eldorado club

Fremont St, Las Vegas, c. 1948.

Eldorado Club, “delightfully cooled & refrigerated.” Las Vegas News Bureau.

Left to right: ‘30 Ford Model A in front of Golden Nugget, 40 Chrysler, 38 Packard, 40 Ford, 46 Ford rag top, 46 Chevy coupe(?), 47 Ford pickup, 40s Chevy Fleetline or Aerosedan, 46/47 Buick sedan, 37 Ford humpback(?), 46/47 Pontiac.


You know that post that’s been going around lately, along the lines of: “I don’t want to waste a great outfit on an insignificant day”? Well, I think that’s bullshit. Take today for example, it was pretty insignificant - I went to work, to an empty office cause everyone is still on holiday, and then came home to spend an evening in front of the computer. Not too exciting. But look at the kick ass outfit I wore to do that in! I feel fabulous when I wear something fabulous, and I like feeling fabulous as much as possible, whether it’s an insignificant day or not. Because the fact is, I dress up for me and no one else, and therefore can never ‘waste’ a great outfit - I always appreciate them!!

top - City Chic (purchased on sale for $15 when I got my new jeans yesterday!), skirt - Rockabetty, petticoat - Vamporium (I feel like I’m cheating on my primary supplier of petticoats, Domino Dollhouse, but I like to support local small businesses whenever I can and I found out that a woman here in Wellington makes them, so I decided to get one of hers. However, I have to admit - and I’m not just saying this - I like the DD ones better; they’re softer and fuller.), necklace - Eldorado Club, belt - Kmart, shoes - Hush Puppies

This is the ASOS Curve dress I posted about a while ago - it was actually pretty quick in arriving! I’m happy with it, for the most part - it is a little big in the bust, so I will get it taken in if I can be bothered. Either that, or I will just wear a cami under it next time I wear it so as not to expose myself inadvertently, as I did all day today. Oops.

Also, this is my 200th outfit post on I Like Pretty Clothes! Woop!

dress - ASOS Curve, cardigan - Joe, sandals - Clarks Unstructured, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing

It is Banuary, and I said I would repost some oldies in place of buying new stuff. And then the stuff I ordered in December arrived, so I’ve just been posting that. But now everything that was meant to arrive has, so I thought I would uphold my original Banuary pledge. Yay!

This is the Netti dress from Pinup Girl Clothing. I love it, but haven’t worn it in a while. It is a great fit and the print is so fun. It’s on my long list of favourites!

dress and necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing, shrug - Pagani, petticoat (the black one) - Domino Dollhouse, sandals - Earth, earrings - Kmart

Today’s outfit, the debut of my pretty new Fluevogs. Love them! Still need to stretch them out a bit across the top of my foot, but otherwise they are so comfy and lovely to look at. Sigh, Fluevogs. Maybe I could marry John Fluevog? Sam wouldn’t mind, I’m sure of it. :)

Also, holy crap, this is my 300th outfit post on I Like Pretty Clothes. Wow. I would feel excessive except that my blog is almost two years old (in September!) and there are a LOT of repeats in there. Take this outfit - other than the shoes, it’s all been seen before. :)

dress - Suzy Shier (aeons ago, it no longer buttons up over the girls, so this is a bit of a fat hack), cardigan - rescued from a community centre lost and found, cami - Shanton, tights - Walmart, shoes - FLUEVOG!!!, octopus brooch - Punakaiki, New Zealand, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing, earrings - Pahia, New Zealand

Casual Saturday Movie Date Night

See, I can do jeans and t-shirts! (Just not very often, so don’t get used to it!) This is the second of the three shirts Sam bought for me for Christmas. I love stripes! I love pink! I love puff sleeves and a scoop neck! And I love these tops by City Chic (I now have 4) - they are a great wardrobe basic. Good job Sam!

jeans and top - City Chic, shoes - Quarks, necklace - Pinup Girl Clothing