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Eldest Brother Gruff by Magda Drysiak
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Awesome Dresden Files art!

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Things I am afraid of and what is eventually going to happen: Elder Gruff showing off how he got those Council Robes. And like being near Mab I am sure it's going to both terrify and awe everyone who watches.

To be fair to Eldest Gruff, he could have picked those up in the middle ages.

Top 5 Funnys

So I normally post these at 6, and It’s half 5 and I just realised I don’t have one of these for this week. AH CRAP!!!

So in contrast to last week’s sads lets have funnys today.

  • Yellow Ducky Boxers. I was laughing about that months after I read it.
  • Harry Dresden is Pregnant. I was reading that in the middle of the afternoon and I had to put the book down and put my book mark in so I didn’t loose the page as I tried to get myself back under control.
  • “Likest thou jelly within the doughnut?” I was wound so tight, and Michael was hurt, and Harry was trapped and it was over, btu then Eldest Gruff turned up and he’s baddass and it’s not finished till he’s off the island and then he comes out with this.
  • The entirety of Day Off, but spesifically when Luccio arrives and Harry’s wrapped in a towel, with a half naked Molly, with smoke billowing out the basement, flee bitten Alpha’s running round with mister and Mouse and Harry just goes “…This isn’t what it looks like!”

There are other’s of course. Special mention to “You want to bill the Almighty?”

What are your top 5 funnys?

And remmeber if you’ve got any top 5 idea’s drop me an ask and I’ll add it to my list.

I know it’s not nearly as flashy or dramatic as the other big moments in recent books, but I feel like Dresden’s conversation with Hades represents the biggest game change in the series. It’s all well and good for Harry to be playing in the big leagues as he has since book 10/11; he’s always been the kind of guy to fight above his weight class. But this is different. This isn’t Eldest Gruff bending the rules out of respect and affection for him. This isn’t Donar clapping him on the back and pointing him in the right direction because they have a common cause. This isn’t Rashid smiling because Harry is willing to step up to the plate yet again. This isn’t even Herne saluting him for a battle well fought.

Hades is a major player. He’s probably near the top of the list for gods still in power today, given his profile and the fact that his kingdom isn’t going to diminish (those souls aren’t going anywhere). And he knows Harry by reputation. Not only that, but he empathises with Harry. Hades respects him, and actively wants to meet him, to shake his hand.

He’s no longer fighting out of his league when he plays with leaders of nations, with gods, and with some of the most powerful forces still active in the world. Harry might still be at the bottom of the league, but he’s there now, and he’s unthinkably young to have come so far.