To celebrate Trucy’s acquittal after her trial, Apollo and Athena took her out to eat whatever she want (she chose Eldoon’s). They even called Ema, Simon, Juniper and even Klavier to join them in their revelry.

Kl: Our first date was… astoundingly amazing.

Ap: Not really. We ate at Eldoon’s Noodles and you took that as our first date.

Kl: Ach, Herr Forehead! Stop ruining my romanticism with your realist point of view and salty noodles!

Ap: Never.

Kl: You invited me though.

Ap: Gah! I- I had reasons! Important reasons!

Kl: Oh? Was I an important reason to you then?

Ap: Shut up!

Kl: At least I invited you to a classy coffee shop afterwards.

Ap: Ah yeah, and you wouldn’t stop staring creepily at me.

Kl: What do you mean creepily?! I was staring lovingly at you!

Ap: D-Don’t say those kind of things so easily! We’re in front of too many eyes!

Things that increase my salt content

-Edgeworth before Turnabout Goodbyes
-Apollo while Athena is accused
-Anything involving Phoenix and forged evidence
-Godot in general
-Maya feeling useless
-Athena’s relationship with her mom
-Franziska’s relationship with her dad
-Apollo and Trucy not having a mom
-Eldoon’s noodles

whalesharked  asked:

not to ruin your fun but alita tiala isnt a palindrome, tiala is an anagram for alita tho!

Whoops. This is what I get for staying up late and answering asks. (I guess I was thinking about characters in general with reversed names because Eldoon is in the case.)

Dear Anonymous,

Eldoon is only a noodle vendor.

As I’ve been informed many, many times over, he does not sell hamburgers.

Still, he was always Maya’s second favorite stop… usually on the way home from getting burgers.  I don’t know where she keeps it all.

Or why I could never convince her pasta is not a dessert.

-Phoenix Wright