(and yes, Mulu is missing most of her lower body, as well as the other half of her ‘jaw mantle’ and some other tidbits. poor thing was basically snapped in half not long after being found the first time)

marinaras-trench  asked:

oh god i meant to ask you how you make the eldritch word vomit (like how you figure out where to put the letters) thing but i don't remember if i got around to it so if i did remmember than i'm so so horribly sorry for bothering you, and if i didn't, this is me, asking.

Eldritongue has no set format or ‘rules’ on how to write it. It’s easier to create when you imagine it as part of the art that happens to look like letters. Have them altered and combined in just such a way that it’s not immediately discernible, but still evokes the feel of a language being spoken that we could almost understand in some strange, supernatural way, but not quite grasping it fully without focus or becoming more familiar with it or its speaker.
I find this makes it seem more otherwordly than something that can be reliably decoded once you ‘crack’ it; more recognizing patterns and using your imagination than anything else. That wiggle room and the ability for different people to parse different words from a verse is part of the appeal to me.

Some Eldritongue is pretty easy, some is exceptionally distorted. The ‘deeper’ the dialect, the trickier it can be. Some pointers, I suppose, would be to combine letters by having them share lines, even if this means rotating, reversing, or warping them, or have them flow into each other. If you can reduce a whole word to a single ‘form,’ definitely go for it. The letter ’ I / i ” is almost always presented in the lowercase, while other letters are often interchangeable. The letter ‘O’ rarely blends with other letters, rather, one line will spring from it and letters form from there, or don’t touch it but curve around it; one of the only Eldritongue words that is fairly consistent in any verse is the word ‘You’ which is a good example:

Other tips include conveying nature of the speaker or the tone of the words being spoken with smoother lines vs jagged lines, ‘tidy’ vs ‘drippy’ and so on. Stylization of the bubbles the Eldritongue appears in can also be utilized!
And most importantly, Eldritongue can be soothing as well as damaging ; it doesn’t automatically translate to cosmic horror level danger, just a cosmic something level speaker, or at least a speaker in touch with that sort of power.
I even sometimes use mundane versions of it for billboards or signs in-universe to give the city a more alien feel.

doodadiddles  asked:

i dont wanna be annoyin or anythin but with ur (honestly lovely) eldritchspeak u do sometimes have u considered to give it some extra subtitles on the image for non eldritch entities who cannot read it or is it like intended to not be legible coz sometimes i can kinda make out what it says but most of the time i just have to guess it says something relevant

I have considered adding subtitles or translations in the tags of posts where it appears, but I feel that might ruin the point a little bit - due to the thematic nature of eldritongue and how it is structured, it prevents a reliable, concrete method of translation, and thus cannot be decoded so much as interpreted. this is all intentional - if anyone has trouble reading eldritongue, don’t worry! it’s supposed to be like that, and that sense of “i feel like i should be able to read what this says but i can’t” just means me trying to get Uncanny Valley into text form is working.

another reason i’m reluctant to have subtitles right there is because a few people have told me they do actually have fun figuring it out on their own - so maybe it helps to see eldritongue speech bubbles as a kind of easter egg!

that aside, the dialogue is rarely meant to be an outright secret - in a situation where it would be, it’s obvious that’s the case and i make it as blatantly visually obtuse as possible. by contrast, if i want the exact words to be obvious, i simplify it a bit. if there’s ever a time anyone can’t quite parse what’s being said, and really want to know, i’ll totally provide the official translation when asked =>