devoidofharmony  asked:

Have you thought about adding developers to your game? Has anyone reached out to help you develop Eldet?

I’ve never considered adding additional people to work on the project, had it been a group effort from the beginning that would be one thing, but at this point, I wouldn’t be comfortable in asking for additional people.  

One thing that being the only person working on the game has afforded me is that everything flows together seamlessly, all the art being done by me means that each scene is done in the same style, all the characters are drawn in the same way, character’s dialog is consistent, I can easily follow the code I’ve written, I know the ins and outs of the story so I can always tie in important details without having to explain things to different people.  Bringing in new people when I’m roughly half way finished would involve a long period of getting people’s content to adhere to what’s already been completed, plus I wouldn’t feel comfortable asking people to work for me unless they were paid what they deserve–

A lot of days I spend around 10 hours working on the game, and I only take days off every now and then, so if I subtracted kickstarter expenses and taxes and the cost of things I had to buy from the campaign money, I haven’t even been paying myself minimum wage for the work I’m doing.  Even if someone offered to work for free, I wouldn’t be comfortable accepting that–people deserve compensation for the work they do. 

The next project I have planned, thankfully, involves more people than just me, haha. 

In about two weeks, what i’ve been working on for months and months will be ready for you all to play! – I know earlier I said it’d be ready in late May, but there’s some remaining details that need more time to get just right, and I want to put forward my best for you all!  So just sit tight, more little updates like this one will continue to come until the official demo release :) 

anonymous asked:

Uh, about the last post, I think that has nothing to do with why people want to put or take beards or body hair. It's more that they would want their favorite character to look how they want, think it fits the most, or you know, for the cgs and stuff. I aso like to change characters like that all the time to see the difference and decided how they look better...

I’ve been sort of tip-toeing around this issue in an attempt to not offend anyone or make it seem like I’m disinterested in making changes that supporters of the project might want, but I’ll be direct this time–

Character customizing is not going to be a part of Eldet.  I’ll just put that out there first so that there’s really no confusion. 

I understand that players are going to wish characters looked more like X, or had Y facial/body feature, etc, but those kinds of desires are not ones I’m going to spend game development time attempting to satisfy.  It’s not a gameplay consideration I find to be worth working on.  

If a player doesn’t find an in-game character physically attractive, or if they think they don’t look how they should, the game is not going to force you into a relationship with them, or even force you to be friendly towards them.  All you’re forced to do is contend with the idea that not every person is going to look exactly how you wish they would look–and if, like I said in the previous post, that’s a make-or-break moment for you, then this probably isn’t the game for you. 

Furthermore, I’ve always been of the opinion that the developers of games know what “fits the most” or “looks better” regarding the characters that they themselves created, considering that they have access to character’s backstories, their speaking style, their occupation, the details of their plot, etc, and have spent a ton of time fine tuning the designs until they were satisfied. 

Please, no more messages regarding this. (I’ve received many, and I hope this post puts them to rest)

Very excited to announce that as of tonight, the Eldet demo is finished! I’ve sent it off to the people I have beta testing, and unless anything big comes up, I’ll be releasing it to you all quite soon 

In the meantime, I’m working on a kickstarter page, and hopefully I’ll have both that and the game ready at around the same time

Stay tuned folks!