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Whenever I visit a stranger’s house, I like to play a game where I try to find out everything I can about that person without asking. Most people call this “snooping”. My dad calls it “I should not have read you so many teen detective books when you were a kid”.

My friends are house sitting for a rich couple for a few days and are throwing a party at their log cabin. I’m Garden Girl’s designated driver, so I’ve been amusing myself by exploring. No one minds, so long as I’m not too overt about it. They have young children - at least three, judging by the shoe sizes. Two boys, at least one girl - the eldest is about 9, the youngest about 3. Another child - a son - was stillborn (4 years ago?) and they are still grieving over him. One of the parents, probably the mother, has hypothyroidism and believes in aromatherapy and homeopathy. The father golfs occasionally, both kayak, one bikes. They primarily read books on child rearing and bestseller novels. They are not overtly religious but are likely culturally Christian and dabble in some New Age spirituality. The mother plays piano, and the parents encourage visual art in their children but have no talent of their own. They’re white. The mother has long red hair. They entertain a lot of guests and keep chickens. The boys play violin.

Bitty’s favourite cousins
  • Most people who know Bitty know that he looks alot like his mother
  • But most people who know Bitty do not know that he looks like his father too
  • So some of his cousins from his fraternal side share shockingly similar facial features with him
  • His favourite cousins are the three kids of his dad’s sister, who married a Brit, thus the kids are influenced by both cultures
    • The eldest is a boy two year older than Bits, and he is the Big Brother Who Has To Take Care All of His Ridiculous Siblings (his name is Michael)
    • The other two are actually twins, the elder a girl (Beth) and the younger a boy (Cason)
    • “Listen to me, baby bro” “You are literally only 10 mins older than me” “I’m still your big sister”
    • Anyway, the three kids + Bitty all have the same eyes, while Beth & Bits are especially alike. Like, of course they don’t look the same, (eg  Beth has curly red hair), but they remind other people of each other
    • They grew up with Bitty back in Georgia, but all three opted to go to university in England because 1) half of their family is there, and 2) tuition fee is way cheaper in England
    • from eldest to youngest: Michael - Bits - Beth - Cason
    • Part of why Bitty got his mother hen tendencies is because he got to look after the twins, even though they are only around 1 yr younger than him; but boy they can cause trouble
    • But as you can imagine, Bitty misses them a lot. Beth did figure skating with him when they were younger and the twins were also on his high school’s co-ed hockey team
    • They are some of his only friends back in Georgia, even though none of them is in Georgia now
  • And the SMH met the wonderful cousins of Bitty’s during practice, of all times
  • It was year three, they were not due to be back to England for school yet so they drove up to Samwell to visit Bitty
  • They sneaked into Faber (I have no idea whether watching team practice is allowed or even possible or not, probably should try to fact check this later)
  • Ransom, skating at high speed, turned just enough to see three people, all with the same huge brown Bambi eyes as Bitty’s, standing near the rails and grinning at them
  • And one of them, a boy, is blond
  • He did a double take and promptly crashed into Holster
  • Bitty finally noticed their existence and (very excitedly) skated over to say hi, while the rest of SMH was like “wth is going on”
    • “We brought you peaches!” “Aw thanks sweetheart”
    • The blond kid aka Cason, got introduced by his sister as, “and this elongated version of Bits here is Cason, my little brother”
    • “I’m feeling so much love right now”
    • meanwhile, Michael told Bits, with mock solemnity, “Eric, I am immensely honoured and touched that you are here with me to face this craziness. Time flies by and my dear siblings have not even budged an inch - how unfortunate”
  • Because they had guests, Ransom and Holster decided to host a party (semi-Kegster - Private version?)
  • Obviously they had a good time. The SMH crew had an amazing time chatting with the siblings in order to obtain precious chirp material and even blackmail material
  • Y’know how usually the people grew up with you/ being close with you for many years naturally know a lot about you, including things that you yourself don’t even remember, right?
  • Apparently Bitty once faceplanted into a pie because he was so tired after hockey practice and baking
  • “Does that count as a fine if Bitty is the one who wrecks a pie???”
  • “Y’all are losing your pie privileges”
  • Oh and Bitty has already come out to them. Due to their cultural background and senses, Bitty knew that they were very likely to accept him but he was still so scared as they were very important to him
  • They welcomed him with open arms, of course. “Thank you for telling us. And we won’t say anything to anyone without your consent. We are always in your corner, mate”
  • They heard Eric talking about his bf with so much love and they are so happy for him
  • They did meet Jack (over Skype) during their visit, and Jack was his awkward self at first, but the hyper twins could do anything and soon they were exchanging embarrassing stories about Bitty
  • “Bless your chirpy little hearts”
  • Just, although there are so many uncertainties, and Bitty is so afraid of the outcome of coming out to his family, he always knows that at least part of his family will always be in his corner, even though they are far, far away and cannot do much other than verbal support
The one where it’s too late.

