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i’m not a graphic designer by any means, but since it’s International Women’s Day i wanted to do something to shout out the three gorgeous women in louis’ life that get attacked by the fandom purely because they exist. they’re all three beautiful, both inside and out, and each is amazing at what they do. 

briana is a wonderful mom to freddie and raising a happy baby boy, eleanor is so fashionable and doing her own blog and traveling the world with her best friend, and danielle is an outstanding actress. it’s easy to see what drew louis to all three of them. 

all three of them have handled the hate they got gracefully and rose above it and they all continue to shine. 

Louis is GAY, whether he dates Eleanor, Danielle or the queen
Louis is not straight, whether he has baby ( he doesn’t ) from Briana, or he snogs his gf or whatever tf they would show us
He is fucking gay and in love with harry
He fucking denied it and we didnt believe it, do u really think that drowning him in fuckin gf will make us magically do !! Really !!
No so stop this fucked up shit and let him hold his boy’s hand in public and let us all be happy

Don’t you dare tell me this boy is happy being in a relationship with some girl. The boy look down right fucking depressed. If you honestly believe a story where a boy dated some girl for 4 years and suddenly broke up with to just knocked up some other girl a month later and left her to date other chick and then go back to first one he dated for 4 years. I honestly don’t know what sick fuck up world you live in but that would never happen with Louis Tomlinson unless it had to dealt with some sick and disgusting management. All I ever seen is Louis lose himself through out the years. What happen to the bubbly and flamboyant boy we used to know. It rare when you see Louis have a genuine smile on his face. I just can’t believe some people can be so fucking blinded and believed in such bullshit. Don’t believe everything you read in articles because more than likely, it all a fucking lie. All this band has ever did was lied to us. Listen to celebrities, they’ll tell you that the industry is controlling and make you be this certain image for public. It all about the fucking money. It always been and always will be. Hopefully now, you seen the truth and finally got your head out of your ass. As I also want to mention when Louis is drunk, he tends to be more on the happy side.

anonymous asked:

I'm glad the interviewer asked him that, as long as people are famous you're going to have to deal with it either way.

I see a lot of people dismissing certain behaviours as it just being “the way that things are”…and just because something is commonplace doesn’t meant that it’s right. 

The absolute best response I’ve ever seen to an inappropriate line of questioning has got to be from Richard Ayoade here:

In which he makes it abundantly clear that he is there to promote his book, that his function in that interview is for publicity. 

Being a celebrity shouldn’t automatically mean that you’ve foregone your rights to privacy or that strangers are suddenly able to pry into your personal life. I find the notion that someone should just “deal with it” as very problematic, especially having been on the receiving end of such questions in interviews. 

I wouldn’t at all class myself as a celebrity, but throughout my writing career I suppose I could be categorised as a person of interest, especially when I began blogging. I did many, many interviews with just about every national publication in the UK and because I had no representation or any clue at all really how to deal with those kinds of questions, I basically just refused to answer any questions that I thought were inappropriate. 

When I did and interview with Oxford’s student newspaper, The Cherwell, the reporter named Theo was asking me all kinds of things that I was in no way comfortable answering, such as how many people I’d slept with or how often I masturbate. Just really blunt things that were pretty out of line for someone I was chatting with over Skype messenger. As a result of refusing to answer most of them I got a distinctly average review from them (x), and they even went so far as to question whether I was actually a student at Oxford or Cambridge. 

However, I would never take back the way I’ve handled myself in the media since I can still go and find that article some pimply faced boffin wrote about me back in 2010 and be like, “I said what I said motherfuckers.” I would be rather ashamed had I been pressured into talking about things I didn’t even blog about.

Being in the public eye means that people have a very false sense of familiarity with you. Who I am in person and who I want to be perceived as on my blog are not always the same things. Everything I write is true and it is certainly a very distinct aspect of my actual personality, but just because I write about sleeping with someone doesn’t mean that I want to talk to strangers about it. I don’t even want to talk to my friends who know about the blog about it. 

Writing for me isn’t to be like, “Hey! Let’s all talk about this thing I did!” More often than not I write it and then want to move on. These are things that have happened and often are sometimes humorous, which is why I write about them, but it isn’t an open invitation to demand that I explain myself. 

Similarly, attempting to get a closeted singer to out himself on your shitty radio show is so aggressively inappropriate that I don’t even know where to start. Harry did what I would consider his best to answer the question without actually answering it. The last time I heard him speak in such a clipped manner was was probably when that other DJ asked him whether or not he liked Eleanor and he said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” Unfortunately he isn’t exactly in a situation where he can say, “I don’t want to talk about it,” without raising a red flag, and yet his response was actually infinitely more telling than had he just simply said, “I don’t want to talk about it.” I have never heard Harry sound so flustered or make that sound where he blows air through his mouth two times in a row rapid fire. My entire core clenches with anxiety just thinking about the way he sounded and I would never wish that kind of personal invasion on anyone.

The idea that, “Well Harry chose this, he can come out if he wants” might be true, but I’d venture to guess that it definitely is not. There is clearly something keeping him from being able to come out, and if it is the pressure of the industry, I think it’s entirely unfair to say, “Well that’s how it is. He should just learn to deal with it.” 

Why should someone have to choose their career over being able to be queer? The inherent homophobia in a capitalist society is entirely to blame, not Harry Styles. And as for women who choose to try and further their pathetic singing, modelling, acting and cooking careers by exploiting this kind of situation, I think that’s worse than the invasive journalists. Living in LA I’ve heard the mantra of, “That’s just how it is” relentlessly. However, I will never agree that it’s how it should be. 

Maybe let’s not attribute blame for the Louelle break up guys!

We have no idea what happened. We don’t know the motivation for the break up, hell, we don’t even know who instigated the break up.

So instead, why don’t we all just be supportive of the people involved and let them move forward with their lives how they see fit, without having to worry about unnecessary and unfounded accusations!