eyes and I think I knew what this was about.

“Louis, Logan’s not here if that’s what you came to find out. Just hanging out with Chloe.”

He picked himself up off the ground and tried to casually lean against the doorway.

“Oh, um yep that’s basically all I wanted to check. So..this is embarrassing..and..good night Eleanor!”

I of course thought it was pretty hot that he was so jealous of me hanging out with another guy. This whole just being friends’ thing was going to be even harder if he kept doing cute things like this. When he turned and almost fell down the steps I reached out to help hold him up.

“Louis, it’s really ok, do you want to come inside and talk for a bit? Maybe should sober up before walking straight into oncoming traffic.”

“I think…you’re very right!” He put some of his weight on me as I lead him inside.

We finished the movie so Louis had time to sober up and then Chloe said she was going to bed. Louis and I sat on the couch when he asked me how my date had gone.

“I never said it was a date Louis; that was all Logan. It was fine, we just talked about things and I told him about the Charlie incident. He didn’t take it very well which was why I thought it was Charlie at the door coming to get revenge on me for telling Logan or something.” I laughed at that before shivering. I guess that actually could have happened and the thought scared me.

Louis sat up straight at this and slid closer to put his arms around me. “El, if he ever comes over here or you ever see him and he tries to hurt you, you need to call me. Seriously, please call me and if I can be there or can do anything to help you I will.”

I leaned my forehead against his solid chest and relaxed into his hug. “Thank you” was all I said before I drifted into sleep, feeling safe still wrapped in Louis’s strong arms.