eleanor calder's boyfriend

Another interesting thing about that Sony branding presentation is the quotes from fans that they chose to represent each boy. In fact, we can use those to answer a number of questions that we’ve had nagging at us for years:

Why is Harry allowed to be so weird and say strange things no one understands and be all ambiguously gendered and stuff when the others can’t?

Why can Liam change his hair all the time and even shave it when the others can’t?

Why is Louis never papped except with his girlfriend? Why do headlines keep referring to him as “Eleanor Calder’s boyfriend”?

Why does Nialllook exactly the same as when he was 16?

Who the hell though Zerrie was a good idea?

You know I’ve been thinking bout something lately.. If I were eleanor I would be the first one joking about Harry and louis friendship since the start. Just think about that: you start a relationship with someone who keeps ‘pretending’ to be homosexual with his best friend. Wouldn’t it be normal at least at the beginning to like taking part to the joke? If they’re just friends, why not having a laugh with them being the idiots they are? It would be fun. Instead neither eleanor nor louis have ever joked about larry since they’re together (Harry said he didn’t even wanna talk about eleanor in that interview and remember he should be the one who introduced her to lou). I find it incredibly shady how larry stopped being larry since eleanor. There’s nothing bad in having fun with a 'friend’ even if you have a girlfriend. But maybe Harry wasn’t just a friend. Maybe Harry ISN’T just a friend.