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If you were Subaru’s wife...

* you’d over and over assure him that you don’t want anyone else
* he’d for a long time feel insecure about your feelings, but in the end you’d explain that you wouldn’t marry someone you don’t love
* he wouldn’t want anyone else
* he’d never cheat on you
* you’d never cheat on him
* he’d be scared of losing you
* he’d give you as much time as you need
* he’d always have problems with remembering dates, but would write all of them in his callendar
* he’d give you the prettiest roses always when he felt you deserve them
* he’d feel that you deserve the best
* your children would be noisy, happy and they’d often embarass him
* your neighbours would be scared of him
* he’d often talk with an elderly lady about his garden
* the elderly lady would give you a lot of jam
* he’d avoid his old family, refuse to contant with them
* he’d also try to prevent his children from playing with his brothers’ children
* your children’s teachers would avoid him and prefer to contact with you instead
* he’d want your children to go to the best school in the city
* no matter how much he wouldn’t want this, he’d agree for almost everything you asked
* but he wouldn’t let you hang out with other men
* he’d get jealous very very easily, but he wouldnt’ be mad at you for too long
* it’d be really easy for you to calm him down if he’s angry
* even if he gets angry really easily, he’d never hurt you or your children on purpose
* if he hurt you in any way, he’d probably suffer from it even more than you
* he’d apologize several times even if you already said it’s okay
* if you got mad at him, he’d look like a big, scared wolf, you know, with his tail between his legs
* if you made up quickly, his tail would harden quickly too
* he’d be very gentle with you, but as soon as you told him not to hold on, he’d become a fuckin wild animal
* you two would break a lot of beds
* your children would be confused
* he’d be scared of the talk
* you’d be the happiest family ever


Our founder has passed on to be reunited with her beloved Prince. Snow began this family and was a loving and wonderful mother. She will be greatly missed. R.I.P.

Challenge Check:
Must have 7 children 
Each child must have one bad trait
Each child must complete their Aspiration and/or get an A in school
Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women
Snow may garden but may only sell flowers for money
Snow cannot have a career, she must stay home and do all the cooking and cleaning

this is a night blooming cereus and it only blooms for one night a year! last night we were walking past this old house and there was this elderly lady in the garden with a torch. and she called us over and we thought maybe she needed help or something but it turned out she wanted to show us her night blooming cereus

A little story

The other day, I had just finished a sweaty 4 mile run and was doing some barefoot striders in my front yard. My elderly neighbor was gardening and stopped what he was doing when I got to the edge of my yard. He smiled, nodding at my bare feet, and asked me: “Are you just running for the fun of it?” I was just about to launch into an explanation of the reasons that I was doing barefoot striders (to loosen up my legs after my run, to strengthen the small muscles in my feet that are used less when running in shoes, etc.) when I stopped myself. I realized that, essentially, all we (runners) are doing is running for the fun of it, and if we’re not, we should be. There’s so much joy in running, and even though we often tend to focus on the competitive/technical aspects of the sport, the core of running is the happiness it brings us.

So I turned to my neighbor, answered “yes!”, and finished my striders with a smile.

Just wanted to remind you all to run for the fun of it


The lesser estate of House Graced, owned by Eldarin Murdoch
Grace and run by his wife Sinead, originally had one gardener,
an elderly slave named Tom who many thought to have been
bought more out of pity than practicality. A decade and a half
later, it had become three, occasionally even four with the
addition of the clone Finn. 

It was a small atrium, in comparison with those of the greater
Wetan estates, hardly in need of so many tenders, but they
enjoyed it so thoroughly, Eldina Grace hadn’t the heart to
reassign them. That was, until her daughter in law was in
need of a personal slave

Cacht was the one who cared for the plants the most these
days. Tom was growing old, sleeping more and working less.
And it was her daughter who was chosen to care for the
new young Eldina.

It was the day of the wedding, and Edna was actually excited
for her new job. As much as she enjoyed gardening with her
mother, she was most passionate about hair, make-up, and
all the workings of womanhood. 

When she spotted the red dress and even more vibrant hair
that could only belong to the daughter of a MacMurrough,
she abandoned the potting soil and hurried over to greet
the Eldina.

“Eldina Grace.” She gave a little bow, remembering her
manners. Eldina Sinead was more familiar than most
with her slaves, but it was important to remember that
most masters were not so casual.


Sonia and Roy’s home requires a lot of upkeep, and the garden in particular is a full-time job. They have an elderly gardener called Cyril who comes in 5 days a week and whom Roy refers to as ‘The Gnome’ and it’s true he does rather resemble a garden gnome with his cheery, slightly wizened demeanor and pointy white beard. Sonia worries it’s all a bit much for him though…some days it takes him three or four hours just to mow the lawns.

Then in early spring Sonia noticed Cyril had started bringing a young man along to help him. She felt immensely relieved, both for Cyril’s sake and for the sake of her garden. Spring is such a busy and demanding time for gardeners!

I Got a Boy - Chapter 38

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The leash jangled as Annabeth’s German Shepherd paused to sniff a mailbox. Annabeth slowed to a stop and waited patiently. The late summer breeze kicked up freshly mowed grass clippings from the sidewalk, the blades tickling her bare ankles as they passed by. The sun was out, warm as ever, and it threw the sky into a contrastingly sharp blue; she tilted her chin towards it then closed her eyes. The sun left an imprint behind her eyelids, making her blink a dark blot into existence when she reopened them.

It had been only a few months since Annabeth had left Bolt Academy, but enough time had passed for her hair to start growing back - still short but just long enough to tuck behind her ears. Having come home to her father, standing on the doorstep, racked with shame and guilt and having to explain everything to him was beyond excruciating, and reliving the truth to tell the tale was doubly so. At the time, she felt like he was going to ground her, which he did - swiftly and unblinkingly - yet she knew he knew he could have been harder on her. Maybe he sensed that she was punishing herself, more than he ever could. Being grounded didn’t seem to hold a candle anymore in comparison.

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