The fourth addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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Me when I first got into Bangtan:

Jimin’s name was Jumin (mystic messenger).

Taehyung wasn’t Korean.

Suga was the responsibile one.

Kookie and Hobi reminded me of Dan and Phil.

Rapmonster was the eldest .

Jin was the youngest🙄.

Got7 Reaction: Girlfriend Bringing Food Over
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Upon seeing you come into the JYP Dance studio, Mark would be shocked to see you here as it was already really late at night. Mark quickly comes over to help you carry the food while passing it out to the rest of the Got7 members. He’d praise you quietly that all the food is only so delicious because it’s made out of “LOVE” (for him only), and thanks you sincerely for cooking all the food and delivering it to him.

“The food is really good. Thank you so much, babe.”


Jaebum would jump at the sound of the door closing at the JYP recording room, he was so focused on writing his lyrics, he wouldn’t even notice you slipping into the room with bags of dinner. Jaebum would be really touched but he’d eat quietly and polish everything. Jaebum would probably also be a little mad at himself for causing you to come out alone so late just to deliver him food. 

“Sorry for making you come all the way, thank you. Wait for me to finish up so we can go home together.”


Jackson would squeal the sight of you coming into the got7 dorm with bags of delivery fried chicken. He runs over to you, completely ignoring the “meeting” he currently is with his members. Jackson would have a hard time trying to share food with the rest of his members because it’s FRIED CHICKEN his GIRLFRIEND bought for HIM. You’d laugh at his childishness and share to the rest of got7. The “meeting” eventually just kind of turns into a huge dinner banquet.

“I love fried chicken, but I love you more, baby. Thank you.”


The moment Jinyoung sees you walking into the movie set, he tears up a little as lord know how much stress he’s under with this new movie production and on top of that, he was hungry. Jinyoung would feel so blessed in his heart as you walk towards him with a small smile on your face and he sees the familiar lunch box bag that contains his dinner. He’d give you a small hug and sit you down on his director’s chair and have small quiet talks with you while having his dinner.

“Thank you, so, so much.”


Youngjae would beam at the sight of you entering the waiting area of the JYP Recording room while he was recording for his SoundCloud. He’d wave at you effortlessly while hitting the highest note of the song. He’d do so well that he’d finish recording in a few more tries. He rushes to you and hugs you tight as a thank you before wolfing down the dinner.

“You’re the absolute best! Let’s go home together after I finish!”

Bam Bam:

Bam Bam has always been the chief between the both of you and it was really rare that you’d cook proper meals instead of desserts for him. You arrive to the JYP Dance studio a little nervous about the food as Bam Bam was going to be late. Bam Bam is surprised to see you delivering him food in the middle of midnight and when he tastes your cooking, he’s even more shocked at how good everything tastes.

“Baby, you should cook for me more often! This is really good! Did you follow my recipe for the Tong Yam Kong??”


Yugyeom would be so blessed to eat your home-cooked food. During the comeback period, he’s been eating nothing but take-out delivery. He’d wolf down the food as he nodded and mumbled praises with his mouth completely full. His eyes are shining at how good the food is and how he’s so incredibly grateful to have you deliver yourself and amazing food to him.

