Ooc; My aesthetic is monsters who are protective over someone or a group. Monsters that are super cute, caring and kind. But also monsters who lose control and are violent, deceptive and dangerous. My faves are the ones that are super dangerous and could easily kill you but are very gentle and kind, despite that. .w.


A force as voracious as time itself. 

-Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger

A void as cryptic as reality itself. 

-Kozilek, the Great Distortion

An enigma as vexing as life itself. 

-Emrakul, the Promised End

Eldritch Moon is finally (officially) here! I hope the release weekend events have been treating you well.


Magic: the Gathering - Eldritch Moon Standard

With each new standard season, we look to the largest card shop in Japan, Hareruya (@hareruyaEnglish), and the wildly popular suggestions of #KenjiWayfinder as a way to peer through a crystal ball into the potential future of standard constructed.  Undoubtedly, the tournament in Columbus taking place right now as we write the article will have a few of these lists on the game tables.  The proposed decklists also serve as a sounding board of sorts to determine whether similar ideas we’ve spawned are all that off the mark.  Anywhoos, here is the offerings provided -

Deck1 “Deploy the Gatewatch”

Deck 2 “Spirit Company” (shown below)

Deck 3 “Splendid Reclamation”

Deck 4 “Emerge Green”

Deck 5 “UB Zombie”

Deck 6 “Eldritch Evolution”

Deck 7 “UR Puzzle”

Deck 8 “Mono Black Vampire” (shown below)

Deck 9 “Naya Legends”

Deck 10 “RG Token”

Deck 11 “Jeskai Moon”

Deck 12 “GW Stitcher’s Graft”

Deck 13 “Abzan Delirium”

How does one stifle fondness
when it has flourished fold
like vines upon the porcelain
that choked the youthful old.

The unrelenting whips of fate,
each lick, a waxing prize,
each cramp that feigns affection then,
augmented in its size.

When will this passion end me?
Or shall I slay it first?
Which eldritch potion swift embibed
will douse this fervent thirst?

This love cannot be vanquished,
o vice, o noxious curse,
and all the verdant hope of spring
is shortly to dispurse.

I cannot brace this madness,
the floodgates come unbarred,
for when the feeble seal is burst
The Prince will fan his cards.

philanthroplst  asked:

Ok so you're like the only other person who has dreams the way I do. Like with a complex storyline, similar eldritch subject matter, and original ideas that weren't just borrowed from other sources. Idk it's just people tell me their boring dreams about "going to the store... but it was raining INSIDE!!!1!" and literally no one I know can relate to the really cool/lovecraftian stuff I come up with while sleeping. So thanks I guess??

Yeah!!! Even when the imagery isn’t that weird, my dreams almost always have (largely) coherent plots to them. That’s what I like best about them.

“I’m Kirby, and I may not look like it, but I’m a Eldritch Abomination with a stomach that is a pocket dimension where most of my enemies are trapped in for all eternity. Every day I nap, eat, and play with friends, except it would usually lead to some assholes that I shouldn’t had befriended in the first place trying to take over Pop Star. And my edgy mentor Meta Knight is terrible at warning me about what I’m up against that can kill me permanently, not to mention if I don’t defeat it, it can destroy everything that I know and love. But despite it all, I can still kick everyone asses including my own by devouring everything that gets in my way. No matter the odds, I will just eat my enemies with no mercy whatsoever and by the end of the day after saving Dreamland, I go take a nice long nap.” 

Eldritch Moon is still new, but there are already a bunch of other new things coming soon as well:

  • From the Vault: Lore will release on August 19. Recent FTV sets have revealed their full card lists 11 days before release, so we will likely learn the full card list on August 8, with some previews before that in the next two weeks.
  • Conspiracy: Take the Crown will release on August 26. It will have one preview week, most likely from August 15-19.
  • Duel Decks: Nissa vs Ob Nixilis will release on September 2. Like with FTV sets, recent Duel Decks have revealed their card lists 11 days before release, so we will likely learn its card list on August 22.
  • Kaladesh will release on September 30, with its prerelease starting on September 24. This means we should get the full card list on September 16, with previews beginning on August 29.

These next two months should be exciting, and in the middle of all that, the next Announcement Day is set for sometime in September.