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Top roping Buoys will be buoys, 6C, after Matt’s awesome lead.

Took a break from Trad climbing this weekend, and took a few days in Portland, UK, to enjoy some sport climbing.

I can’t wait to come back and lead this beautiful route!

Lou Teasdale has a great body and even after having a baby four years ago, her bod looks AMAZING! So here’s a little fitness guide on how you could achieve a body like hers. Now remember, everyone’s different and it doesn’t always take the same time to lose weight as someone else so be patient and also, I’m not a professional when it comes to this so this is just my tips :)
Ofcourse you ALWAYS have to stretch before you start with any workout or else you could tear a muscle and hurt yourself.
So starting off, it’s always good to start with some jogging in place where you’re standing (if you’re inside) as it warms up your body. When you’re done you could bend over, trying to touch your toes, but don’t push yourself too badly! Also stretch your arms and legs before starting.
You can see above what kind of exercises you can do to get strong thighs and abdomen + a beautiful butt :)
Hope this helped! If you have any requests or just want to talk, my ask box is always open! Love you guys xx


This cruelty, this hatred. How did it find us? Did it steal into our lives or did we seek it out and embrace it? When did we lose our way? Consumed by the shadows, swallowed whole by the darkness. Does this darkness have a name is it your name?  x

10 Detox Water Recipes


1. slice the fruits and veggies and put them in a clear water bottle, glass, mason jar

H I N T: don’t slice things like blueberries or raspberries, they’re already small enough

2. once all your fruits and veggies are in there fill the clear water bottle, mason jar or glass to the top with water

H I N T: if using the water bottle try to find a clear/see through one so you can see the fruits and veggies!

3. let it sit over night or let it sit for 10-15 minutes (or more) and enjoy!


** i didn’t include proportions because I usually put as much or little as I want

1. cucumber, lemon and mint

2. watermelon and mint

3. strawberries and kiwi

4. blood orange and mint

5. kiwi, lime, cucumber and mint

6. raspberries and blackberries

7. apple and cinnamon sticks

8. lemon and ginger

9. lemon, cucumber and grapefruit

1O. blueberry, raspberry and cucumber


                                                “  Your  h e a r t  and my  h e a r t 
                                                          are very, very old friends.  
                                                                      ~ Hafiz x

Meal Plan

On rising: 

• Drink a glass of warm water (150mls) with a dash of fresh lemon juice 

(this kick starts your digestion).  

• Wait 20 minutes and then drink 200mls of fresh vegetable juice, carrot, 

celery, beetroot etc.  

• Alternate every other day with fresh fruit juice - Apple, pear, prune, 

apricot, watermelon, pineapple, pawpaw etc.  

• Mix these juices together or simply have one.  

• Swish the juice in your mouth to provide needed saliva for proper 


• If you don’t have time to prepare fresh juices please use only bottled 

organic fruit juices which contain 100% juice and “NO ADDED 



• Medium serve natural raw muesli (no added sugar & organic if 

possible), add fresh pear, ripe banana, stone fruits in season or with 

your favourite sundried fruits.*Add soy, goat, rice or almond milk (not 

cows milk)  

• An alterative to raw muesli; medium serve of porridge or quick rolled 

oats with mixed fresh or sundried fruits. 

Mid Morning: 

• 1-2 pieces of fresh fruit (no oranges please) and one cup of Green Tea 

or Herbal Tea of your choice (do not add sugar or milk). 


• 1 or 2 sandwiches (please don’t use white bread) filled with salad, 

mixed sprouts, use avocado or tahini as a spread for taste (No Butter).  

• Always include heaps of fresh sprouted seeds, grains or legumes with 

all salad mixes.  

• Please try to choose a good quality wholemeal bread (yeast free if 

possible) with lots of fibre. 

Mid Afternoon: 

• 1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit and afterwards a cup of Green tea or herbal 


• If you feel hungry you can nibble on raw almonds, walnuts, raw 

pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds or more fresh fruit. 


• Include any of the foods on the ‘FOODS YOU CAN HAVE LIST’.  

• Brown rice, steamed vegetables, wholemeal pasta etc.  

• On every 2nd, 4th, 6th day etc, you can include a SMALL portion of 

steamed or grilled fish.