Koa. Age 12. Lives in Egg Harbor Township, NJ; was born in Hawaii. Has many nicknames but prefers “Princess Von Koa of The Koa’s.” Koa loves to sunbathe in her flowerbed or on top of the hot tub. She also likes: sleeping, skateboarding, napping, playing tug-o-war with her younger brother (Bruno, a pitt/rott mix), giving everyone gentle kisses, prancing in the yard after bunnies and chipmunks, watching TV (her favorite movie is “Seabiscuit”), and lounging on one of her three dog beds. Koa likes to sleep with her paw over her eyes and occassionally sticks her tongue out when dreaming about squirrels. Some of her favorite snacks: include ice cream, watermelon, beef jerky, and popcorn. Koa wears many outfits but prefers her purple coat with a gray fur hood and her pajamas. Koa’s distinct features are: her tattoo, expressive eyebrows, and ear movements. Koa was a key player in the 2012 inaugural “ELDERBOWL.”