eldritch cecil

I made it guys.

I finally have 3 ships that are some fucking nerd who’s really into science falling heads over heels for a terrifying eldritch monstrosity who also happens to be gay as fuck.

I don’t know when exactly this became a category/trope, but I love it.

Probably because science doesn’t necessarily perceive the unnatural as horrifying, but merely fascinating. There’s less “oh god what is this?!” And more “oh hey that’s… actually pretty cool.”

Since I was in a “finish up Night Vale ish” sort of mood today – here, have another!

Thank you for humoring my silly notions that Cecil – who’s not really a cat person – is the proud owner of a darling hellhound and – although it’s not explicit here – Carlos is a huge fan of first wave punk and always wears his beloved band shirts under his casual lab coats.

I do so love how this fandom has more than enough room for everyone’s head-cannons. <3

So because Huntokar described there being an infinite number of universes - an infinite number of Night Vales that are now all bleeding together, I believe that means everyone’s headcanons about Cecil are all technically canon.

There’s a reality where Cecil is white, black, Native American, heck, there are realities where he was born purple, polka-dotted even. There are realities where he has (and doesn’t have) tattoos, a third eye, or even tentacles. Cecil is all of these. Cecil is a Lovecraftian, Eldritch horror. Cecil is just a normal human being just working at a radio station. Cecil is…Cecil.

Infinite realities mean infinite possibilities. Everyone’s headcanon of Cecil is actually canon. Life is beautiful.


White Cecil with a waist coat and bow tie

Black Cecil with cornrows

Native American Cecil with a messy braid

Ginger Cecil who genuinely believes he does not have a soul

Whip thin Cecil who is just an inch shorter than Carlos

Massive barrel chested Cecil who towers over Carlos

Cecil with three eyes and covered in tattoos

Eldritch terror Cecil with a million white eyes and tentacles

Amazing fashion sense Cecil

Fashion sense of a potato Cecil

Robot Cecil

Angel Cecil (who pretends angels don’t exist to hide himself from the council)


Inktober day 20 - Cecil Palmer

I don’t draw enough of this creepy nerd I think. Plus I fully support inhuman Cecil in all way shapes and forms, from third eye Cecil, to secret Eldritch horror Cecil, to blob cecil, even to Cecil actually is Jeffrey Kranors cat.

Admittedly though, my fave is possessed Cecil.

Quote is from Old Oak Doors.