“Mhmm– *This is really good* – Mhm mhmm hmmhm mhmmmh mhmm – *I haven’t had your food* – mhmm mhhhm hmmhm – *in so long*”

When you’re trying to fall asleep but then you realize that if you take The Peoples of Middle Earth as canon, both Fëanor’s eldest and youngest sons burned to death: Amrod because he tried to turn back too soon and Maedhros because he was determined to see the quest to the bitter end.

Arrangements (Jimin) Part Six

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Word Count:1,353

Summary:  “He’s still not over Sunhee?”

A/n: I hope you enjoy part six of arrangements! Sorry It’s been taking awhile to update!~Joy

Part One//Part Two//Part Three//Part Four//Part Five//Part Six//

Your mind kept coming back to the night Jimin contacted you, he hadn’t talked to you since the big fight that happened a month ago, and then out of the blue, he called you to pick him up from the police station. 

A dinner with bangtan usually was filled with jokes and laughter but tonight it was silent, the boys were not the same at points they were at each other throats. “So Y/n, are we still up for basketball tomorrow?” Yoongi asked as you snapped out of your thoughts, nodding.

“Wait, Y/n and I are going to see a movie” Hoseok spoke up, as Yoongi’s sharp eyes switched to him.

“Too late, I guess you’ll have to reschedule.” Yoongi coldly replied as you widened your eyes.

“Why don’t we do both? I mean it’s not like the movie or basketball is going to take all day, right?” You compromised, as Yoongi shrugged and Hoseok let out a sigh of sadness.

“Fine, but I wanted to hang out with you all day” Hoseok pouted, as you smiled at him.

“Where is Jimin?” Jin asked worriedly, as he checked the watch on his wrist again.

“Probably partying as usual” Namjoon answered, as he sighed.

“He’s still not over Sunhee?” You asked as they nodded.

“He’s been bringing girls home every night, it hurts my ears Y/n” Taehyung whined, as he shuddered at the thought of Jimin bringing home girls every night.

Suddenly you heard the door lock click followed by female giggles, as Jimin entered the room with a girl hanging on his arm. His smile dropped once he saw you the girl looked at you with a slight glance of disgust. “Oppa, who is she?” She asked, her words slurred as she swayed back and forth.

“She’s no one baby, now let’s go to my room” He smiled to her, as he led her away.

“See what I mean? It’s disgusting, can I stay at your house tonight Y/n?” Taehyung asked, holding onto your hands as you thought about it.

“If you really want to” You answered as the rest of the boys started to ask if they could come too. “Guys I don’t have enough room for all of you.”

“It’s fine I can drive, just let me tell Jimin we’re leaving.” Jin smiled, as he grabbed his keys.

“Make sure not to open that door” Yoongi reminded, as Jin let out a chuckle as he walked up to the door knocking on the door loudly.

“Jimin? We’re going to stay at Y/n’s so you can have the rest of the night with your lady friend, so don’t break the house and bye!” Jin yelled leaving the door not wanting to hear what sounds were inside the bedroom.

You took a bunch of pillows setting them on the couches, walking back to your closet to grab blankets. “There’s a guest room two of you can sleep in there and there are three couches, and I have an extra couch in my room.” You explained as the boys decided where they would sleep.

“We’ll settle this fairly, eldest chooses first youngest chooses last” Jin explained, as he heard groans coming from the boys. “I call the bed in the guest room.” 

“I’ll take a couch in Y/n’s room” Yoongi smiles to you and you smile back. 

“I guess I’ll sleep in the room with Jin, although I’d rather sleep with you guys” Hoseok pouted, as you laughed.

“And I guess the three of you can have the couches.” You looked at the remaining three.

The boys would often stay over a lot so you already had a bunch of pj’s left over from previous sleepovers. Yoongi thanked you for letting him stay over, as he changed out of his clothing. “Y/n, we’re really glad to have you, I couldn’t imagine falling asleep to Jimin fucking someone” Yoongi thanked, as you smiled back.

