eldrige cleaver

“My introduction was that I was the Chair of the Black Panther Party. I always like to remind people that I was actually the Chairman of the Black Panther Party. I wasn’t the Chairperson, Chairwoman, or the Chair. I was the Chairman of the Black Panther Party because I took over the slot that was called Chairman. So I continued to be called Chairman.

There’s a lot of people wondering, well how did she become the Chairman of the Black Panther Party? You know, it was a paramilitary organization dominated by men in numbers and kind of a rough situation. 

I had a guy ask me once, he said, “You know it’s said that you became Chairman of the Black Panther Party because you slept with Eldridge Cleaver and you slept with Huey Newton and you slept with Bunchy Carter. Is that true?”

And so I said well, the first thing I have to say is that I never slept with Bunchy Carter…

The second thing I want to say is that Eldridge Cleaver slept with half the women in the state of California, in and out of the Black Panther Party, with and without their permission. Huey Newton certainly slept with the other half or at least they tried to sleep with him because Huey was just that fine.

And none of those women however became the Chairman of the Black Panther Party.

So if you want to have a correct analysis, the analysis is either, that was not the criterion for becoming the Chairman of the Black Panther Party, or I had the baddest pussy in the state of California.”

– Elaine Brown, speaking in Akron 2006

USA. California. San Francisco. 1968. Black Panther Minister of Information Eldrige Cleaver in the Black House. In 1967, Eldridge Cleaver, along with Marvin X, Ed Bullins, and Ethna Wyatt, formed the Black House political/cultural centre in San Francisco. Amiri Baraka, Sonia Sanchez, Askia Toure, Sarah Webster Fabio, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Avotcja, Reginald Lockett, Emory Douglas, Samuel Napier, Bobby Hutton, Huey Newton, and Bobby Seale were Black House regulars. 

Photograph: Stephen Shames/Polaris

anonymous asked:

I totally agree w/ what you said. male panthers have notoriously put their female counterparts in submissive roles. in order to " bet oppression regimes" then needed females to have taken the backseat. pure bullshit

mmhmm! and physically abusive! there are many books written by female members of the party to prove this! & some were even rapist scum (*cough* eldrige cleaver) and murderers (*cough* huey) let’s stop romanticising the party & it’s leading members perhaps