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Charles Vane & John Silver : When a man sees the woman he loves on the wrong side (XXII & XXXVI).


DO NOT BELIEVE THEM. DO NOT. DON’T BELIEVE ANY OF THAT UNTIL AND UNLESS YOU SEE IT ON SUNDAY (or unless you’ve been to the screening). I saw a ‘disappointing’ post and while I did feel so, I won’t believe it. 

The multiple Holmes siblings thing won’t make history. Someone fake-shooting himself and coming back to life won’t make history. Someone getting shot and her coming back to life won’t make history. Sherlock getting it on with Molly or Irene or Mary or any woman you can think of from the show won’t make history.

Honestly, we’ve got a Himalayan range of logical evidence that points towards canon Johnlock. No Johnlock = queerbaiting. Plain and simple. Except this show is co-run by an openly gay and married man who actively participates in LGBT+ activism, has some openly LGBT+ cast/crew members (Joe Lidster, Andrew Scott, Eleanor Matsuura, Russell Tovey, Mark Gatiss again, and could very well have more), has taken part in raising money for LGBT+ causes as ‘Team Sherlock’, among so, so much more. I doubt they’d like to make a show that is going for an almighty, massive and elaborate bait. And you choose to be disheartened by a small text post/tweet someone who might have been an anti and/or seeking attention and/or lied about having been to the screening and been in all the aforementioned categories? 

You have to buck up a bit, you know that.

The game is on!


Summaries of a few books


Throne of Glass: snarky assassin’s snark gets her in trouble

Queen’s Thief: snarky thief’s snark gets him both in and out of trouble

Raven Boys: snarky boys’s snark is going to lead to at least one of them dying

Heroes of Olympus: literally all of them are snarky little shits

Eleanor and Park: much snark. very cry.

Protector of the Small: tear down the patriarchy with snark

Gentlemen Bastards: One long exercise in advanced snarkiness


King Scott Appreciation Week Day 5: Favourite relationships → Eleanor & Madi

“We were successful. The war we sought will soon be under way. On our terms. I was there in Nassau, and she’s there. Eleanor is there. In a position of great influence, they say, at the right hand of the governor. She is one of them now. I stood in Nassau and I realized when this war begins, it will have many different meanings, but to you this war is a civil war between two cities you held together for so long with unseen bonds. You will have people on both sides of it. You will have daughters on both sides of it.