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The Royals 3x07: The Counterfeit Presentment of Two Brothers

Len and us Jaspenor fans are left to pick up the pieces this week. It’s been a while since we’ve seen sad Len :( 
But you know what, she looked fabulous. I loved all her dresses. 


  • I’m sure the writers were expecting this episode to be such a ~huge~ event with the boxing match. NO. It was just a filler episode for me. Jasper was MIA and new people were introduced. I hate change.
  • Willow is back! I missed her moxie! Queen Helena asks her to write up a list of suitors for Robert, so she plays 20 questions with him…to find out which Hogwarts house he fits into. He got Gryffindor. But I think he’s Slytherin -_-
  • Len’s been through 5 bodyguards since Jasper left and her latest ex-bodyguard tries to crash her gala. But hello! Brunette vixen tackles him to the floor and downs a cocktail like nbd. Meet Rosie in all her badassery, Len’s new bodyguard! I dig her and I love that it’s a female bodyguard.
  • Each of the royal members auctioned off little dates. Queen Helena gets matched with a mucho suave American entrepreneur Jack Parker. Here’s what I think: Jack is actually Jasper’s con man of a father who wants to cash in on his son’s royal ticket. We see Spencer catching feelings, too. I hope he sheds light on what Jack’s true intentions are with the Queen.
  • Len got to play crochet with Prince Sebastian, mystery fellow royal who is suspiciously positive (and just bought an island). He’s all “take it one day at a time” and “hey lemme be your fran” yet he carries around a flask. WHO R U AND STAY AWAY FROM LEN!!!
  • Robert rigs the auction to pick Kathryn. Like, I’m 95% sure he made it work to his favor. Took a nice picture for the paps, had a romantic table for 2. I’m okay with Robert and Kathryn and I like that he is trying to make room for her in his chaotic life.
  • And Liam. Oh, dear precious sweet cherub Liam who never catches a break. Robert takes his charity, the girl, AND ends up knocking him out after letting him win the match. It was gut-wrenching for me to see Liam get all bloodied and bruised and witness big bro and Kathryn leaving arm in arm. 
  • In the end, we see Len texting Jasper. I think Jasper might have taken some time off to figure out who is trying to expose Len. I’m sure he will be back next week with answers.

Can you believe there are 3 episodes left in this season?! I feel like it just started!! The new characters really threw me off. It was like a screeching halt to an otherwise amazing season. Definitely lovin’ Rosie, I think Len is always lacking in the friends department, so surely this would be good for her. Here’s to hoping things fall into place soon! 


the royals || and then it started like a guilty thing (2x09)
there’s a girl in my room who chose to stay in a very broken, unhealthy place for so many reasons. she stayed because she felt unworthy and unloved. unworthy of being loved. it occurs to me that there’s always been a girl in that room who felt that way and who made those choices. but only one of those girls was strong enough to get out, and it’s not me.


the royals || doubt truth to be a liar (2x06)
tell her that, yeah, that might be the original reason you came here, but then you got here and you got to know her and you…you fell in love with her. that literally nothing else matters because you will give up everything just for a second chance with her.