The most badass character in Ace Attorney is definitely Trucy. Yeah, Franziska whips people. Mia took down Dahlia from beyond the grave. Athena threw a cop. Phoenix probably should’ve died at least 6 times and didn’t. Apollo wore a festive Band-Aid and cussed a lot. Simon has a hawk and a sword.

But Trucy threw knives at Yuri Cosmos’ motorcycle and only hit the wheel. Trucy can shoot a cat out of a gun. Trucy was literally Apollo’s mentor, despite being 15– way more of a mentor than Phoenix or Kristoph, anyways. At the age of 8, she helped her dad escape from court by using Mr. Hat to disguise herself as her dad and throw off the cops. When she was consequently orphaned (because her dad promised to come back for her and didn’t, which was rude), she literally adopted Phoenix. She was the one paying the bills for months until Phoenix got a minimum wage job, and she was the one providing emotional support for HIM, even though she canonically had no friends or family besides Valant, who was a fricking scumbag. She learned how to use Apollo’s ability without the help of a bracelet or a mentor, and was helping Phoenix win poker games at the age of 8!!!!!! She was way better than Phoenix and Phoenix required her help frequently!!!! And Phoenix had a 7 year win streak!!! She moved a ton of times and had trouble making lasting friendships. But she had a well-paying job with regular customers!!! She befriended literally everyone she met, from Guy Eldoon to Ema Skye to Klavier Gavin TO FRICKING MOB BOSSES. She had to get Apollo a court recess, SO SHE FAKED HER OWN KIDNAPPING. WITH A KNIFE AT HER THROAT. When it was revealed in court that Shadi Smith was her dad, she shrugged it off and told Apollo that she’d already figured that out. And then??? In Dual Destinies??? She decided that she was going to try and talk to Apollo, and got kidnapped in the process. So what do you do when you’re kidnapped? You perform magic tricks for the other hostages. And when Aura made the mistake of letting Trucy talk to her dad, Trucy was able to give him enough information for him to figure out that Aura was the captor (because Phoenix couldn’t tell by the purple angry face with horns??) Aura was about to let Trucy and the other captives go when Apollo stopped her and told her to continue the trial– Do you understand how much that would’ve hurt Trucy? But screw it, Trucy doesn’t care. She hugged everyone and brushed it off. Trucy went through so much and managed to come out of all of it as a strong, cheerful person. She’s absolutely incredible, and I hate it when everyone forgets that.