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The Royals Season 3 Finale Recap:

So Robert was behind everything this season? What a scaly douchebag! He’s such a snake! No wonder he and Beck are friends. They are both douchebags. Simon was right! He will not make a good king. How dare he say that about Kathryn! He took away Eleanor’s happiness with Jasper and Helena’s. And he’s trying to hook up with Willow? Da fuck?

I’m glad Sebastian turned out to be a good guy. I do think Jasper is going to follow Len around next season. Watch out for her. Just like he did in the beginning of season 2. He’s going to show her that he does indeed love her. He’s going to prove himself.

Liam and Cyrus teaming up could be beneficial. They might be able to uncover everything that Robert has done. Maybe now Helena can realize that Liam was right. Robert was manipulating her and everyone else.

At least, we know that there is going to be a season four which I’m so stoked for! I can’t wait for things to get resolved. I really want Jaspenor to be happy finally and without any breakup drama. I also hope Liam and Willow can get together despite Robert’s plan.


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Eleanor (S03E04): I’m sorry I never called. The night before you, um, the accident, we had a call scheduled and I didn’t call because I was…Wasted. And I made this promise with myself that I would never call you when I’m wasted. And it’s been eating me up ever since that day.