bladeofstorms  asked:

"Uh... I think I’m lost."

“Oh dear.”

Suddenly her letter didn’t seem so important. It was folded and shoved into her satchel in a heartbeat, and all of her attention shifted to the other Breton. “It isn’t good to be lost in Riften. Too many thieves running about.

“I would be more than happy to help if you tell me where it is that you’re wanting to go.”

Snowball Fight! [Eldingar, Mabel]


The yelp escaped before he could make any attempt to cover it up. Cold, cold, cold! Snow in his hair, sneaking down the back of his cloak and into his armor. It melted and trickled down his skin, making him leap and hobble about. 

Not fair!

Without moment’s hesitation a haphazard lump of snow was formed in his hands, hurriedly lobbed toward the hunter’s head. Missed. Splattered across the log. That didn’t stop the boy from flinging handfuls of snow without even forming the ball, causing a white blanket to fly where Mabel hid.

I swear on Hircine’s furry arse, I will bury you up to your neck!

The yelp elicited a string of giggles from the Breton, who was far too busy laughing and trying to catch her breath to even attempt to escape the onslaught of snow.

Before long, a thin white sheet of snow had covered her legs and stomach, and she had to roll away from her hiding place to remove the cold before it dampened her pants.

Despite the furious flinging from the other side of the log, Mabel quickly formed a few haphazard snowballs and - without aiming - tossed them overhand over the log and towards the Breton.