“I couldn’t help but feel bad for you guys having to hear that every night.” You smiled, as you handed him a pillow.

“Yeah, it get’s so frustrating since I no longer have a girlfriend anymore” Yoongi pouts, as you laugh awkwardly.

“Didn’t you break up with her? It’s been a year now.” You joked as you looked at him seeing that he wasn’t laughing. “Sorry, too soon.”

“No, no it’s fine. I guess the only thing I miss from the relationship is the sex, now I’m constantly sexually frustrated.” Yoongi sighed, as you nodded.

“Yeah, I mean you haven’t done anything in a year, sexual levels are pretty high I would assume since you were so used to having sex.” You tried to relate, as Yoongi’s eyebrows perked.

“Y/n, have you had sex before?” He asked as you shook your head, he smirked. “I could be your first time.”

“Ah what? Sorry, Yoongi I just can’t see you that way.” You told him honestly, as Yoongi’s smirk dropped.

 “Y/n you’re just saying that because you’re scared of losing your virginity.” He laughed it off, coming closer to you. 

“No I know that I don’t want to have sex with you, I’m sorry Yoongi I don’t see you that way.” You confessed, pushing him away. “I’m gonna sleep somewhere else, you can have the bed.” 

The next morning was awkward, Yoongi didn’t dare look at you in the eyes. You hoped that your friendship would go back to normal after that night but Yoongi would probably ignore you for a long time. “Eh? Y/n why haven’t you greeted Yoongi?” Hoseok asked while Yoongi and you both tensed up. 

“Ah, no reason” You smiled, shrugging his question off. 

“You didn’t even sleep in your room last night, you traded spots with Namjoon,” Taehyung added as you smiled.

“I wanted to have some fun” You lied as Yoongi scoffed.

“Like you would know how to have fun” He whispered, as you rolled your eyes.

“I guess we have different definitions of fun because yours wasn’t.” You whispered back as the boys looked at you.

“Are you guys okay?” Jungkook asked as both of you smiled at him.

“We’re fine!” You both smiled.

You drove some of the boys back home, they opened the door to see a half naked Jimin and a girl in a robe chatting on the living room couch. “Jimin, what is your friend still doing here?” Jin sternly asked as Jimin’s eyes widen turning his attention to you.

“What is she still doing here?” Jimin asked back, as you rolled your eyes.

“Oppa, is that your clingy ex?” The girl asked as you turned your attention to her “I thought you had standards before you met me.” She let out an annoying laugh.

“Wow look at that, Jimin knows how to treat a one night stand with hospitality.” You laughed sarcastically, earning a glare from the girl “Oh my! You thought you were more than that to him? I’ve seen more girls come into this building than I have at a makeup store.” You saw the girl huff.

 “Oppa, tell her that she’s wrong!” The girl screamed as the boys covered their ears from the horrible shrieking.

“To be honest, I don’t even remember your name,” Jimin replied as you couldn’t help but let out a laugh. You felt bad for the girl but she wasn’t going to get anywhere with that type of attitude.

“I hate you!” She screamed at Jimin, picking up her clothing and leaving the apartment.

“You should have let her change before she left” Jin commented, as Jimin shrugged.

“Not my problem.” He replied.

“Can you stop bringing girls to the dorm Hyung?” Jungkook asked as the rest of the boys nodded.

“I don’t have to listen to anything you say.” Jimin silently replied.

“Jimin, this is our dorm too so please stop bringing girls to the dorm already and just get over Sunhee with another activity that doesn’t make my ears bleed,” Yoongi replied. 

“I’m already over her” Jimin replied back.

“Then why are you bringing girls over all the time?” Namjoon asked as Jimin glanced at you.

“Because I’m not over Y/n.”

