Some pictures with a few awesome fellow homestuck cosplayers! If you are in one of the photos and want to be tagged please let me know!

Eldest27 as Fancy Dreamer Vriska

Condesempai as Fancy Dreamer Jade

Mamaporrim as Godtier Vriska


Couple of good things from today were cake made to celebrate one of my roommate’s birthday and my birthday, leftover cheesecake from national cheesecake day, and the new gravity falls episode. And of course people on tumblr asking if I’m ok. I love you guys! =D

And yes the cake is blue and tastes blue. The batter tasted especially blue. Yay for blue velvet cake mix! =D

So today is the day of the kayak trip I wasn’t invited on. I felt so bad I had to leave the apartment early and ended up on campus 40 minutes early. Can’t believe I’m only a couple of days away from being 20 and so insecure with my friends that I can’t even ask why I wasn’t invited.

That moment where your roommates and friends have made plans to go kayaking on Friday and you find out about the plans without being told you are invited and there is absolutely no mention that you are going.  They might just think that you don’t want to go but you totally do, but you are too afraid to ask if you are invited because you are afraid that they might not want you to go.  And the whole idea just makes you sad either way, because even if you don’t think a friend might want to do something you should still ask to make sure something like this doesn’t happen right. And this is the last weekend before I go back to Memphis for a couple weeks and I just can’t…

So I recently got to 15 followers and I decided that I will post a selfie when I hit 20. So yeah, tell your friends if you wanna see me not in cosplay. Because there are already several pictures of me as Vriska. idk, I’m just doing this because I am trying to do more than just reblog stuffs and other users do it and people like it and I just wanna make you guys happy!  

Currently at the Science and Energy Museum in Oak Ridge. Very fun. Just got my hair to stand up with a van der graaf generator. My green steak looks awesome standing straight up.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting much over the past couple of days. I know my que has ruin dry even though I have tried to keep it alive. The thing is I drove from Memphis to Chattanooga on Wednesday. Helped my little sister move into her dorm room at UTChat and drive from Chattanooga to Knoxville on Thursday. Then this morning I went to an academic advising appointment, shopping for moving back into the apartment, and then and currently hanging out with my parents because they came to visit me and see my apartment and roommates and stuff. So sorry but very busy and couldn’t help it

It is my BIRTHDAY! I am now 20 and really really old.  I am also stuck in Knoxville because the apartment turned the water ff because of a leak.  I am stuck because I have a half finished load of laundry and I am not driving 6 hours with a bag of wet laundry.  

I feel all better now. My friends got back and they had horrible sunburn. They were so sad I lost all anger and sadness and just felt pity.  And I gave them aloe. We all good now. Am I too nice?