eleanor calder pictures

I never thought I’d get a second chance.


“I was worried about my reputation at first. I remember I sent Eleanor’s mum a few text messages saying, ‘Please don’t judge me thinking I’m like the stereotypical boyband type who is going to go around and sleep with everything that moves’. I was trying to convince her I’m quite a good lad but I didn’t really need to. Her family are really cool actually and very understanding of the situation.”


“He was actually smaller than me, but he got my leg and then I was off balance. He lunged for the camera then he lifted up my leg and then he hit me and I hit my own head.” -An asshole photographer 

Please asshole, show me where Louis hit you? You had your camera in his girlfriends face and he came to her defense. You tripped all on your own because you had to get a picture.