A/n: Haha It’s 1 am and I’m currently dying, sorry I’m slowly cutting members out of this love harem so the series can be completed faster. Sorry for the Yoongi fans ;-;~Joy

So this fic is going to be loosely based around the Rapunzel fairy tale. I once read a Loki/Reader fanfiction based on Beauty and the Beast and it still is - even today - one of my favourite fanfictions. I’m doing a similar thing and basing my work on a fairytale, whilst incorporating a similar relationship dynamic as seen in Beauty and the Beast. Overall it’s a big fairytale mashup with everyone’s favourite little shit as the damsel in distress. I really hope you guys enjoy it! Please leave feedback. I appreciate any and all comments. Enjoy, my darlings!

‘The Tower’ (Part 1)

Once upon a time, in a long-forgotten part of a long-forgotten forest, a swaying stretch of grass – once untarnished and lush – had been corrupted by a great, gleaming monument. Where once the soil was warmed by the sun, ice as cold as the night lay in the cracks of the wounded earth, stretching up to the sky and culminating in a pointed tip.

At the centre of this secluded glade sat a tall and ominous tower…

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who knows who in “Yuri on Ice”

if we divide the skaters in “Yuri on Ice” by age group, we can easily tell which ones would have already known each other or at least known about each other from previous years because they would have competed together back in juniors. Reminder: in order to compete in the Juniors circuit the skater have to be between the ages of 13 and 19. From eldest to youngest we have:

Viktor Nikiforov: 28 years old. Given that he was still a teenager around the time he debuted in the Senior’s division, he likely didn’t compete much as a Junior against other skaters we know of besides maybe Christophe and Georgi (he has a 2-3 years difference with both), however it is possible that he never faced off against Christophe and it is stated that they met when Viktor won the European Championship, when he was already a senior.

Georgi Popovich, Christophe Giacometti, Yuuri Katsuki and Michele Crispino: all of them are in the 22 - 26 years old age group, meaning that they more than likely faced against each other during their junior years at different points of time. In Christophe’s case it is said in the website that him and Yuuri met while in juniors and they have been familiar with each other for some time, by age proximity Georgi and Michele fall in the same category. Also i am assuming that Yuuri joined the senior division once he moved to Detroit at 18, by then Phichit would have been 13-14 so they likely didn’t compete then, but he likely did meet the Crispinos there as (while he doesn’t consider them his friends) Sara is friendly with him in Russia.

Phichit Chulanont, Seung-Gil Lee, Leo De La Iglesia, Jean Jacques Leroy, Otabek Altin, Emil Nekola, Guang Hong Ji, and maybe Kenjirou Minami: the 17-20 years old age group. I am adding the maybe to Minami because we don’t know yet what his standing is internationally, but Japan wise he is their second best behind Yuuri. It is fairly save to assume that Phichit and Seung-Gil would have had to compete together as they have the same age and come from the same continent. Same with Leo and JJ who even trained together for a time, in fact if JJ was a teenager when he trained with Celestino then he more than likely already knew Yuuri back then (they follow each other on Instagram) and probably Phichit as well. Otabek also trained in America and Canada in his teens and both JJ and Leo know him personally even if they are not that close. As for Guang Hong, he made his senior debut this year as well but he likely competed against Otabek and Leo (maybe even Phichit) at the very least. And I can’t say much about Emil as he mostly interacts with the Crispino twins and not much with everyone else but he may have faced Otabek and JJ.  

Yuri Plisetsky: 15 years old. His case is kinda special as while I can see every skater (even Viktor) staying for a good number of years in the Junior division (as the maximum age for single skaters is 19), we know that Yurio would have spend only 2 years as a junior since he made his senior debut as soon as he turned 15 and would have been illegible to compete at the age of 13. The only people he could have gone up against would have been Guang Hong (very likely) and Minami (not as likely). Him and Otabek probably just barely missed competing together prior to the latest Grand Prix. 

