eleanor tinsley park


Day 19

How the days are flying by.

So today was kind of a mixed bag… Got off to a shitty start early in the morning. It took me three tries just to tie one shoe, that’s how shitty. Lots of what a friend of mine calls “brain weasels” running around, too, telling me what a self-involved little shit I am.

Ignore, ignore, ignore.

On a day like this, it used to be that I would just give up and curl up on the sofa and watch tv all day. Not today. Not this year. Hopefully not ever again. I got up, exercised, had breakfast, got dressed, and went into my office to work on the Death By Pastry photo. (It is taking foreeeeevvvveeeeerrrr to put together, all those floating cookies, omg.) I worked on that for a while, then drove up to Houston for “office hours,” and got in three good study hours and some laughs and good conversation.

After office hours, I decided to go visit Eleanor Tinsley Park, which has been under construction since spring of last year. I’ve been wanting to walk in it for ages, and I thought today was just the day for that - the coldest day of the year so far, haha. It wasn’t really that cold, about 45F. I didn’t even bother to take a jacket with me. Walking in the cold air along the bayou was so nice. I was definitely born to live in a place where it’s always cold, because I love the sting of the wind on my face and the way my fingers feel numb and then tingly when they warm back up again.

My main photo is a view looking across Buffalo Bayou toward part of the Houston skyline. I also took lots of good sky photos for my stock folder, and I was enchanted by this tree that I passed by on the path, still dressed up in its autumn colors. Can you see that this tree is posing for the camera?

It ended up a not-so-bad day, and tomorrow will be awesome because we are going to go shop in the Japanese store (I want a bento box and all the cute little food things, like sandwich and vegetable cutters!) and then eat Korean food after.