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people who weren’t in the 1d fandom in like 2012/2013 when elounor was in it’s prime have no idea of the impact eleanor had on this fandom fashion wise………….the amount of girls i saw with wavy middle parted hair, a green button up tank, black leggings, and drinking starbucks……..the vast amount of eleanor fashion blogs…………..people would sell her exact clothing items on ebay for hundreds of dollars ……….like she was ICONIC

Hello Studyblr.

So as you can see I’ve finally created a studyblr. I’ve set this up in an attempt to join the studyblr community and motivate myself for the next academic year when I start GCSE coursework (ahhhhhh.)

Studyblrs that have inspired me include:
- @studyquill
- @studyign
- @brainiakk
- @emmastudies
- @studyblrwastaken
- @pianoandstudy

What can you expect from my blog?

- (hopefully) aesthetic study pictures

- my own original posts

- inspirational quotes

- self care tips

- advice about studying with mental health issues

Here’s a bit about me!

Subjects I am taking, these are all at GCSE level:

                                  English Language and Literature

                                   Maths and Further Maths

                                   Triple science






Facts about me:                       

                                   I turn 15 this year.

                                   I am quite tall standing at 5ft8.5 and am still growing.

                                   I play the piano, double bass and bass guitar.

                                   My favourite colour is green.


“Just because you cannot see something, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Dare to see the world as it could be, than what it is. Eleanor was an interesting and complex young lady, that did not enjoy seeing the world as many others did, and thus did not show her feelings like others would. Sadness can be expressed in many ways, not just through tears. And Eleanor just so happens to express hers differently, is all.”

Book Reviews : Lord Robert by Jean Plaidy

It’s not often that I read a historical fiction book with a male main character. Lord Robert Dudley was such a staple in the Elizabethan court that it would be crime to leave his story out. I liked how the author gave the main character a really detailed background and didn’t just focus on Lord Robert but on Elizabeth as well. Sped through this so quickly.

She showed how much she needed him
and yet … he pushed her away.

anonymous asked:

Do people realize how long Eleanor abandoned that blog lmao, it doesn't matter if she's done with Louis now, Max is totally justified in parting ways with her. He can't get back those months of lost time and sponsors and money and followers and probably is pissed at her for dropping it