I feel like it didn’t hit me that hard until now how quickly many skaters actually retire as the younger the age group, the more members it has. Viktor is a category of his own at 28 which is a not old whatsoever but for figure skating he is already a legend (if he is still skating competitively by 32, he breaks the record). Even people around Yuuri’s age are a minority and they are around my age (I’m not even done with University). If we do get a season 2, many of these people may already be retired… 

Got7 Imagine: Jinyoung as University / College Student
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  • Order from eldest to youngest member
  • YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW OFTEN I IMAGINE THESE 7 BOYS AS UNI/ COLLEGE STUDENTS. THANK YOU FOR YOUR REQUEST! Also, I feel like I’d over-write for each member so I’ll put this into 7 separate posts!
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University AU list: Mark | Jaebum | Jackson


  • Second/ Sophomore Year
  • Major in English and Korean Literature, Minor in Film Studies (Considering another minor in Theatre)
  • Outstanding Grades, Straight A Student
  • Best friends with Jaebum from Film Studies and Yugyeom from Department of Theatre and Performance Art
  • Known as the Prince by the females and the savage one by males. Park actor by Jackson Wang
  • How he commutes to campus: The public bus since he lives with his sisters and not at the university/ college dorms
  • Everyday outfit: Styled hair, glasses, some sort of button-up shirt (Mid or long sleeve), fitted pants or jeans, vans and or converse, sometimes leather loafers.
  • Class Schedule: 11am to 7pm classes. He dislikes waking up early but likes to stay late
  • At school a fairly large amount of time because he likes to stay in the quiet library to do his own thing until late times

During Class:

  • Takes his seat at the front of the halls so there are no people blocking his view to the board
  • Has a set of basic colored pens and has a book for notes for every single class. Sticky notes and tabs in his pencil case for extra uses.
  • Takes the cleanest, precise and tidy notes with beautiful penmanship
  • Refuses to take notes on his computer with the reason “We write our exams so I’m better off writing my notes as preparation.”
  • The student that answers difficult question the professor throws to the class
  • Hands in his assignment prior deadline; revises his work and submits an improved version by actual deadline
  • Has a few close friends in class and usually sits with them
  • Has the habit of pushing his glasses with his pen
  • Sits up straight with good posture the entire time
  • Arrives to class early and usually stays behind to organize notes or talks to professors about work

During Breaks:

  • Can be seen around the cafeteria or at the school’s common area with his friends (the rest of got7)
  • Usually, has the house pizza or burger with fries served with water or juice
  • If you don’t see him at the cafeteria he is most likely in the library doing his work. enjoying a good book, or helping out the librarian
  • Sometimes during longer breaks between classes, he’d go out to the nearest CD store to look for music or goes to the cinema to watch a movie, alone
  • Other times he’d be talking to Jaebum about their Film Studies projects
  • But most of the time he’d definitely be messing with Yugyeom (Tom and Jerry Couple)
  • If Yugyeom and Jinyoung are not at the cafeteria, you know they are probably working on some dance for Yugyeom’s theater or performance piece
  • If Jinyoung and Youngjae are both not at the cafeteria, they are also probably in the music rooms composing a piano piece for Youngjae’s classes
  • Very rarely, if he’s stuck on his papers, he’d go look for Mark’s help
  • In extremely rare cases, he’d be napping with Mark under the sunlight by the grass area

During Exam Season:

  • Same as Mark, You will not see this boy anywhere else besides his classes, the library or at his home
  • Since he already has notes written from class, he’d just be reviewing them…… A million times
  • He is more than prepared, but secretly worrying and stressing so SO much
  • Written out a detailed exam study time table and sticks to it by the dot
  • Dresses more comfortably for exams
  • T-shirt, jeans, a jacket and comfortable shoes and leaves his hair down
  • The student that asks for more paper in the exam hall
  • Finishes half an hour before time’s up, checks the paper over and triple checks it again
  • Along the checking his answers, he also calculates his possible scores
  • Leaves the exam hall with his mind in peace, doesn’t think about the exam once it’s over
  • Smiles brightly and kills the female population when he finds out he has aced all his exams

How he handles on-campus admirers:

  • Surprisingly for his image, he handles them pretty mischievously or savagely
  • If his flock of admirers gasp over him nearby the corridor, he’d pull an offended face jokingly and shake his head while continuing his way.
  • If he’s approached with a confession, he’d be very flattered and maybe embarrassed inside; but has a nonchalant expression on display
  • He would decline politely but if the guy or girl persists, be prepared to receive a roast from savage Jinyoung (He gives me the impression that he does not like anyone that won’t take a hint and back off.)

How you meet him:

  • You actually first meet Jinyoung’s voice before you meet him in person
  • You were a theater major and part of the Theater department’s student administration team
  • It was near auditioning season for the Theater department when you were having a huge creative block for your own performance work
  • You were working in one of the drama rooms but drifted off to dreamland midway
  • Not knowing how long you’ve been asleep for, you woke up to an extremely soft and soothing voice
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • You realized that whoever is rehearsing must have thought that they were alone as you were asleep and well hidden behind the long curtains in the drama room
  • You peeked out to see a male student sitting by the window, facing away from you
  • Only the light of the moon lit the dark room and gently washed over his figure as he was reciting the lines in the notebook he was holding
  • “First, I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.”
  • “Lastly, forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • The modulated, yet silvery voice has struck you deeply.
  • They were simple, yet very cheesy lines. But, the atmosphere became bittersweet from the male’s simple narration.
  • You hid behind the curtain as he sighed and stood up from the chair, proceeding to leave the room
  • You made sure he had left before you gently moved out from behind the curtain and proceeded to leave back to your dorm.
  • For many days, the narrations and the bittersweet feeling lingered in your mind
  • Fast forward to audition day where students are applying to the Theater department
  • Auditioning students were instructed to demonstrate their abilities with a short performance and the theme was “Agape”
  • “Agape”: A universal, unconditional love that transcends, that serves regardless of circumstances
  • You were sitting at the judges’ table, bored out of your mind when the next performer came onto stage
  • Your brows raised as you recognize this performer.
  • He was the popular straight-A student/ campus prince: Park Jinyoung.
  • “Wasn’t he majoring in English? What was he doing here??” You thought
  • You stayed quiet as you signaled for him to begin his audition piece
  • Jinyoung took a deep breath and begun
  • “My dear. You are my soul, filling this empty, eroded shell. Without you, this shell will cease to exist.”
  • “If god told me I had three wishes, I’d tell him…”
  • “I love you, I’m sorry, and I really love you.”
  • “I’d give you half of my life. Then the remaining other half, to exchange for your happiness.
  • “Lastly, please forget me, and live on.”
  • “Please, shalt not shed tears for when I’m gone.”
  • You instantly realize that Jinyoung was the person rehearsing from that night
  • An idea sparked your mind and you stood up from the judges’ area
  • You slowly walked towards Jinyoung, he seemed to be slightly panicking but remained still at the center of stage
  • You stood in front of Jinyoung, and his eyes completely focused on you: searching for answers
  • “My dear. If god told me I had a wish, I’d tell him…”
  • You stopped and smiled at Jinyoung gently
  • “If possible, please take my life in exchange for his.”
  • “Even if he’s an empty, eroded shell, Please don’t take him away. Don’t tear the love of my life, away from me.”
  • “For my tears shall form a new ocean.”
  • Jinyoung’s eyes widened at your improvisation and returned a soft smile
  • Jinyoung took a hold of your hands and gave it a light squeeze
  • “Through thick, and thin.” Jinyoung whispered.
  • “Through thick, and thin.” You replied back.
  • The audition room erupted with applause from both auditioning students and judges
  • You lead Jinyoung and took a bow, before returning back to the judges’ area
  • “Mr. Park. Your short piece was simple yet moving. I’d be honored to represent the Theater Department to warmly welcome you.”
  • You were certain that Jinyoung would be the upcoming, new prodigy of Theater Department
  • “Thank you very much. I am flattered of your high praise.”
  • Jinyoung smiled warmly as he bowed, his eyes never leaving yours
  • And you were also certain that your creative block will soon be resolved

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Coming Up: Youngjae as University/ College Student